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I buy that, most ppl talked about how defense took the harder hit because of lack of practices from COVID across the country. Most believe with a full spring defenses by in large will be better. They won't ever go back to holding opponents to 12 ppg or anything like that (too many factors influence why offensives have exploded over the past few years) but they will be better than last year.
Bcrd, you cannot be serious. A coach should be fired because his team of adults, all of which can make their own decisions about their health didn't get vaccinated? How in the world is that his fault/something to be fired over?
That is an odd Top 4 to me, well I guess it's mostly just that Cincy is in it
I get tired of this lazy UF doesn't schedule tough non conf opponents narrative. UF plays FSU every year, that game has decided many a national championship hope. Just cause they're on the schedule every year doesn't mean they don't count. UGA also has GT who for a long time was actually good, not for a long time now but still. LSU, Bama, Auburn, Tennessee, and most other SEC schools don't have that automatic Power 5 game on their schedule like SCAr, UGA, and UF.
UF tried this a couple years back with one of our best DBs at the time (I think it was with Hargreaves?). It just didn't really do much of anything (though it was also when we had no and just made every fan absolutely nervous that he was going to get hurt on a 12 yd route. Doesn't really seem worth it to me. He's certainly going to be one of the first DBs off the NFL draft board and that's the position he'll play there. So why risk this?
Truly impressive how dumb you are TDOW. "look at Urban Meyer’s tenure at UF, he couldn’t recruit to save his life and look at the results he produced." Meyer's Gators were in the Top 5 for recruiting all but I believe one year which was '08 when they lost very little to a national championship winning team (#7 for the ranking in '08, just looked it up). Also, the results he produced was 2 national championships in 3 years. Meyer left UF in a rough place culturally and he's not a great human being but he definitely won championships and produced great results on the field.
Mullen is like catnip to the dawgs, they can't resist commenting about him
Not really, FSU won like 12 out the first 13 or 14 ACC championships when they joined the league. FSU didn't want any part of the SEC. This is one of the reasons UF stopped playing Miami every year. An SEC slate + FSU was enough, adding in Miami felt like a ridiculous addition. (I wish there was an edit button...)
Not really, FSU won like 12 out the first 13 or 14 ACC championships when they joined the league. This is one of the reasons UF stopped playing Miami every year. An SEC slate + FSU was enough, adding in Miami felt like a ridiculous addition
Surprised LeCounte fell this far. He seemed like a solid player and better than some safeties drafted higher
Leghumper, did you realize it's been a whole 3 months since Bama's last football natty? Their dynasty is slipping. This statue will give them the motivation they need
Ah the curse of the highest ranked class can finally be passed on to Bama... After Meyer took that in 2010 we had our worst decade in a long time. It took a former Meyer assistant to finally undo that bad juju and start to get us back on track. Yep, this greatest recruiting class ever curse will end Bama's dynasty...They'll definitely proceed to completely fall apart... Well a man can dream I suppose, a man can dream
Terrible choice, the fries create too much grease in that bag. The money would fall right through. Hmm, can't use Burger King as 1. No one would want it, thinking it to be actual BK or 2. No one believe anyone would have BK. I'd feel bad using Chick-fil-A, though it'd be their pleasure to deliver it for you. Wendy's maybe? Could throw in some spicy nuggets too. What we need is a mailbag answer to this. "If you were going to use a fast food bag to give money to recruits, which would you choose?"
Gotta agree doubledawg. Tennessee has waaaaay too much money not to compete if they get the right people in the admin and coaches. The whole time reading that was, wow this feels like an article that's supposed to rile up and get comments. Congrats, you got your comments Matt
Gosh Adam, no one cares! Can't you see the dumpster fire glow up on Rocky Top?! That's all that matters right now. You can smell it from here.
This is hilarious, this is one of the biggest dumpster fires to ever dumpster fire. And it makes sense that big ole fat Phil would preside over it
Happy for Smith, definitely deserved it, he was incredible all year. Glad to see it didn't just go to a QB by default.
Gotcha ya I agree sadly it's become that. Davis hasn't been that which is why it sucks he's banged up too
I assume you're speaking in generalities cause Davis opted out due to being banged up. He already missed the past few games due to it