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Why is it that sports writers are always speculating on people leaving a great program? Why would anyone want the headache of going to KU and a perpetually losing program that even God couldn't turn around. Why not stay with a potential national champion and ride it out. He'll be even more valuable after a national championship, if he really wants to leave. Sports writers and a moron coach encouraged Johnny Manziel to leave prematurely when he had the maturity of an 8th grader. I guess low intellect sports writers are more the norm than not.
Applewhite is right - Saban may be the GOAT, but he just major league stubbed his toe when he hired Bill O'Brien. Hope Nick can control him, otherwise Bama is doomed.
Why should anyone care what Finebaum thinks, or for that matter, any of the talking heads who aren't really involved in really doing anything but yakking and hoping they can make a living from doing that.
Yes, you were dead wrong - nothing unusual. Heupel is no savior for the Vols, however.
The Gator defense was suspect all year. Don't know whether that was coaching or talent or both. Their offense was great, but without some of their best offensive personnel in the bowl game, and Trask having one of his absolute worst games, the defensive malady really showed up. By the way, Texas A&M really got screwed on the CFP, the rankings, their bowl game and the All-America teams. Buddy Johnson is the best middle linebacker in college football and he didn't even get a mention. The national press probably doesn't even know where College Station is.
Shrout looked fairly good against A&M, certainly better than Guarantano, but he is still only second rate.
Shrout was credible against A&M in the rout, so should attract offers. Tennessee should raid the "Cradle of Coaches", the MAC, if they want the most successful coaches of the future.
Florida and Mullen covered all this up for over a year - on purpose. They should be banned from the Cotton Bowl for in effect lying by covering up.
Mullen should have sent dear old Marco to the locker room as an example for the rest of the team. Instead, he lied to the media when he said he didn't see the play, and then tried to cover himself and Marco up even more later. Coaches, unlike Charles Barkley, are role models, and when the coach lies, his players think that lying is OK and when he doesn't call out players for their misdeeds, the players learn that misdeed are OK, too. Class acts like Urban Meyer, Lou Holtz and Mack Brown would have handled it appropriately and not lied to the media.
As an A&M fan, I'm loving all the talk about subpar coaches as candidates for Malzahn's job. So far Gus could run circles around any of them. But, please, Auburn, I'm behind you all the way in hiring a subpar coach - A&M will finally have a constant winning record against Auburn.
Prediction - Malzahn to Arizona and will turn Arizona into a winner.
I always liked Mullen as a coach, but he has morphed into a clown. To say he did not see or notice Marco Wilson's incoherent play is a complete lie. His lobbying is ridiculous. Florida's defense has been suspect all season and LSU exposed it after A&M decimated it. Marco Wilson's egomanical flop didn't cost Florida its season, but exposed what low life characters populate its defense.
Several things - certainly the A&M offense was not up to par, but contributing to that was some awful officiating, particularly letting LSU get away with blatant pass interference and holding by defensive backs on many plays, receivers dropping balls in the wet, and Mond throwing too low in several cases. The A&M defense was lights out all night. It appeared that the rust from not playing two weeks was a factor, but the playing conditions were not helpful. Look out Auburn!