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Agreed. They need to take the best O line player with pick one. Get him the best receiver on the board with pick two...Terrace Marshall if he's there?
Nobody should be threatening this young man. He got caught up in the moment and messed up, but that's the answer he should have given to the NFL scouts. "What did people expect?" Well, Marco, yes you actually were supposed to "hand it back nicely to him." 99% of Nick Saban's players would have.
He doesn't. He was joking. It was a car he saw in traffic. Pretty funny.
Hilarious! I don't really watch the NFL, but I sure would watch if Peyton was an announcer.
Ohio State should not earn a playoff spot playing only 6 games. That's on their incompetent conference.
I know. Beat Bama Burger is one of my all time favorites.
Perfect answer, but boy will it be infuriating to see Ohio State going to the playoffs after playing 6 games, while the Aggies played 9, with their only loss being to the Bama Deathstar.
social justice warrior...the radical, narcissistic, leftist activists that are trying to ruin sports.
Yes!!! Big congrats to the young men that continued to fight despite a year full of really tough circumstances.
Happy to see Finley do a good job against South Carolina, but Myles is and should be the starter as these games get more difficult.
Dave Aranda. Hahahahaha. I was just talking about him this weekend!
Yes, and their young team didn't have much of an off season to work together. However, there is still lots of talent there. It should not be THIS bad.
If the defense doesn't improve, the outcome will be worse than this projection. As an LSU fan, this has been painful to watch, but you're right. Last year was SO much fun, that it really does help tolerate a terrible (in so many way) 2020.
It was very funny. LSU lost 17 starters from last year's team, and had no offseason or spring football to practice together. Their best player (stud cornerback Stingley) was out sick. It was pretty predictable that Leach would exploit LSU's green secondary. It's the mother of all rebuilding years in an already strange season.
Looking forward to watching KJ at Miss State. He was very good at Stanford until he got injured. Glad he ended up with Mike Leach for his last year. He'll have an opportunity to throw WAY more than he did at Stanford.
Doesn't seem fair to include Big 10 playing 8 games while the SEC goes through a brutal 10 game all conference season.
Not sure about the Big12, but SEC said they aren't interested in or in need of other teams.
Another billion will be lost by the businesses and jobs in those college towns too, but Warren does't care. He's just a SJW activist.
So you choose to believe an anonymous quote from some anonymous former player, that Coach O categorically disputes?
Wow, you're deranged. Big Ten folds so you have to rage on an SEC site? At least the SEC is trying to make it work. Recruits are noticing this too.