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Former linebacker/safety Murf Baldwin specializes in diving deep into the Xs and Os of the game with the goal of educating and entertaining while bringing fans closer to their team.

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So you're saying you want to lose 3-4 times a year, JWJennin? If you aren't establishing the line of scrimmage in this league, you won't be a legitimate contender. Screens can only get you so far; gotta punish defenses. But I hear what you're saying; I respectfully disagree about Judd, though. I think the dude can tote the rock, the scheme is just not in his favor... Thanks for your time, bro.
Some of my best pieces have been LSU, Rare Tiger, but they are often overlooked. Especially when you consider I was one of the only media members not associated with Louisiana media to predict the success in sooo many pieces in the offseason. But you're right, my UGA/Bama stuff does great and much of that is attributed to me working for a Bama site prior to coming here -- and being an Athen native with outside endeavors with both programs, bro. Love me some LSU Football, though.
Zack, I might be providing a look at Eddie real soon!! He's impressive as all get out, bro! Good call.
Yessir, 1860. It's a comparison to the type of impact Minkah has made as a true freshman, just like the Badger did. Not anything having to do with his career in totality. But fans are short sighted in thinking, but long on negative opinions. haha
lol nah, I work hard on all my pieces and like to keep the discussion centered around that particular piece. I have plenty of time for UGA talk on UGA pieces...
lol, O Dawg, wrong article for that, bro...This one's about Minkah Fitz..Feel free to holla at me on a UGA piece, though. One should be coming real soon, my man.
BDB, season is most certainly still good. The narrative going into the season was "two-loss SEC team." Same rules still apply, bro. You can expect PAIN!!! lol Thanks, bro.
Thanks, Willy, it should be a great game. A&M doesn't remotely play to Bama's strengths. But even with that being said, Bama has a ton of talent where A&M is strong... Is it Saturday, yet?
Thanks, brotha. And they ran numerous Power plays with Dobbs that UGA couldn't stop -- which was what the article was about. Just couldn't get it to be titled that.
If by Denver Kirkland you mean: Chip, force, doubles and having extra edge-blockers all night against him, you're right. You think Myles Garrett said the quote I put in this piece just to say it? He was totally accurate -- he rarely received solo blocking. “Players make big plays and that’s what I’m out here to do,” Garrett said in the post-game presser. “I got my one on one finally, and I went out there and made a big play and we got off the field.” -- Myles Garrett
Chester, how goes it? The title of this one is misleading as I simply meant Dobbs' ability to run Power will be the aspect that could give the Bulldogs fits. His running ability is nothing UGA hasn't seen before, I was focused on the Power aspect and how UGA has struggled against Power. Auburn hasn't run Power from the QB since Cam left, but that aspect gave UGA trouble back then, too.
Yeah, the same Arkansas team that just posted 275 yards on your Tennessee team on the ground en route to victory with TWO players going over 100 yards. And Alex Collins is having a super breakout year...Reading is fundamental, BryanChip..ARKANSAS' RUSHING ATTACK WILL SHINE is the title of this article not Arkansas will be fine... Film that, homie.
Mountain Dog, it's comments like this that makes the hard work worth it; unfortunately my time has come to an end. Thank You.
Ha! Just like "King James" was given to LeBron? **Wink Wink** Great observation, though. UGA needs to load that box, but it's been susceptible to downfield passing, too. But I have hard time thinking Henry will have perimeter success against a defense built for speed with a lot of smaller players and a ton of edge-players playing all over the defense. Florida murdered UGA last season by driving it up the gut and proving the Dawgs were more finesse than physical. Gators ran for like 400 yards or something. Henry needs a head of steam to be effective, by running him to the perimeter you take that away from him...That's why he's so special on inside-zone plays, one-cut-and-go style works perfect with that scheme. Ya know? Can't wait to see it play out, though. WE ALL COULD BE WRONG!
And I de-escalated it, too, South, by deleting his comment; let's talk scheme/strategy not fan boy stuff.
I hear that, Champ...But if you're going to quote that -- you also need to quote this: As great as Bama's front is, Georgia O-line/RB combo is its equal...So a UGA fan may look at it like, "uh, who can stop Theus, Wynn, Kublanow, Pyke, Houston, Chubb, Michel and Marshall?" Nobody has yet to come close. That's what makes it interesting. And UGA is not piling up points from zone-reads or pitches to the field, they do most of it by mashing fools in between the tackles...
Beetee, lol at that nickname; I do like that city, though. I feel you on the Henry stuff, too. Although I'm not sure how "Humble someone who nicknamed themselves "King" Henry really is lol. Most of the reason the talk is about Chubb is because Henry had a pretty good game against Ole Miss and Bama still lost...I have a hard time believing Chubb goes for like 34 yards and UGA still wins it. Bama's thing will be how Coker performs so UGA doesn't devote extra attention to Henry...If Coker can't sling it, UGA can load up against feel me? Great call, though.
Thanks, bro. But why do you think Bama can win the battle between the tackles -- not saying they can't -- just want to know why. UGA is not an edge-bending run team; it can get the edges but usually after it has established the between-the-tackles run game. So I'm not so sure UGA doesn't think it can run its core principles as it has rarely struggled to run against any front between the tackles. And setting the edge should be the least of your worries as Bama's defense is equipped with bigger linemen who hold stout. But if those big dudes can't stop UGA from gashing them up the middle, it's curtains....
Rare Tiger, I appreciate that, bro! May have to look into that in the future...but, as usual, nobody ever reads my LSU work. Always feels like a waste of time, bro. haha
Could be, South! Strength on Strength: best OL vs. best DL!!!
R&B, thank you, brotha. Professionally I'm hoping for a great game between the two best programs in the conference (along with LSU). But, personally, I'm rolling with my Dawgs, bro.
What up, Chester? Didn't know the delayed portion of that blitz would get attention in a front seven A-gap piece lol. But I'd have to say Mauger would be that guy. I actually wrote a piece before on how Mauger should be used like Swann. I know you're ready, bro!! Let's go!
USMC, I'm glad you and the readers really appreciate my work. I don't feel appreciated on my own site most of the time...The thing about pounding the ball: Lacy, Ingram, Glen Coffee, etc., were all hammers who were being deployed by OC's who like to run the ball. Henry is best known for zone runs and breaking explosive plays. We've never seen him wear down a defense. Kenyan Drake definitely can't. So while they can have success running, I'll have to see them do it with a between-the-tackles power game. Just a different approach than they had in 08 -- and 2012 could've went either way...We'll see soon enough, though; both teams have multiple ways to win. Thanks for your time, bro.
TT: I tried to tell folks about Bo...But this will be a tough defense to go against for your first ever game... But I hear you, TT! Thanks for reading.