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Lawsuit was filed December 5th. Before the SEC championship game. Georgia was still in play for the national championship. So he had his father file a law suit in December just in case he decided to transfer?!? That makes a lot of sense. Why wouldnt he file the law suit later? Also, why did they name 6 other parties in the lawsuit, including the chair manufacturer? It just doesnt add up.
I will preface this by saying that I am a Tennessee fan that lives in Georgia. I honestly dont think the lawsuit had anything to do with it. They were talking about it on 680 the fan yesterday. They filed the lawsuit back in early December right before the statute of limitations was up. And there are 7 parties named in the lawsuit, not just the university. I dont think Cade would have left if Pittman and Fromm would have stayed.
I was at the game in section 339. No problems at all exiting. Not sure what other people were dealing with but I was from my seat to the exit in about 10 mins. It was a lot of people, but it was flowing just fine.
The TAMU 12th man did the exact same thing to Evan Berry two weeks ago. I don't feel bad for TAMU. Taste of their own medicine.
You think we have never been to South Carolina? Every SEC team has some fans like this. Unfortunately.
I don't know why SDS puts up articles like this and then give the worst clip they could find. I just went back and watched the replay of this on YouTube. From the clip above, it seems like maybe he was spinning out of a block and just caught Evan Berry iccendentally in the facemask. After watching the replay from the perspective of the end zone that they showed on the broadcast, this hit is egregious and unacceptable. He lowers his head and hits Berry in the facemask with the crown of his helmet. Someone could have been seriously hurt.
That was a joke. Clean play and a dumb flag. I am pretty sure you don't know anything about football.
Bruins? What game were you watching? What an idiot! You don't even know what team you guys were playing yesterday? The punter flopped like this was a FIFA game and you mad bc the refs didn't fall for it?
You are joking right? Watch the video above on Evan Berry. The guy launched the crown of his helmet into his facemask. Gave him a concussion and knocked him out of the game. You are an idiot, if you think that was a good no call.
It is targeting. You can't lead with the crown of your helmet. Learn the rules.
You don't have to be a defenseless player. The guy hit him in the helmet with his crown. 100% targeting. That douch should have been ejected.