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He broke 4 bones in her face...but you're right, just a dumb adolescent mistake.
Quit whining and complaining about cross-division games. You make the rest of us Tennessee fans look bad. It's the way it is, suck it up and lets do our part and win out and see where it takes us.
Hey conductor, we've played like garbage the past three weeks. Now is not the time to try and talk trash to other is the time to hope and pray we can come out of this 4 game stretch alive with at least 1 win. With or without cam sutton, this team is going to struggle mightily during the next 4 weeks
Tennessee would take him in a heart beat over this staff of jokers...all the talent in the world and we continue to play like a bottom feeder
Chill Memphis Vol...I'm pretty sure Eason is going to give us fits for the next few years, def not a bust
Good looking unis, always good to change it up every so often
Agree. I don't think we played as well as the score suggests. Tennessee was fortunate that VT had so many self inflicted wounds. Luckily we were able to turn those into points but we're going to need to step up the offense against the upcoming big four.
Hats off to 96 gator...I love getting on here and seeing fans from opposing teams actually comment on or offer critique of football or congratulate a team rather than the ignorant trash talk that usually fills these boards. Looking forward to September 24, should be a great game.
Chill, bro. He wasn't trolling your team, just commenting. And why the Tennessee hate? It seems like these boards are filled with people talking smack about other sec teams instead of actually talking about football. Let's enjoy the season.
We haven't won in 11 years...stop trying to talk trash until we actually show up to this game and are able to back it up
Team was so resilient, showed so much resolve. Butch has spent 3+ years educating us fans about the game of football and building a program brick by brick...who wouldn't be afraid of this team owning it and being one step closer to erasing those 25 points from last year.
After watching that game back again, I have to say I'm truly embarrassed to be a Tennessee fan right now. We've waited 3 years for this team to develop under butch. We bought into this teams hype. Even though one game doesn't define a team or season, this one was embarrassing. A lot of fans will scream that app state is a good team and ranked higher than half of the sec blah blah blah give me a break. If we are half as good as we think we should be, our second string should have played out the 4th qtr. Butch Jones - you really let the fans down. Stop preaching "resiliency" and telling us that you need to "educate" the fans and press...this team is better than this and you're letting them and the fans down.
He's done a great job with culture and recruiting. His game management is questionable. We are all excited about steady improvement and how we finished last year, but we should of beat Oklahoma after going up 17 and we should of beat Florida after going up 14 late. Love everything he's done off the field and in recruiting, but still not sold on if he is the guy that can take us to the next level...this season will show us what kind of in game coach he is.
I'm a Tennessee alum that grew up and currently living in Chicago....I can tell you from my experience that chicago is full of people just like this...if you don't know each other you dare not speak to each other and def don't expect any favors....I wish I was back in Knoxville every day haha