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Napier's Cajuns have been the best team in the state for two years now with far less talent than LSU has. I'd like that choice.
Napier's Cajuns have been the best team in Louisiana for two straight years, with far less talent. NO to Kiffin, Fischer, Meyer.
I don't know. Pretty sure we're more sad. Geaux Tigers :(
I wish I shared that optimism for us, but thanks!
Ugh. As if this year wasn't bad enough already. He seems like a nice, hard working young man, and I wish him the best. He's got enough good stuff on film from 2019...the Georgia game alone. I'd love to see him play with LSU again, but expect he'll heal up and get ready for the draft. :(
I'd like to see that first assistant take him out on Saturday.
Yep, it's fun to see Arkansas having success. We'll probably lose the boot this year. I'm also enjoying Georgia's success...I placed large bets before the season started on Georgia to win the SEC and the natty so...So far, so good.
We're gonna make a bowl game?
IDK. Max did fine last year in the Swamp against a ranked Gator team in the fog.
The SEC has an interesting group of coaches. Got even more fun with Kiffin and Leach.
I was in Lake Tahoe a few weeks ago, and placed bets on Georgia to win it all and to win the SEC. Good bet so far! Go Dawgs. That may have to be my team this year.
Go Dawgs! Go SEC! Geez, the Dawg/Gator hate is crazy here. When Bama and the Gators plays out of conference I pull for them.
Pandemic? Nah. UCLA students don't even start school until 9/20. That's the issue.
You're right! UCLA just started allowing alcohol sales. They're not going to know what hit them.
There will be thousands and thousands of LSU fans there. UCLA doesn't even start school until 9/20. That's part of the problem for them.
Gonna be fun! The weather will be fantastic and that stadium will be 50% LSU fans. Went to OU at UCLA. It was 50% OU fans so...
Dead? Are you really that afraid and brainwashed? I think I'll be fine...vaccinated against a virus with a 99% survival rate for my age group...and outside. Geez. I'll take my chances and live life.
I'll be there, and I'm annoyed but this development. We were told to get the vaccine and we could live life normally. I will not be tailgating outside in a mask. I guess it's better than the game being cancelled altogether...something I wouldn't put past LA.
Props to all of the supportive Tide fans on here! SEC!!!
Gable's amazing win and celebratory backflip are some of my favorite Olympic moments.