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Ummmmmm question... How are you going to include Cousin Eddie on this list and not put him as Mullen? They could be twins. Mullen even owns it. I saw pic from when he was at Miss St when he wore an ugly sweater at a Christmas party that had a line from Cousin Eddie on it.
Bruh! How you gonna steal my name like that?!
I have zero problem with owning a coach talking a little trash, Spurrier is beloved for a reason here. I just legit don't think he meant it as a slight against UGa. I could absolutely be wrong but I remember when that comment was made friends and I immediately thought he was making fun of Coach Mac. Why would he say two nuts? Just cause UF won the East twice? That's not the normal saying so it would be weird to say it that way.
I feel like this is the biggest X factor for Saturday. If UGa's WR's can get separation/Coley can scheme them open then Fromm will be his normal outstanding game manager self (not meant in a bad way, a game manager can be a good thing when you have an excellent running attack and defense), then UGa will win by ~7-13. If they can't, I think UF wins by ~10. Should be a really interesting game, looking forward to another year of tailgating, there is truly nothing like the WLOCP in all of football.
I've also always read that as a shot at Coach Butters (Macelwain)
The Super Tank Bowl of Week 16 between the Bengals and Dolphins will be amazing. The question is, will either team dare score a point? What if they tie?! Hahaha that would pretty hilarious. I don't even know how the draft breaks tiebreakers other than head to head. Coin flip?
Looked it up, it's right near World of Beer, I legit forgot this was here (even though I lived in the apartment complex right down the road for a year)
Lol you are correct, somehow forgot about 08 (you know, the team that was one of the more dominant in SEC history...)
Also, we won 3 titles in 2 years not 4 in 3. Though we did also make it to the Baseball championship game against Texas that same time frame. Would've been really cool to have won all 3 in the same calendar year but Texas broke our hearts!
Georgia has a good baseball team to be fair
Lived in Gainesville for 7 years for undergrad and grad school, can honestly say I can't even picture where the Hooters is in Gainesville. I know there is one just definitely never went lol. I know it's a joke list but in all seriousness, Gainesville actually has a lot of really good food options. Wasn't always the case but it's gotten better this decade.
Dude c'mon, there's no way you think Trask is going to actually be terrible. He has shown against good D's (probably not UGa level but definitely good D's) that he's going to put up good numbers. That's cause Mullen puts him in position to succeed and makes a lot of decisions easy on him. Plus, Trask apparently has been a film junkie which is likely why he's been so prepared for this starting opportunity.
Exactly what I was thinking GatorRob. I think it's too early to definitively say that's what's happening but if the offense looks the same next year...
Ya I agree Joe & Nash. That's what you can do when you get pressure with 4 which is why Greenard and Zu are so important
So did Randy Shannon, which is why we hired him as DC and you see how well that worked out when he was our DC. Basically, you should avoid hiring anyone who has been with Miami at any point since 2002. My friends and I used to call Randy Shannon's Gator defense, Candy Randy & The Marshmallow Men.
My sister doesn't like chocolate either and even she recognizes Reese's as the greatest candy
I've wonder if he's ever said "I don't like sand" as a pick-up line?
What a hot take! O my, Meyer, a guy who has won 3 NC's would win a title at a place that's similar in talent to UF but gets to play in the ACC? Who would possibly ever guess that would happen... Of course he would win at least one. He ain't going to FSU though, for a lot, A LOT of reasons. One of the least talked though is that his legacy matters a lot to him. Right now he's eligible to be honored in UF's Ring of Honor based on accomplishment (Which isn't easy, only about 7 ppl have been honored ever. Percy Harvin doesn't even qualify.) But there is one thing that has held him back from being honored. You have to be in good standing with the university. He's been clearly trying to get back on UF's good side (see: him doing a Gator chomp while walking in the tunnel wearing OSU gear in his last game coaching or all of the positive comments he's made on TV about us over the past year or so). That would all be for not if he goes to coach UF's archrival. Plus, he and Mullen are too close for him to want to do that to Mullen. He has basically his pick of a college to coach at, if he wants to come back so there's no reason to go to FSU.
When did that change? The West games matter in the SEC race, I'm not sure they should but they do
It's absolutely a must win for both teams, I'm just saying it's weird to point out that specifically UF's chances are slim to none when UF has already gone 1-1 against the West and only has 1 hard SEC game left after this one.
"...bear in mind that the Gators’ chances of getting to the SEC Championship Game will be slim to none with 2 conference losses." I would say the Gators have a better shot (though definitely not a good shot) at making it with 2 losses than Georgia. Georgia, even if it wins against Florida, still has tougher games to play Mizzou (who knows what you get there), Auburn, & A&M. Florida already played both West opponents and only has Mizzou left in terms of tougher SEC opponents.
Quick question Cola, how did the defense do its job and yet they gave up "4 TDS to a scrub who hasn’t started since being a 9th grader, absolutely embarrassing" Those statements don't make sense together...
Gatormike, Saban is the best coach. Who is better? Dabo is only one currently coaching that's on the same level as Saban
I think he's more trying to lull UF into not taking this game seriously. Unfortunately for him, it doesn't matter if the fans don't take them seriously.