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You just have to ignore the little gay boy. No SEC fans like him and the gator fans won’t claim him. He has no friends in the real world and if he died tomorrow there would likely be no one to claim the body. It’s sad really.
There is a CBS Sports article already up about the chomp, Admiral said the OLDER fans behind the bench were calling them inhumane names all game. Be bitter if you want but everyone knows that Florida has the worst fans in the SEC, I guess they can be proud of being #1 in something.
They tried to give the whole offense to Gran for $1.1 mill and he said no after they offered Chaney $1.5 mill to stay. You better hope he just sticks around after that back hand.
Turned down $1.5 mill from Kirby, and looks like Eddie Gran at ol mighty KY just turned down $1.1 mill. This should be fun to watch.
Eddie Gran said no. It must suck to get turned down by a guy y’all beat I guess.
You can live in denial all you want if it helps you sleep at night. But the facts are what they are. Kinda like asking the girl out you wished you dated and she said no and then you denied it. That’s Dog fans right now. It’s actually kinda sad given your recent success.
Haha that’s why Kirby offered him $1.5 mill to stay! Must be a hard life getting beat down by 2 UT’s in a month span. I love hearing the dog fans cry!!
I love how Butthurt the dog fans are! It really is funny, and now they are about to replace Chaney with Eddie Gran.
Not that it matters because y’all wanted Chaney gone, but Georgia offered him $1.5 mill to stay. Whether y’all want to believe it or not.
I was told by a Georgia source that they ran out of $$ and therefore couldn’t match Tn offer. Sucks for them I guess.
Man this one really has the dogs fired up! Haven’t seen them this mad in a while. I have a friend that works in the Georgia AD and he said they are really upset Chaney didn’t take their counter offer. Chaney said it wasn’t about them matching the $$ but that he loves East Tn. He said Chaney was the best OC Georgia has ever had and was always the plan to replace Smart if he couldn’t get it done.
So they arrested you, booked you, and then did it all over again in the same night? Cool story bro.
I get that you hate Tn. but this is just stupid, lol. Its like something a middle school kid would come up with.
He is the little kid throwing a fit in the corner cause his mom wont pay any attention to him, and the Gator fans don't want him on their fan site! Its funny how they treat him over there, but hey, he OWNS THEM! LMMFAO!!!!!
I love it when the Jealous rivals come Knocking! I guess Gatorbaby finally got him a side kick. It’s kinda cute he finally has a follower to look up to him.
I think your head hurts. Lol. You better hope Florida wins, cause if they lose it’s gonna be Hilarious!
There is a difference between Confidence and Stupidity, I don’t think it’s hard to tell which one he is.
Our O-Line sucks, and we have no chance of beating Georgia, but if you ever ask me which team I want to beat the most in the East, its FLORIDA!
What are you even trying to say in this sentence?