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Would honestly rather see him at ole Miss than FSU. Bad loss for the state.
Would the season have played out this way under Richt?
How does orgeron continue to find himself in this sort of situation?
was responding to mizzou. learn how replies work.
how are you posting here and sexually assaulting someone at the same time? skill.
Honestly, do they expect these players to say: "yeah ole miss offered me money but I turned it down to play at this sec school because of my strong sense of morality." That's bullsh*t and you all know it.
This is getting silly. I think OM fans are afraid these other recruits are going to lie because they hate OM now or maybe they're just upset because this shows how inept the NCAA is and how they're just grasping at straws by this point. Either way I don't think they need to worry about this. It's also very disconcerting to see all these other sec fans turn on this school because of a rivalry or some perceived knowledge that they did in fact cheat by paying their players. The NOA says nothing about pay to play. The laremy Tunsil comments happened after the fact and so they basically started a new investigation. I don't like ole miss. I don't root for them when they play sports. I don't want them to succeed in sports. But the NCAA is, in my eyes, unfairly admonishing a fellow sec school when they don't have any proof of wrongdoings on the level they want so they're going far and above what they need to do to get that proof. This looks like a witch hunt. I guess it's too much to ask for the homers on this board to use their minds and stop thinking that ole miss somehow cheated them and they need to be severely punished to make amends.
Sounds funny honestly. It's no different than when schools do a fake drunk car crash on campus. It seems like Paul's idea is to just ignore it since we all know it's coming.
The poll is going to happen regardless. The AP exists outside of cfb and so it makes no sense for any fan to get upset about the ranking. It's just members of the press voting on who they think are the best teams. No betting sites or Vegas super books base any of their lines on the poll (some commenter suggested it affects betting). They know what you should all know and that it's utterly meaningless and that cowherd is again speaking about nothing in a lame attempt to have material in these last few remaining days before the cfb drought ends.
This is honestly bad news for OM. Now if they win there is going to be an asterisk next to it for the rest of the season.
I agree. The first part was overtly sexist and the rest was just nonsense.
I think this one is a lock for ole piss but I don't think cam akers is coming with him. Hope he stays in (hail)state though.
The "Crimson Time" sounds like a metaphor that will be used to mark the Saban era. Also spellcheck sds, spellcheck.
Harbaugh denies camps are a recruiting tactic. Comment from Willie Gay confirms it's a recruiting tactic. What a joke.
I guess there isn't a chance for any state upsets? We'll see how that plays out. A&m over Obama is totally plausible not crazy. I guess I'm the only person outside rebel fans that thinks Georgia over ole pi$$ is actually a crazy pick. 3 4 and 5 absolutely will not happen.
Pretty disappointed with this decision tbh fam.
Now that our Lord has spoken on the matter, something must be done!
You do realize when we state fans say ole piss it's the same thing? Yet you never stop to reply to them. Go bother auburn fans cuck.