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Would love recommendations on great places to eat while there from any of the LSU peeps
I'm excited to finally make the trip to Death Valley for the Gator game this year, going to be a lot of fun
It's ok to admit that you went to UCF because you couldn't get into UF. Really, there's no shame, UF is a hard school to get into.
The Big12 is the only conference I could see asking them to join (them backing out of the game at TX last year probably alienated one the most powerful ADs in that conference and may hurt their chances). Orlando is a market the ACC and SEC have on lock. Between FSU and Miami being in the north and the south and their alums wanting coverage of those teams in every major Florida city, the ACC already gets enough coverage there. The SEC already has UF in the center of the state and our alums blanket the state too wanting coverage. No real incentive for those two conferences to offer. I guess BIG10 or Pac12 could in theory but that would be a ridiculously far distance for teams to travel. Though I guess Big12 did that with WVU so who knows.
Ya I just don't see him as someone who would want to go coach pro. I agree with you, he seems to really enjoy the mentorship aspect of coaching young men. I also am not sure his system is really a fit for the NFL but I don't watch the NFL anymore so maybe it's changed a lot.
Honestly I don't think UCF is going to shut up unfortunately
Was it long? I've had to break mine up before (even though I had seen longer than what I wanted to post lol)
Lol so true. I imagine we'll find out the real refs are tied up in their hotel
O man you're right!!! I forgot about that idiot! No more Gary would be the best
It is great but think of the joy of no longer having all those CBS commercial breaks! ESPN commercial break frequency and length aren't great but they're better than the CBS ones
"these two in-state rivals" ...umm what? How is UCF/UF a rivalry? The only game I can remember them playing was in 06 or 07 and UF won like 45-0
Who reads that article and thinks of the guy's mom???
Went to chick-fil-a today to confirm that I wasn't missing out on the ranch. It's good albeit too tangy for me. Kirby, I agree the Zax sauce is better though I prefer chick-fil-a. I like Zaxbys but I always feel really greasy when I leave there and I don't usually get that leaving chick-fil-a
Agreed, I just don't trust the Jags to make the right choice with just about anything. I live in Jax but am an Eagles fan (that is when I actually watch the NFL). One thing is for sure, if they don't get a good QB soon they'll have wasted one of the most talented defensive rosters in a long time.
Who knows. I guess the bold prediction is that he's picking Mich to blow out the Gators?
I agree with all of these selections, congrats to Stoops and Allen especially cause no one expected this for them.
Ya same, that's crazy. I bet FGs become reviewable next year. I'm pretty sure there was another made FG called a miss in a different game somewhere else a week or two later. I don't get why, at least with big conferences that have a lot of money, they don't add the same type of technology soccer uses to track whether a ball goes across the goal line. It would be easy to implement on FGs where it would even project the laser upward to know if it was good or not even if the kick is above the posts.
These are amazing, the service academies always have some of the best alternate unis
Yaaaa we can talk when UGA has won a national championship in this millennium