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When the devil knows you're dead. That one is pretty funny.
A little easier. Although I've already been told that Clemson was the better team; they just gave up two big plays. (right...) And I've been reminded that we were at home while they played for the national title. Did I mention I didn't say a word to anyone about the game to initiate that conversation? Clemson fans.
This is surprising. SDS hasn't posted a single positive thing about the Muschamp hire but in this article, it's a win. I like the consistency. All of these coaches and all new hires are to be determined.
Agreed. Completely stupid and not funny in the least.
Sean, I think you should read that first sentence and try again.
The first coming of Warren Sapp meets Jesus already happened?
This makes me happy. I was sorry to see him go. We'll be alright on one side of the ball. Maybe someone can teach the offense how to football and we'll be okay.
If this is true, Muschamp really is working hard to get this job. There is no one (except maybe Shaw) we Gamecocks love more than Lattimore! I still don't want Muschamp but at least he wants it. No one else seems to.
Who, that follows SC football, doesn't know the players quit on him last season? I think that was pretty obvious. I don't know about premature resignation. Steve should have resigned when he decided to quit coaching. Two years ago. I love the man for what he did here, don't get me wrong but he didn't leave us in a good spot.
Yeah, we really need a coach. And a quarterback. And some offensive linemen. And a secondary. At this point, I just hope we get a coach.
I think you're right but I can't really understand why no one wants to come here. I mean, we have money. We have really nice facilities. Our fan base hardly has unrealistic expectations. Why not give it a shot?
I hope you're wrong about your gun to the head prediction. A guy who couldn't win at Florida surely can't win at South Carolina. We might as well keep Elliott or hire Erik Kimrey from Hammond School. What the hell?
Urban probably told him how hard it is in the SEC.
If we are even talking to Muschamp, a proven failure as HC, Tanner has lost his dang mind.
I agree. Yesterday's sources said Herman to SC was a done deal. Today Herman is out and Smart is in. We'll all find out in a few weeks.
Clemson would have to come and absolutely lay an egg for us to even stand a chance. Here's hoping!
Eh, our fans are rude; their fans are rude(st people alive). Are there a lot of rivalries where the fan bases are sugary sweet when its game time? If we are throwing things at players on the field though, stop that. My scholarship donation doesn't get me quite close enough to see if that's actually true.
I think any player who doesn't want to play should either leave or be shown the door. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe he was really unable to play but twice this year players have made the decision not to play? That makes no sense. I agree about Mitch. He looked like a scared puppy.
Poor Gamecocks, we are last in everything. :( I do like the tail feather helmet.
I'd say the chances of Nunez leaving the program are a lot higher than 15%.
If he was in the hospital because he OD'ed, shouldn't he be suspended for drugs? That's pretty much a failed drug test. Or was that just a rumor that turned out to be untrue?
I disagree about it being more bad press. He's right. If they don't want to play for the Gamecocks, they should leave. If that leaves us with an empty locker room, then we start over. There are kids who want to play, even when we're terrible.
I'm not sure what you think our baseline is. The 0-11, 1-10 years? It will not take a long slow return to get there. We're pretty dang close.
I would say Spurrier got us out of the cellar, but he helped put us back there so what do I know?
Any given Saturday, right? I'm not optimistic but oh it would be so nice. Go Gamecocks!