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I can understand why Lunardi thinks Gonzaga should be a 1 seed over Tennessee, playing in the power house West coast conference, who only has 2 tournament teams because they lost the auto bid in their conference's championship game to a team that had no other chance of making the dance. Maybe it's because he thinks Gonzaga's 3 Q1 wins are more than Tennessee's 9. Or maybe he's giving them a lot of credit for that quality H2H loss to Tennessee earlier this season...
It was the right call. Defenders heels were still on the restricted area arc. It was darn close, but it wasn't a charge. As I said above, live, it wouldn't have surprised me if it went the other way.
His heels were still on the restricted area arc. It was a really close call, that honestly wouldn't have surprised me to go either way, but it was the right call.
Kentucky beat Tennessee by 17 in Lexington. Tennessee beat Kentucky by 19 in Knoxville....5 overtime, 1 point victory on a neutral court?
Regardless of Wade's statement, I have a hard time believing he coaches another game at LSU.
Yante Maten more than deserved to win it last year. As unfair as it is with individual awards, we all know the team you play on can make a big difference. If he played for Auburn or UT, he probably wins it. This season GW has consistently been the best player in the league, playing on one of the best teams in the country. PJ has been hot for a month. If PJ had been playing as well in Nov/Dec as he did in Feb, he's the winner, and probably right behind Zion in discussion for the Wooden Award.
I tend to not think of things as controversial when it was the correct call. If it would have been called a block, that would have been controversial, because it would have been wrong. It was as close to a text book charge as you could possibly get. The home crowd and coach were understandably disappointed (even though both handled it poorly, which probably adds to the "controversy"), but disappointing does not automatically mean controversial. And for POY, I realize the last head to head isn't the only thing that matters. That's why I led with the fact that Grant leads PJ in most statistical categories that matter. If GW remains consistent through the last week of the season, he should win his second POY.
People need to cool it with the PJ Washington for poy talk. Grant leads in almost every statistical category, and had a much better game in the last head to head match up of the regular season. Also, why are we continuing to call the win at ole Miss controversial? Is it because of the charge that was 100% obviously a charge, or the non travel at the end because the call wasn't made until after time ran out so it wouldn't have counted anyway?
I don't know why SDS insists on calling the charge controversial. It was a text book charge, no question. SEC officials have been spotty at best this year, but that was 100% the correct call.
Oh get over it. Barry is projecting his anger at the NCAA crappy ruling onto UT. Pruitt and his staff are doing nothing wrong. College football programs thrive on recruiting. UT are recruiting players they are allowed to recruit. It's not anyone else's fault that Mizzou hired someone to their support staff that broke rules. If Barry is truly upset at Pruitt and UT, he picked the wrong profession.
You're an idiot if you don't think that the football staff down in Athens didn't immediately review Mizzou's roster to see if there were any viable seniors that could help immediately.
Memorial Gym is cursed, and anytime you can leave that sorry excuse for a gym with a win is a good night.
If you are a Florida fan over the age of 16 or 17, and you're going to talk crap the whole game to the opposing players, you should expect to have that ridiculous chomp thrown back at you when you lose at home. It wasn't the the first time it's happened and it won't be the last.
So does vegas typically see a lot of action on Nebraska from their fans, or did Mr. Sherman just forget to type the 0 at the end of that 25?
I've been known to watch A Christmas Story 2 or 3 time on Christmas Eve during the 24 marathon on TBS.
There are 2 types of people: those who think Die Hard is a christmas movie, and those who are wrong.
What's it like being an anti-Semitic, racist piece of human excrement?
Let's not sugar coat it, there is no Jekyll and Hyde here. They are both bad football teams right now, and the only thing either can really hang their hat on is that at least they aren't Arkansas. UF gets dominated physically by Kentucky. WVU stomps UT. UF beats an FCS school 47. UT beats an FCS school by 56. UF beats one of the worst teams in the country by 38 thanks mostly to defense and special teams (UF's offense, and Franks, are nothing short of awful right now). UT beats one of the worst teams in the country in a shutout by 24, while out gaining them by almost 400 yards. All in all, those seem pretty darn similar to me...With all of that said, and if the last decade is any indication, UT will find a way to make Franks look like a competent player and lose in heartbreak after 3.5 quarters of thinking they might pull out the win.
West Virginia will score points, unless Grier goes down (If he does, they may as well hang it up for next year). Sills is a legit NFL prospect and deserves the pre-season hype. Those 2 guys would start at 99% of the schools in the NCAA...the rest of the roster, not so much. Their OLine should be good, but they aren't great. The RBs are average/serviceable at best. WR unit could legitimately be one of the top 5 in the country. The defense is where your "best starting 22" statement completely falls apart. The DLine was horrible last year. One of the worst units in the Power 5. Their linebackers are undersized and average at best. DBs were just as awful as the Dline. Their total team defensive ranking in 2017 was 106....As awful as Tennessee was they were still 25 spots higher than WVU in total team ranking. On paper, across the board, Tennessee has a more talented roster. Now whether Coach Pruitt can correct Lyle's deficiencies in a single spring/fall camp, is yet to be seen. I wouldn't be surprised if WVU wins, but I also wouldn't be surprised if Pruitt and Helton find a way to control the clock and keep Grier and Sills on the sideline as much as possible to grind out a win.
Yeah, definitely a fumble. I think our Arkansas friend is misinterpreting the "ground can't cause a fumble" part of the rule.
Some writer from CBS...or Fox Sports....I don't remember exactly, picked them 3rd behind UGA and USC. It was one of the dozen or so "standings" articles that have been posted in last couple of weeks.
He started the spring with the DBs. They moved him back to receiver.
Moving Byrd to DB is music to my ears. His athletic abilities were being completely wasted in the slot (and by Jones surprise, surprise). He should have been in the secondary from day 1.
Honestly the staff didn't do bad, considering everything that happened, and the amount of time they had to salvage the class. When Pruitt took over, the class was sitting at something like 50th on 247. Getting them to 20th, with the circus that is UT athletics was a borderline miracle. They certainly whiffed on a handful of prospects, but I suspect that will be different next year.
Whenever I think of him, the first thing that comes to mind is the Halloween game against SC, when they came back out in black after warm ups. Montario had a monster night.
Very surprising. I hope he does well, but I can't imagine he's going to get drafted very high. Bust may be too strong of a word, but I don't think he ever reached his potential.
I'm confused, is there some history here that I'm not aware of, or is this guy just trying to make himself feel better about their horrible hire?
I agree 100%. Solid coach. Great defensive mind. Good recruiter. It won't be the splashy hire, and it's not a huge name for a lot of the fan base, but UT could do much, much worse. Especially considering the last week and a half of continuous embarrassments...