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So, they've made the decision to try to get some playing time for lesser teams since they were probably going to be warming the bench at A&M.
The better team won against Bama's walking wounded. Would be interesting to see who would win a game 3 if both teams were healthy. I'm not crying sour grapes - Georgia was clearly the better team in this game.
What are you talking about? ESPN was totally biased toward the Dawgs all night long.
He or she is obviously running a Conn game. There is no other explanation for his/her ignorance.
Gator fans need to get over it. They got thumped and this had nothing to do with it.
Jocks who forego bowl games to "prepare for their NFL tryouts" are cowards and traitors to their schools. They've risked their futures throughout the season, but now their logic is that the "game doesn't count" - although it does. Their lame excuses are inexcusable.
We're in Baton Rouge for the A&M/LSU game, and the rumor here is that Lincoln Reilly is the new LSU coach at an eye-popping $12.5 million per year.
You been smoking some of that good Florida grass?
Universities and University ADs are among the absolute worst business people in the world. The contracts they agree to with coaches are irresponsible pieces of garbage that would never be agreed to by businesses in the private sector. These coaches are absolutely not worth the money they are paid, and, probably except for Nick Saban, do not buy any loyalty to the institution. Wonder what Michigan State is thinking today about the big contract with Mel Tucker? Ask Orberon - hero one year, goat the next. But, the coaches don't care because they get rich whether they coach or get fired under their ridiculous contracts.
Is there any question whatsoever that Kiffin is in it only for the biggest bucks possible? What's the issue?
It was a huge defensive battle - probably going to be known as Mullen's Last Stand!
The best coaching candidate for LSU would be Dave Clawson from Wake Forest, but Dave is probably far too honest for the LSU job.
Even if King is available to come back, will be interesting to see if Jimbo actually plays him or sticks with Calzada. They were neck to neck in preseason practice for quite some time, but King got chosen because he is both a running and passing threat. Question is does Jimbo need a dual threat as a starter or someone who is a better passer now that the offensive line has proven itself and the running game is working. The additional dimension King provides is valuable, but how valuable?
The problem is inconsistency in application. A&M was penalized twice in the Alabama game for supposedly the same violation, but Auburn wasn't penalized at all. Either the SEC should enforce it consistently and train its refs accordingly or not.
Ya'll are all welcome for me calling the demise of the Kyle Field Auburn curse the beginning of last week. About everyone else on this site had Auburn winning again. Pshaw!
A&M is finally going to break the losing to Auburn curse at Kyle Field this Saturday, and I'm going to be there to help it happen.
I'm a very good friend of the past President at one of the universities where Clawson successfully made his name. She sincerely says that Clawson was the very best of all the football coaches she was ever associated with - from multiple perspectives. I've told Dave that personally as I thought he should know. She has also been a long-time member of NCAA governing committees, and knows a lot of the top coaches, etc.
Probably no salvage unless they upset Bama.
Where does this site find sportswriters who don't even know which game they are talking about?
And an A&M defense that couldn't stop MSU passing game at all or the Colorado rushing game at all. The defense is not at all quality.
Unfortunately, the Ags are nowhere close to rock bottom. They'll lose to Bama, and likely to Ole Miss, Auburn and LSU. Missouri and South Carolina are both close calls. The only guaranteed win is Prairie View, but the way they've been playing that may be in question. In other words, the rock bottom is a losing record in 2021 with no bowl game. Jimbo's contract should be cut in half after he loses to Bama.
Thus is really news and a topic for conversation?