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I think it's painfully obvious now how much Dobbs made up for deficiencies in other position groups/coaching. I don't think that JG will be the same type of physical runner Dobbs was, but hopefully he brings enough speed and elusiveness to effectively run the read option, and scramble out of situations.
As a Tennessee fan, I basically have zero faith in the administration, BoT, BoD, or the big money donors to make the right call. I have watched UT go from being competitive in multiple sports, to being average at best in everything outside of softball. If seeing is believing, I haven't seen a lot over the last 10 years to make me believe anything is really going to change.
I don't know how well they will play, but they'll look good doing it. I really like the smokey grey uniforms.
What Needs work? Literally everything and everyone not named John Kelly.
John Kelly was clearly the best player on the field, for either team. I would really love to hear a non-coach speak answer as to why in the world you don't go under center, and turn around and hand it to him, 4 times if needed, when you have 1st and goal, inches from the goal line.
I know it's nitpicking, but Butch Jones has never lost to Kentucky while at Tennessee. I'm sure you meant South Carolina.
I guess the drug incident was "handled internally".... You can try to spin it however you like, but there's certainly a lot of smoke surrounding him for there not to be some fire, even if the fire is just him not being the brightest crayon in the box.
How many learning opportunities is Callaway going to get?
Yeah, I'm curious on that too. He was a 99+ on 247.
It is entirely possible for them to improve. There is no shortage of talent on the defensive side of the ball. Yes losing DB hurts, but there is depth at the DE position. If the injury bug improves and they don't lose 4 of their top 5 DTs, their top LB, and their top DB again, the defense will be much improved.
All Vol; He'll be in Knoxville in time for the spring.
This is also a better than normal year for in state recruits. The pieces are there for this class to finish as another top-10 by the time signing day comes around.
I know, good for them. UF finally grew a sack and decided to play a non-conference road game, well neutral site game, for the first time in what 26 or 27 years?
I think that was a lot of peoples reaction, but he was with UT for quite some time before K-state, and has done a good job there (K-State). As far as being under Hamilton, a lot of people forget that Blackburn was as well. I completely understand where some reservations are coming from, but just because he was under him, doesn't mean he'll be Hamilton 2.0.
if Warrior progresses just a little, I'd love to see Kelly pack on some muscle and move to LB. Warrior can be an elite safety, and Kelly could be a darn good LB with a little more size.
No...just no. Sure there are the fans that are totally blind to realistic expectations, but most fans I've seen on forums outside of SDS are extremely cautious and hesitant about expectations for this year. When you've been down for so long, that's all you can be. Really what it is, is the last 2 years, the media has shown UT some love, and some fans from other bases, primarily UF and UGA, have taken that and run with it. They have blown it so far past reality for so long that they actually believe it has been happening for longer than it really has.
The talent level alone at UT and UGA should be good enough for 8-10 wins in the regular season. If Del Rio can perform close to how he showed in UF's spring game against other schools first units, they'll be just fine as well. Mizzou and Vandy will have very stout defenses again this fall, but the overall talent level between the 3 east powers and the rest of the east isn't really comparable right now.
This team has the talent to play with anyone in the country. They showed that last year. There are 9-10 future NFL players in the starting 22. However, the problem with that is there are 4 or 5 other teams that can routinely say the same thing in this conference. As a fan with orange tinted glasses, going undefeated would be amazing. After taking the glasses off, and becoming more sensible, it's such an unrealistic expectation. On talent alone, I'd say 9 wins in the regular season. With a little bit of magic 11 or 12 is within reach (with a bowl win).
As long as he stays out of trouble, the remaining misdemeanor will be dismissed as well. This was agreed upon by both parties. Whether or not he ever plays football at Tennessee is another matter entirely, because he still hasn't gone through his student conduct case with the university. With everything that has happened the last 2 months, I think the school is going to take that very seriously.
He won't have to worry about being found guilty, as long as he stays out of trouble. Part of the deal is the remaining misdemeanor will be dismissed, assuming he doesn't get himself into more hot water.
So essentially, the chances of ever knowing if this actually happened = Slim to none? And essentially a tactic used to throw more fuel on the fire to watch the university burn even more in the public. Obviously the longer this drags on and the more the image of the university is hurt, the more money is spent, the more recruiting is effected, etc. Do you think this addition, plus any future additions, are meant to apply more pressure to settle quickly once discovery is finished?
If true, then this is incredibly disturbing, and would probably be the end of the Jones era at UT. However, I do have some questions, if there happen to be any SDS users more versed with how the law works. If this is the case, why did Bowles testify in front of a grand jury last Feb that none of this happened, and what, if any repercussions could he face face for lying under oath, if indeed the original story was a lie?A second question would be how would you prove this conversation ever actually took place? I suppose attorneys could get a subpoena for phone records, but without a recording what good would that do? Or with this being a civil case, is the burden of proof less, and this more of a tactic to provide more bad PR in the public perception?
It's good to see that your intentions are so admirable....I would be willing to bet that the number of incidents is no more excessive than any other university of a similar size. Saying that "it happens everywhere" has nothing to do with being in a fantasy land, it's just the truth. A lot of these schools, for a very long time have been run using the 'Good ole boy' system, and things got swept under the rug, especially for star atheletes. I think with the boom of the social media age, it has forced them to change that to a degree (see AJ Johnson, who would be a starting middle linebacker in the NFL now, or Michael Williams, who were both suspended, kicked off the team, and are now facing criminal charges) As far as the fan base goes, any fan base is going to have a subset of fans that will defend the program, or leave their heads in the sand, regardless of what happened (See Penn State). But since you would like the fans to address the issue, I would like to hear your opinion on how the fans should do that? How do you propose the fans be more proactive in addressing such issues, and what purpose that would serve to better situations like this? Whether a fan says "she just wants money!" or a fan says "obviously things have happened, and we need to change how we run as an organization", it doesn't change what has allegedly already happened, nor do they have the power to make the changes occur. Up to this point you have used these situations for nothing more than an additional platform to rip on a school you obviously don't like. I'm interested to see if you actually have some constructive thoughts to go along with your copy and paste skills.
Something like 1 in 4 women will experience some form of sexual assault in college. It's obvious you don't like UT and you're a borderline troll, because you have been eating this up and taking every opportunity to bash the school. The fact of the matter is what is happening is a much larger problem nationwide, and is far from isolated to just football players in Knoxville, but keep living in your fantasy world and keep telling yourself that just because it hasn't hit the news, it isn't happening at SC in some form (it is).
@Bill Lets Party BelichickYour copy and paste game is on point. I think I have seen the exact same post from you at least half a dozen times...
I would hope most UT fans would be more concerned with 78–24. But, hey, those checkerboards look alright...
SevenT getting his trolling in early. Unless the writer weighed the last decade heavily in these rankings, there is no reason Tennessee should be lower than 2, much less as low as 5.