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There's a large amount of frustration at the recruiting cause with the resources and state, there's no reason UF can't be top 5 almost every year for recruiting. But I haven't met a Gator yet who doesn't think Mullen is the right man for UF. What he's done to turn us around after a decade of awful has been exceptional. When you look at his classes they're getting better as well. We also gotta remember that players committing the past 2 years were 10 and younger the last time UF was competing on a National level with a fun offensive team. It takes time to erase the decade of awful offense in people's minds.
Also, don't understand ppl who get upset when a kid doesn't choose their school (see Twitter for examples). Can't blame a kid for wanting to stay close to home, go where he thinks he has the best chance of making it to the league (even if we don't agree sometimes), or a host of a hundred different reasons one may choose a school.
Definitely thought he was gonna choose UF. It's frustrating to lose out on a guy that looked like he was definitely coming. But at the same time (as others have noted), the virus seems to be keeping players closer to home than they normally would. It'll be interesting if this helps Miami have a really great class if this stretches close to NSD
We're seeing that with a number of players transferring closer to home too
What is this "run game" everyone keeps talking about
Michigan isn't OSU's permanent crossover, that would make too much sense. Mich, Mich St, Ohio St, & Penn St are all in the same division.
Lol the troll Joejort agrees with him, so I guess he got one to believe that nonsense (unless they're both the same person, which honestly...)
Oof would Michael have to be the coach? If so, the only way they'd win is by ignoring everything he says.
Gotta think Kevin would come off the bench in that game for The Office, the man could be the 3rd, albeit much larger, Splash Bro
I'm going with that's why they're moving the games to 9/26 lol
Guess they're trying to get rid of Coach Boom? lol
I'm good with a random draw or just adding the next 2 cross-divisions, doesn't really matter to me. It's gonna be just fun to (hopefully) have football. The only reason I would be sad about doing the next 2 cross-division games this year is that it would mean next year when I can go back in to the stadium, I won't be watching Bama v UF in the Swamp like was originally scheduled.
AFan, that's who you get every year...did you mean to add UF or Georgia to your list?
A recovering alcoholic wouldn't go near a bar...if they did, I highly doubt they'd be able to not drink.
I for one find it hilarious that a solid 80% (completely made up %) of all the comments UGA fans seem to leave on this site have to do with UF. Granted that may be extremely anecdotal and is based on the bias of me almost always ever reading articles on here that are either Gator specific articles or broader SEC/NCAA at large and not UGA specific articles. But I just find it really funny. I mean look I hate rival teams as much as the next guy but I don't think about FSU or UGA enough for them to be my main topic of conversation lol.
Eh, him including Ryan Day would be a counter to that thought Salty. The 5 he lists have been to the CFP which is why they get the nod for Meyer. As we know, he's all about winning (no matter the cost).
From the article about Lawrence Wright's views on Gatorbait being taken away: "Arguments over politics and other non-football issues are for other websites." Agreed SDS BUT you are the ones posting those articles. Most here don't want politics and non-football issues on here but you keep writing about them. We are going to want to respond to things you write. It seems hypocritical to write something like the above statement. Also from the same note at the bottom of the article: "On occasion, we will preemptively shut down comments on articles of sensitive topics if we have seen a recent history of such topics leading to inappropriate arguments." Why not just deal with the people who are being inappropriate? You should let others respond to your writing. You are writing stories on SEC sports and SEC schools, you should allow SEC fans to weigh in as well. If ppl are being inappropriate and racist (actually inappropriate and racist) then deal with them. Why is everyone so consumed with throwing the baby out with the bath water these days?
Personally I'm offended by the number 7, mostly for what it did to 9
I hate doing this...but I gotta agree with the the Dawg... It's insane to say we know there has been no evidence of any racism with something and then in the same breath say but it's racist so we're getting rid of it.
No evidence it's ever been used as a racist term and we're still discontinuing it
Why aren't we allowed to comment on the Kirk Ferentz article? If you're going to write an article like that Connor, you need to allow people to comment on it. I know some of the more recent articles have been doing that as well. The Ferentz one in particular is odd to me to not allow commenting because it's also about us as fans moreso than other articles are.
Idk GATORDON'TPLAY, I've never met a Vandy fan I don't like
Uh...quick can you say the Swamp is overrated if you've never been? For me, it's definitely The Swamp & Death Valley. The Swamp definitely lost it's luster for a few years this decade but when it's a huge game (Auburn last year, LSU the year prior) it is second to none. The LSU game 2 years ago felt like I was standing amidst a jet engine for 4 hours straight. Death Valley is insane too, it's like that Louisiana voodoo amplifies the sound up to 11. I don't know how you choose between the 2 to be honest.