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It's actually the Summer's Eve Douche Bowl. Jimmy just thinks its named after him.
After watching the recent YouTube video from J. T. O'Sullivan analyzing Auburn's passing issues, I am convinced coaching was a bigger issue than talent. Blocking schemes were awful, and passing routes were awful, which put Nix repeatedly into bad situations. For this reason, I believe the passing game will improve in 2021.
I think the LBs will be SLB=Garrett, MLB=McKinzy, and WLB=Frost. I see Williams behind McKinzy to develop him to be next year's MLB. Holland is a better fit for WLB in Muschamp's scheme, where the SLB is more a pass covering LB than a run stopping LB. For the same reason, I have Mitchell behind Garrett at SLB. Ultimately, I think Holland's size and pass rushing ability puts him at Buck in 2016, especially if Lawson goes to the NFL.