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I live in the West and am used to watching Western College rivalries which aren't nearly as ugly as the Florida rivalries which are much more entertaining (my fella is a Florida transplant). This article is hilarious and well stated, however there is one thing I noted about the game not noted in the article. Since I have no real allegiance to either team I am not biased. I have only seen such horrible officiating once before in my life. It was so obvious in this game that the Refs were trying to throw the game in favor of Miami. Even the Commentators started to make remarks about the bad calls. The Refs should be called out when it is so obvious that they seem to be favoring one team over another. Can anyone say payola. The other time I saw similar obvious bad "Refing" was the 1998 Jazz VS Bulls Championship game where the Refs gave the Bulls three points when the player even admitted that the buzzer went off before the ball left his fingertips but took away a three pointer from Stockton even though the ball was well in the air before the buzzer went off, among other bad calls. One of the refs was later sent to jail and fined for gambling on games with a ring of other Refs to throw games in favor of bets made. I hope the refs involved in the bad and missed calls in this game are watched closely for any such pattern so that there aren't any future findings of criminal activity that sully the game. No one can say that it doesn't happen.