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That’s what I thought. He was engaged when the handoff happened, and Fromm was clearly trying to make the defense think he had he ball. Seems kinda absurd to freak out about the defense falling for a pass action fake.
How exactly is a blindside rusher supposed to see the QB doesn't have the ball? He was engaged with the tackle when the ball was handed off. If the QB doesn't want to get rocked maybe he shouldn't act like he has the ball when he doesn't. The entire point is to attract attention from the defense, and it's BS to demand a penalty when the defense falls for it to their disadvantage.
The forward progress issue was bad enough, but didn't catch the extra block. How is FP not reviewable anyway? How hard is it to objectively say "Runner was driven back by .5 yards or had not moved forward for 1 second when ball was stripped." Egregious sequence.
They're not "letting Kent State hang around." That's what happens when you outplay a worse team but the score stays close. They're getting beat. 264-226 total yards, 15-8 first downs, no turnover luck to be found. Might right the ship, and the margin isn't huge, but Ole Miss looks like they're the team hanging around.
It feels like a lot of people are short selling exactly how dangerous Mississippi State is. Kentucky is a fine team, and can indeed sneak up for a win today, but "championship standard" isn't measured in Wins and Losses against a top 20-25 team. Barring some really fluky luck, if the game is within 2 scores in the 4th quarter it's a disappointment. Anything less is either a poor performance or demonstrates that the ceiling isn't what we hoped. Cue UK fans who haven't watched State derisively talking about how State hasn't proven anything. Aside from the fact that beating Florida is so impressive, we're not talking about who's proven what. We're talking about whether a 9-4 team who improves significantly after 2 losses, took Bama to the wire, and lost the 4th by 3 points after losing their star QB will step up to the top tier after returning 17 starters. You'd think Kentucky would understand that given how much of their optimism is based on program trajectory. And regardless of whether UK is improved or not, it would be a major deviation from MSU's program trajectory if UK has a chance to win in the 4th quarter. Kentucky is building their program nicely, but they're two step behind in the long term process, and if that doesn't show up on the field then State has cause for concern.
Ummm... no it's not. If you can't be bothered to actually watch football games then there's not much I can do for you. There's more than just wins and losses.
Good lord people. Jumping from "barely beat sub-par UF team" to "they might be the 3rd best team in the conference" is absolutely absurd. It's hardly more grounded than my 4 year old asking if she can ride on a space ship when she gets big. It's just a bunch of "if", "could", "maybe", "might" and "possibly." No ill will toward UK, and I know a lot of the fans are more reasonable than this piece. And Kentucky may well beat State tomorrow. But this piece is nothing but fantasy. Kentucky might beat State tomorrow, but that mediocre performance against Florida has already shown that they're nowhere close to the third best team in the conference.
@brown The fact is Florida got the ball back with a chance to win it on the final drive. You can close your eyes and pretend it was a comfortable two score win, but the fact is that Florida should never have that shot against a good team. 5 points is MUCH more indicative of the teams performance. And that’s as much of a reality as the 11 you’re taking comfort in.
Hey, if you can’t be bothered to actually watch the games instead of just checking the final score there’s not much that we can do for you. Neither Florida nor K-State is an “impressive” win, but there’s more than just the W. Congratulations on your nail biter, but don’t act like you can’t tell the difference between that and a game where one player gained as more yards than the other team. Is Florida better than K-State? Sure. Had Kentucky beaten them by 21 in a game that was barely to never in doubt for 3 quarters I’d be a lot more impressed.
OK, that’s hilarious. “Snell will get 150!” “I’ll bet a hundred he’ll get 45!” That’s quite a walk back there buddy.
They had issues with Tight Ends and Running Backs getting open up the middle against UF. The LB’s were playing too aggressive despite having the backs one on one in coverage. They were flowing on play action and suddenly their man was five yards past them and wide open. UK will look to clean that up of course, but it’s hard to believe they won’t bite after getting run over on a few straight plays.
Hilarious backhanded compliment. “Naw, he’d be tied for second string.” No disrespect of course. I hope snell has a great year after struggling tomorrow.
So... I guess you're not going to counter any of his actual points? Because everything he said was fact. It's not talking smack to point out that an idiot is an idiot. Another fact: The people he's "talking smack" to already lost to Kentucky last year.
"Unlike UF, UT has actually played a proven team." So your method for picking winners is to simply look at which team has already played the best team and declare that they can't lose? alrighty then. let me know if you want someone to bet against. Guess you'll be picking Louisville, Arkansas State, and Ole Miss to win out from here? More hilariously, it reduces to "UT will win because they got curb stomped." The only reason anyone thinks WVU is "proven" is the utter beatdown they laid on you.
