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I tried once to watch that show and had to give it up, ESPN has turned from sports to "reality" tv anyway. I want people who can discuss the sport in a way that anyone can understand and do it with passion but with respect for the viewer. And that seems to be the thing ESPN has lost.
This has come up before with a player at UF, and the players father had the realization that it would have been better for his son to go where he could get on the field and play early at a small school than to ride the bench for 4 years at a marquee school.
I see these firearms with these fancy colors and such and only have one thing to say, if a cop shoots a kid with a toy gun, DO NOT SAY A WORD.
That never works out well for the player really, look at Mitch Mustain at Arkansas, prima donna who wanted to call the game to make him the star, left a potential 2 - 3 year starting potential to go ride the pine at USC. If a kid will quit over an argument I dont know any other coach who wouldnt view him as anything but a potential cancer.
Ohh some of his best zingers were reserved for FSU - Free Shoes U. and Ga esp when he was at USCe. and of course his Tenn. zingers were legendary.
I think the SEC should bring Spurrier back as a "guest interview". He wanders in, throws a few zingers and heads to the golf course for the rest of the day.
Didnt Old Miss LOSE to Arkansas both of those years too? Hard to claim dominance potential when that happens.
he might be like me, a dual school fan. I fly the hog because thats where my family roots are but i am also a Gator too, have to pick one.
arent we jumping the shark a little bit, talking about Heisman trophies BEFORE spring practice even begins?
Not sure tackling a drunk mayfield is an endorsement, now if he could run him down sober, give the man a scholarship.
Art Briles will be available, and who knows maybe you could get Lane Kiffin
Not only that but the rating is based off HS competition and so many guys peak in HS and do not have the mental or physical ability to go further, thats why I think that paying too much attention to ratings hype on the recruiting trail is so much BS.
I think too many times these kids who leave early are getting pressure from family and friends to leave early thinking that the kid was going to get drafted and get a big check and carry everyone else along with him, and then there are those shady agents or agents runners who blow smoke up their butts about how big they will make it so they make that jump when a true evaluation would say stay another year and get your degree.
Smoking, dropping, injecting, whatever this was - I call it self indulgent BS.
Point for your argument - Fred Belitnikoff, one of the slowest wide outs ever but ran precise routes, always got open and hardly ever dropped a ball.
He was ready to roll and they burn LOL He didnt say WHAT he was rolling did he?
being first to comment - 5 cents making an inane comment - Neg 5 cents reading the entire article and comprehending it - priceless
except he clearly stated that the players listed were ranked based on their statistics. And since this is about the Super Bowl it only needs to go back 51 years.
News flash based on statistics they were.
And yet another one who missed the line where the writer said the rankings were based off the players college stats, so this is not an opinion ranking.