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Where did you see that? In yesterday's press conference Mullen seemed like it was probable those 2 would play
Ideally we get Burney, Henderson, and Zuniga back and the defense keeps this one under control while the offense figures itself out with Trask at the helm. Hopefully his success can continue.
Sure winning conference road games is hard and all, but I don't think we can realistically look at our body of work so far this season and think we're ready to compete with GA or LSU. To me that performance from the #9 ranked team in the nation warrants a bit of ridicule.
Classy comment fitting for a Solid Gent, much appreciated. Like I said on another thread, I hope you guys win out and we look forward to this game again in 2020. It'd be great if the near future is UF vs UK competing for the East while GA goes and F#s themselves. Or their sisters/cousins/pets, however they roll up there
sure and change 2 plays and the dawgs won the 2018 championship, but that McElw-Ain't-what-happened is it
Thanks ukfan1973. That sure was an interesting game to say the least. Totally agree UF v UK is becoming a regularly good game. Hope you guys win out the rest of the season and we circle this matchup again next year
yeah after that performance I don't see much success against Auburn, LSU, Georgia, or frankly even on the road against Mizzou or South Carolina.
At least they called it consistently tonight. None of them seemed intentional or particularly rough. But by the rules helmet to helmet = penalty. And if that prevents a few college kids a year from brain injuries, I'm ok with it.
could have been better if we actually played like a good team... but haha yeah I'll take it.
oof... feel like I need a shower after that one. I suppose if there's a positive its the gators mystical ability to suck but still win
Yes to number 4 - I love seeing Felipe let one rip - but not sure if UF's O-Line can hold up to reliably set up deep plays. Need to avoid moving backwards via sacks or holds
I know right? We can speculate an analyze each position group all we want, but then somebody muffs a punt or returns an INT and the whole game can turn on one play. Just hoping for a good clean game where nobody else gets hurt.
100% agree. There were pretty hyped up expectations around the team this year, so it's time to put up or shut up. A dominant performance on Saturday bodes well for most likely going into the Auburn game 5-0. Struggle this week (or god forbid lose), and the rest of our schedule starts looking even scarier.
All pretty fair points. Still optimistic for my gators but this should be a good one.
I feel forMuschamp. My 4 years at UF were the Muschamp years, and you could tell everybody at the school and on the team really liked and respected the guy, he just didn't win enough. After we upset GA in 2014 chant broke out at everbank "Mus-Champ-Field!!" and Jeremy Foley gave him a big hug on the sideline basically relieved he didn't have to fire him that week
I'm optimistic. My biggest concern I think is despite the excellent pass rush, our defense hasn't faced a real O-Line yet. If we don't come out with 100% effort and can't clean up our tackling, we could get gashed on the ground similar to last year. We kept Miami in check mostly but they did bust a few big runs
Yeah definitely expecting a good one. Turnovers as always might be the wildcard for either side
I'm excited to see how this one shakes out. Should be a good game. I think our D will show up decently, but gotta figure UK will still come up with 17 or 20 or so. Our run game is pretty sorry, so I see that leaving it down to UF passing offense vs UK secondary. Seems like they've given up a lot of passing yards to weaker opponents, so we'll see if Felipe and our stud receivers can capitalize
Florida had a brief lead in the 3rd, and were 6 points down with 10 minutes left. Credit to Georgia for doing what great teams do and pulling away late, but to say it wasn't a competitive game is nonsense
hope you're right! let's hope they guys focus this week and don't take kentucky lightly, stay healthy (healthy as we are anyway) and keep getting W's ! Go Gators!
Still not sure what to expect from my gators, but thinking 9-3 is probably fair. Likely losses to LSU and GA, plus one other slip up. I'd take that. But at the same time @UK, Auburn, @SC, @Mizzou, probably all potentially lose-able for the UF especially if they come out sleepwalking like they did against UT Martin yesterday. But that's what makes CFB so fun. Such a short season / small sample size of games anything can happen. Hoping they get better each week Go Gators!
Fingers crossed nothing more serious than a sprain. Hopefully we can get by Kentucky and Tenessee without him, and 3 weeks is enough to have him back for when the really tough games start.
Ughhhhh can we just keep our mouths shut until after we get a W. this smells like ducks can't pull trucks all over again
Thanks lol I know right? UF realistically probably between 4th and 7th best team in the SEC, Franks is a decent but unremarkable QB with no off-the-field issues. No reason for this guy to be one of the most scrutinized players in the league.
Even as a gator fan I don't get everybody's obsession over whether or not Franks is a great QB. So what. We have an OK quarterback, great recievers, good running backs, and a solid defense. Let's just roll with it and see how the season goes. And if the coaches think we're better off going with Emory Jones, so be it
hahahahahahahaha So satisfying after everyone s#1tt1ng all over the gators for looking sloppy in an opening power 5 WIN. here's too the jeremy pruitt era