I'm not really sure any but the most athletic and physical teams can stop Fitzgerald on the ground. Alabama, LSU, maybe Auburn. UGA could probably cinch it down. Not that Kentucky can't stop the overall offense, but Fitz will get his on the ground. It's almost boring at this point. Ho hum. Another 100 yards rushing, on top of constantly pulling attention from DB's in coverage and forcing DE's to stay home as the RB takes a handoff. Best case you get him 1 on 1 at the LOS, and he can use both deceptive quickness or physicality to make it to the second level. QB is a force multiplier, and when he's hitting his passes State get's two multiples to play with. Suddenly you have a third offensive phase to worry about. It's not cheat code level, but it's also not fair. The real question is whether he's going to hit those passes like he did against ULL. SP+ has State's WP at 73%, and you could easily see that as two coin flips. First heads Fitz has a bad passing game. Second heads and Kentucky wins in a close mid scoring game. I personally think there's a third heads for "Florida is actually a quality win that tells us something" but that's just like, my opinion man.
Hadn’t thought of it that way. Never know when a corner is going to start tipping balls to the offense. Though you wouldn’t think Kentucky would be able to afford moles. Alabama on the other hand...
Kentucky feels... weird. Like, I get that they broke the streak and took care of business in the other two games. That’s a signal. But I feel like the “3-0 and beat Florida for the first time in 31 years” story is such a neat little package of a storyline that the second order questions are getting glossed over. Like is Florida just plain bad? We all seem to agree they are, but we’re still using them as the most significant data point. Not because of anything this Kentucky or Florida team did this year but because of what the previous 31 versions did. Sorry, but “they might not blow the big one” is hardly an inspiring slogan. And why was that game so close? Did you know UF got more 1st downs than Kentucky? If Kentucky is actually “good” then how did Franks get the ball with a chance to win the game at all? Its just weird that such a close game has resulted in treating Florida like a laughing stock and Kentucky like a dangerous upstart who can challenge anyone. One of those things isn’t supported by the data. Not disrespect at all, I just don’t know. And unless one team runs the other off the field we still won’t know for sure after this week.
Last years non- playoff New Years six: 12-0 UCF (g5 rep) 12-1 Wisconsin (at large) 11-2 OSU (automatic) 11-2 USC (automatic) 10-2 Penn State (at large) 10-2 Washington (at large) 10-2 Miami (at large) 10-3(!) Auburn (at large) It doesn’t take a detailed analysis of advanced stats, FPI, SOS, SOR, or any other fancy metric to see that this guy doesn’t actually pay any attention to the sport he’s paid to comment on.
Exactly my thought. A two loss team with LSU’s SOS is EASILY in the top eight teams in the country. Now, they might still miss out since they might still be the fourth best team in the SEC, and they might not want to take three teams if the committee doesn’t take two teams for the playoff, but that’s a very different argument from “two losses - no New Years bowl.” I’m not sure how anyone with even a passing familiarity with college football could make such a silly claim.
Talking about Ole Miss and Southern Illinois.
You know, other than the blatant misrepresentation about AU "outplaying" LSU (Total Offense, Turnovers, First Downs, and TOP say otherwise) basically everything here could be derived from just reading the scoresheet. And literally every explanation for the points are just random factoids from said stats. "Oh, they stopped the run. I'll 'explain' this by mentioning the teams leading tacklers." Almost like an Auburn fan got too slammed in pregame and missed the whole thing but had to file a story for a deadline this morning.
It helps to realize the game is played on the field rather than in Public Relations. Questioning or praising is irrelevant to any team that is actually trying to beat Bama, and any team that confused the distinction wouldn't have the focus to pull it off to begin with.
I don't know why he didn't just grade it all "W" or "L" because it's clear actual performance could only bump you by a letter at most.
That's fine. Not even a curve really. But losing to a top 10 team by 1 should score different than losing to a top 10 team at home by 55. One of those is a C. The other is either an A- or an F.
Wait, LSU/Auburn get the same grade as Bama/Ole Miss? On what planet does a last second FG equal a 55 point beat down? Does the SEC West have a Special Ed curve for Ole Miss/LSU? I know you guys have to generate #content regardless of quality, but at least make it look like you watched the games.
They were both error prone for sure. Would not be considered a good football game without the arbitrary numbers by their names. But I'll have to see those dominant performances show up against a legit defense before I drink the State Kool-Aid. Fitz looked smooth last night, but if "adrenalin" was the problem against K-State I have to wonder if the overthrows will return in big games against tight coverage. Maybe it's not necessary to hit those though, just make the defense think he can. Except in Tuscaloosa. Pretty sure he's got to hit them there. Still, I'd rather be tied to State than any of the 4-14 teams on your list. The only team I can see with a ceiling within striking range of Bama on even terms. But that floor still hasn't been established at the level of Auburn or LSU.
We've seen it several times with Bama, it's just that they have enough credibility to overcome it with the BCS/Committee. And they've always rewarded that faith by acquitting themselves very well in the next games. Most likely this year will play out very similarly. They'll drop one and we'll all be shocked, but in the end they will play well enough the rest of the season (and enough other teams will stumble) to earn the benefit of the doubt and get a shot in the playoff.