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Happy for Smith, definitely deserved it, he was incredible all year. Glad to see it didn't just go to a QB by default.
Gotcha ya I agree sadly it's become that. Davis hasn't been that which is why it sucks he's banged up too
I assume you're speaking in generalities cause Davis opted out due to being banged up. He already missed the past few games due to it
Ha ya I felt like I held my breathe the whole 2nd half. Also, Smith and Harris, very impressive. Honestly, either of them deserve the Heisman over Jones imo
Wow what a game, proud of the way the boys played even if it sucks to lose. Great job Bama, always had an answer. But I'm very impressed with Mullen having us at a level of going toe to toe with this Bama team in year 3. Gotta work on plenty for sure but it's a far cry from the awful decade of Gator football I just endured.
Very true but it does keep any more players from opting out which might be better for them from an optics stand point
Hahaha thought the same thing
Personally, I don't get how Devonta didn't get it this week, dude was unreal
Way to just look at the final score and think you understood the game lol
I get what you're thinking now. I was thinking that A&M would be the highest ranked team available so a NY6 bowl would want that over a slightly lower ranked UGA. My Auburn/A&M note was me saying that the only way I saw A&M not being higher ranked than UGA is with a loss against Auburn this weekend.
"Jones’ numbers – with games remaining against LSU and Arkansas — will be comparable with Trask’s by championship weekend." In most categories ya, except a very important one - TD's. Mac is unlikely to catch Trask in that regards (34 vs 23) and that's a pretty important stat. Yes I know Bama fans, Najee Harris is why Jones has a lot less TDs. Personally, I think Najee and Devonta Smith deserve it over Jones. Just like I think Pitts deserves it over Trask. But such is life for non-QB's.
Yes, that is what I'm calling into question. I don't get what they're basing that off of
JTF, "they" refers to CBS know the ones giving the predictions above...
Why would A&M be in the Outback Bowl and UGa be in the Peach Bowl? I guess they're thinking A&M loses to Auburn?
I feel like I have yet to see any draft board where Pitts isn't projected as a Pat. Mock drafts flux so much and yet they always seem to put him going to NE
Challenge accepted! "Kyle Pitts, an incredible player and a true matchup nightmarrrr...oh my what have I done?!" Sorry mrtruth, I tried really hard but it apparently can't be done
Coach Mac must have taken the under
I love that the play (Train Right Open, Big Ben In) that beat UT with Grier to Callaway, is the same one that beat UT with Franks to Cleveland lolz
Ya they were a really good team for a long time, no clue what happened
Friends and I said the same thing, he's a "slightly" slower Megatron. And he's playing on a team that actually knows how to use him to the fullest extent of his availabilities unlike Johnson
I believe the reason Mullen likes the ball 2nd is that you get a chance to double someone up surrounding halftime which can be demoralizing
How things have changed since the Muschamp days. Back then our punter was something I viewed as important
Following SCar's recent trends, they'll either hire Coach Zook or Coach Butterteeth. I'd rather have Zook than MacSharkelwain, at least Zook can recruit