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Any TD in Gase's offense has to be dramatic cause you certainly aren't scoring normal TDs with that man in charge
Gotta poke a little fun. In reality, I'm just happy to have an opponent for this coming week, it's been rough to watch all you other SEC team fans have fun watching your teams do things like play football. I do not recommend any team get the ronas, it is quite the bummer for the fans. Making light of a pandemic with that statement? Yes, but it just means more down here and we all know it. (Obviously hope all the players and coaches recover from COVID well)
The chasm between what can happen and what will happen is very large in this instance
I wish I could post gifs here Booches. If I could, I would post Kanye blanking staring
Sorry, you're correct, I meant was supposed to take over after Mizzou* not against
Ah, I gotchu now, that makes sense. I guess I saw it more of a 3rd & 4th quarter issue for them not just the 4th lol (ya know, getting beat 21-0 in the 2nd half). But hey, I'm all for making fun of jawja any chance we get lol
Hahahahahahahaha o Corch, you truly are a Grade A dumb@** "I think you mean ten years, a decade the Dawgs owned the Gators." Dude 2010-2020 was one of the worst Gator football decades in a long time and UGA was still only 6-4 against UF this decade.
bjjonessc, are they though? I enjoy a good troll now and again. Most of the trolls I see on here are just lazy...not unlike Tennessee football, heyoh!
TJW, when Mullen first came, most said that Franks and Trask were even and then Trask got a foot injury during practice. Plus, Franks is more of a runner, which Mullen would in a vacuum prefer. Then, Trask was supposed to take over in 2018 against Mizzou when Franks was horrendous. Trask got another foot injury, Franks was put back as starter and played very well to end the 2018 season. Moving into 2019, you don't typically change QBs especially considering how Franks ended the year. Then, Franks' Kentucky injury forced Trask into the spotlight which he obviously took advantage of. Also, there are some players that are just "gamers" they do a lot better in the game when the light shines brightest than they do in practice. Not sure if that's Trask but it does seem like he does well under pressure (see: Kentucky 2019, as well as other games)
I give it no chance that Lawrence pulls a Manning like Andrew says at the end of the article. He doesn't seem like that kind of person from all the stories I've seen on him. He may return to Clemson but it won't be because of being afraid to play for the Jets (even if they are a train wreck wrapped all around a dumpster fire)
Are we sure we ever had 11 on the field at the same time? Felt more like 8
Honestly, how is it even possible they lost. I mean I know, I watched but I just don't believe it. No one could have convinced me a team could rush for that much and that well, and lose
*Australian voice* On today's safari we check in on the adult bulldog. Notice how he recognizes the greatness of the large Gator TE. But since his natural enemy is the Gator, he must at the same time ensure other members of his pack don't disown him. So he chooses to lash out at the easy prey, the former leader Gator who is now outside anyone's pack after he hung out with treenuts for awhile. We'll check back in next week as the bulldog attempts to confront a mighty group of elephants.
***checks Alabama's opponent next week...ya this comment makes sense
Newman... now that's a name I haven't heard in a looooong time lol
Uh, Gators have a run game this year, averaging 5.2 yds/carry. When you have the WRs though, you throw a little more. It's not their fault they average 9.6 yds/pass attempt.
Honestly, I thought the same about y'alls stands. I was at The Swamp today and the seating arrangement looked basically the same as what I saw for the UGA game
I mean, of course that would happen with UGA & UF
Getting tired* At least LSU is already the 3:30 one on the 17th
Yeahhhh if we could get a different time, that would be greaaaat Tired of breakfast tailgates
Got me laughing out loud on that one! You could add in tiebreaker for how many paragraphs
Definitely thought it looked more like a potato sack than a money bag lolz
The whole interaction with the A&M guy is hilarious to me
Couldn't get him a nicer...or bigger bottle? lol
But I forgot, making things up is what Central Florida does best
That's not even actually what ESPN said. If you want a good breakdown of it go watch "Best Team in State of Florida? (Late Kick Cut)" by 247Sports on Youtube. Josh does a great job breaking that all down.
First, c'mon man don't be that guy. A historic performance deserves a nod or if you can't do that just don't comment. Second, that type of stuff happens almost every play as does Pitts and others being held and grabbed well outside the allotted jamming area. It's part of football, there is likely a penalty that could be called every play (In every game across the country I constantly see hands to the face and holding against D lineman all the time that doesn't get called) but they don't call every penalty.
It is impressive that he's finally got things going but heisman...ummm
Sorry we took all the offense today, none left over for Jawja lolol