Michael Wayne Bratton

A graduate of the University of Tennessee, after working up the ladder at FOX Sports, Michael assisted in the oversight of the site’s national and conference based news breaking division as head of the college football Fanhood team. Moving on to NFL.com, he assisted in writing and editorializing all NFL breaking news content for the news division of the site, known as Around the NFL. Proud to be back in the South, living and breathing every ounce of SEC football breaking news content from the SEC heartland.

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Dak Prescott never finished higher than 8th in the Heisman voting, and that was his junior season in 2014.
The 2007 game was vacated by FSU, therefore it does not count as a loss. http://www.winsipedia.com/alabama/vs/florida-state
I graduated from Tennessee, so I'm not exactly a worshiper of Nick Saban - I'm more of a Life Champion than that. Just struck me as odd that Brandon Harris would say Les Miles is one of histories greatest coaches, yet he had a 3-7 record against Saban. Miles was an elite coach for several years for sure, but questionable in my mind to heap that much praise on him. Although on the flip side, if he is one of the best in SEC history, just goes to show how good Saban has been. The coach that led to the firing of Miles is very much on topic in an article discussing the legacy of Miles.
The article clearly states that's just an example. On our SDS picks page I have Tennessee beating Texas A&M this weekend. I'm not assuming anything at this point.
Thank you, the site I use does not have the 2017 TCU game for some reason and only goes up to 2020. As for replacing Michigan, I realize Arkansas State is not P5 but Bielema addressed them while discussing the schedule.
You are correct, Arkansas had not offered him, sorry about that. His Crystal Ball predictions threw me off, I should have double checked that.