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Exactly. Points are points, doesn't matter if they come by QB runs, handoffs, short passes or long passes. Just score more than the other team. Emory has been at UF for 3 years. The loss of some star receivers will be rough, but I think we still have enough talent at OL, RB, TE and Rec to be balanced and effective.
I guess next year's schedule shapes up about like last seasons. We can take a loss vs rotating west opponent, everything is still on the table if we beat UGA and don't slip up against anyone else. We'll see, but likely won't be such heavy favorites in as many games this year. At this point I'd guess 9-3 would be a decent baseline, 10-2 would be a win
The improvement over his first two seasons was really exciting, but honestly after this year I wouldn't be all that disappointed to see Mullen go. Scoring points has been really fun to see, but his constant excuse-making after losses, especially that total shrug-off of a 30 point loss last week, are really getting old. It also appears that he's more about "swagger" than discipline and professionalism, which I think ultimately materialized itself on the field with the shoe throw, which again Mullen tried to shrug off. And the riling up of the crowd, darth vader nonsense, escalating the Mizz brawl- you just don't see top tier coaches doing this garbage
Agreed. I mean I kind of see the point that since we lost to A&M by 3 and if we took Bama to OT and lost, then logically we're somewhat in the area of the top 5 teams. But still, 8-2 and really 1-2 in our big games shouldn't deserve a playoff spot
Absolutely. I think the comparison is supposed to consider running game and O-line as well. More or less, Trask is carrying the Gators more than Mac is carrying the Tide. Not saying I necessarily agree - if we had Bama's running game, I bet Trask's yards and TD stats would look quite a bit different.
It's an interesting comparison that I think could actually be argued either way. Jones may look better because of all the talent around him, but at the same time if Florida were more balanced, would Trask be putting up these numbers? There may be a case to be made that Mac is just as impressive or moreso given what he's doing even with Najee Harris taking on a big part of the offensive workload.
Agreed, UK had been held to less than 14pts in 6 out of the 8 previous games this season, so us allowing 10 is hardly a meaningful measuring stick for the progress of our defense. No disrespect to Kentucky, y'all always have class.
Yeah those were some good ones. My only pet peeve is that everyone calls the Cleveland game winner a "hail mary". Not a hail mary, just a very long accurate pass. Cleveland was the intended target on the play call and Feleipe dropped a 65yd dime into his cradled arms. I don't think any game was more fun to watch than 2018 when they turned it over I think it was 6 times, and UT fans started leaving shortly after halftime
thrilling article. will read again
Probably fair to say. Bama will definitely be the best offense we've had to face, and will arguably be the best defense as well. I could still see us executing and getting something like 30ish points, but I think they'll score as many points as they choose to against us. But anything can happen, and as they say that's why we play the games. Just hoping for a good one with everybody healthy and available.
It's not just about the players. It's about the safety of everyone involved - the trainers, coaches, employees helping with travel and food service, all these people have lives and families outside the football program. The long term effects of this illness are still not fully known. A weird and annoying football season seems like a small price to pay if it helps prevent people from potentially losing loved ones or living with chronic lung problems
lol, "except for the 9 big plays we gave up, we're a really good defense"
I think this one's a toss up and I could even see it getting lopsided for either team. We know UF has a good offense, UGA has a power run game but little else, and UGA has a great defense, primarily stopping the run. If UGA can string together a few stops, they might be able to run it down our throats while controlling the clock and keeping the ball away from the Gator offense. On the other hand, if UF can stack the box and get off the field on 3rd down on D, we might be able to get a lot of possessions and pull ahead with our passing attack, similar to what Bama was able to do. A couple gifts from the "mail man" wouldn't hurt either. Not sure what to expect but excited to find out. Go Gators!
I watched the video & thought it was pretty hilarious that he held the plastic red light saber for the entire 16 minute session Definitely not related to the brawl, likely a bit of a troll job on the media if anything. I mean it was 11pm - he's not going trick or treating with his kids after the game.
Exactly. As frequently as we see guys decommit, a commitment a year and a half in advance doesn't mean much more than we're simply his first choice at this point. We will see though, certainly seems like recruiting is heading in the right direction
This running total positives by month is such a weird way to report it. If it was 31 last week and 37 now (call it as of yesterday's test), I guess that means 6 guys presumably have it now?
@ Investi-gator , he's making a pretty clever joke about how GA has repeatedly failed to close out games in the 4th quarter against Alablama despite going into the 2nd half with the lead
I just hope this doesn't turn into some sick game of chicken between the two schools as they decide whether or not to play on Saturday
Ughhh I'm getting flashbacks of shark photos and made up death threats. Maybe a program going about ~3 years without being the butt of a joke isn't bad?
so with a quarantine period of 14 days likely impacting multiple position groups after 5 positives, and it takes a few days to even turn around a test, seems doubtful that we're playing on Saturday
Florida -13 means we have to stop them at least twice: no brainer take LSU with the points here
I wonder what happens in the LSU game next week after this and their showing against Mizzou. winning score in the 80s?
I know each individual person should make their own decisions for their personal safety, but I still think this is a pretty bad look for Mullen coming off this loss. I don't think a HC should say anything other than "the safety of our players, students, fans, and staff should always be our priority". Just leave the attendance policy to the university/league/whichever other decision-making body
I hope I'm wrong but I'm more nervous about this A&M game than it seems most are. They're a pretty experienced group and Jimbo is a good coach. To take them lightly because they 1) looked poor in their first game (which they still won btw) and 2) got smoked by alabama (also pretty understandable) seems foolish. We're still going on the road against a decent team that needs a win in the worst way. To get the W I think the Offense will need to be sharp and avoid mistakes, and the defense needs to play a lot better than they have the first two games.
rat poison. enough hype let's just play some games
Didn't see anything on Lorenzo Lingard not playing. Otherwise no surprises / looks solid
Man if the O line can perform and stay relatively healthy our offense is stacked this year
interesting to think about. They are both public schools in the same state, so who's to stop them if they have the governor's blessing to use the resources to get one of the teams on a bus, arrange the staff/cops/everything else and go play. now of course the game wouldn't "count" without being part of the league's and NCAA's schedule and the leagues probably control the TV rights as well so probably not worth it in the end
"I think we have about 8 guys considering it, and 2-3 that could get serious about it." kind of a weird thing to say publicly. Not sure how I'd feel if i was one of those guys
Yep agreed. We still have a talent gap to close, but Mullen has done a good job getting the team to give consistent solid effort from week to week, which was not always the case under Muschamp or the sharkhumper. And the reward is that we've beaten the teams we're supposed to beat and competed in the games against good teams, with a few good wins to show for it. Hopefully we can keep things rolling in the right direction