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Isnt the stadium in Birmingham called Legion Field..not legend field?
Man did I whiff that haha. I stand corrected. I missed that one rushing touchdown against Ohio. However, while touchdowns scored by a QB are important it is not the most important job of the QB. The most important aspect of a QB is to create scoring opportunities for the team by consistently moving the ball down the field and avoiding turnovers. These have been things Hobbs has struggled with agains App St. and Ohio. I expect his turnover rate will increase as Tennessee dives into SEC play and faces some stout defenses.
First off Dobbs is only responsible for 8 touchdowns unless you are considering the wonky fumble into the inzone a touchdown. Dobbs is by no means a bad quarterback, but his weaknesses hold back the potential of Tennesee. He poses little to no risk of a down field passer. This allows teams with a somewhat talented secodary to stack the box and take away the run which is the bread and butter of the Tennesse game. Without any run game Tennessee looks like a fish out of water like when they played App St. Going foward it will be interesting to see how Dobbs will preform against teams with solid defenses such as Flordia and Alabama.