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bruh shut your ho a ss up take that crying sh it elsewhere
Spare me... I don't care if they had every player returning. This is a 4 loss team last year that could have easily had 6 even 7. (Close games at AUB and ARK.) And everyone is giving them the keys. Why? Because they beat Bama? Sorry, but am I the only one that remembers that Bama beat themselves that game? LSU will be doing good to win 9 this year. Book it.
He knows where the clicks are. I literally just come for the comments. Probably the most hated sports writer online. Sports writer is an extremely loose term.
i don't always agree with gwhite, but he's 1000% correct on uga benefitting from sub par cfb play and a lot of luck. uga fans should be thanking their lucky stars.
They also barely beat aub and ark and were handled by a terrible tamu team last year.
I love people talking about LSU like it's a foregone conclusion they win the West again. LSU splits hairs with Bama to win it last year on one play in OT in Baton Rouge. Come on.
Pretty easy to argue that if UGA loses in the SECCG and there are 4 unbeatens they don't get in.
i actually think we end up splitting reps and finding a way to utilize him with rpo. simpson will be qb1 but defenses would have a hard time prepping for both.
“This is the University of Georgia, folks, and nothing comes easy anymore.” Has the easiest schedule in college football.
Little brother, it's pretty easy to see that UGA has taken advantage of a weaker than usual SEC/College football as a whole. Do I really need to explain it?
I’m sensing lil brother syndrome here. Y’all got two weak nattys. An absolute cakewalk of a season every year. Please tell me how much better you are. Sincerely- big bro
uga fans have short term memory and i don't blame you. you know who daddy is!
lmaoooo so what is uga for poaching all bama's coaches and copying everything else bama does
At this point, I know it's a M Hayes article without finishing the title. Pass.
I think they show up angry with a balanced scheme to limit bryce's reps which bodes well for the Tide. 38-10 Bama.
The fact that you don't understand that this is college football now and that any school is somehow immune from it disqualifies you from further conversation
Way to bend the facts in your favor gwhite. I'll surely be revisiting this saturday night. Your redzone stat is meaningless considering nearly half of bama's touchdowns have been from outside the redzone this season, of those they average 43 ypp. To consider TN's pass defense as "elite" is pure insanity, considering the absolute air raid Young put on last year. And to consider our secondary "cheesy"... you've left out a key statistic. Opposing offenses passing efficiency. I wont spoil it for you other than to say TN doesn't even make the list. Only one qb has a completion percentage that broke 60 this year VS the tide. It's a secondary that is "gooder" than good and surely better than the Vols and I wouldn't be surprised if this is where you eat the most crow come Saturday.
Forrest Gump is a national hero! AL-A-BAMA! Roll Tide!
Incredibly balanced offensive attack. Love to see it. I hope we keep it up.
UGA looked good, but Oregon is nowhere near a top 10 team. Kirby is taking a page out of Saban's playbook, scheduling nationally recognized up and coming programs to boost the team's appeal, strength of schedule and out of conference exposure. No one thought this was going to be close.
Stetson tried to give the game away several times in the natty. At best he's a game manager. And unless he settles into that role, he'll still be a liability for UGA.
Mac Jones-399th Jalen Hurts-192nd Jake Coker-511th AJ McCarron-87th Greg McElroy-348th All won a national championship. Any questions, loser?