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Yeah Trey Smith is a pretty bad omission. Freshman all american and 2nd team SEC. Argument could be made he is #1.
The real question should be: Would the Vols be in this mess if Mike Hamilton had hired Gary Patterson in 2008, who wanted the job, instead of Lane Kiffin? When Hamilton let Patterson know UT was going with Kiffin his reason was "you're too much of a football coach."
According to 247 the state of Tennessee had 9 four star recruits in 2021, and has 12 for 2022. The problem is Pruitt did a poor job locking down the state. In 2014 and 2015, Butch signed 14 of the top 20 players in the state. Throw in a little Astro Dobbs, and you have the chance for a couple of special years. This year Pruitt signed 1 of the top 10 players. Tennessee is always going to pull 4 and 5 star recruits from other states, but as this article so gently points out, it's not the late 80s/90s any longer, and UT can't live on recruits from Cali, GA, and Florida any longer. To have a chance at being competitive, UT needs to stop the bleeding at home. They need to find a way to keep 6-8 of the top kids home every single year. I just don't know what the selling point is. Play for the second best team in the state(behind Memphis)? Play in a large stadium that will only be half full by the time the 4th quarter starts every single time UF, UGA, or Alabama come to Knoxville? As a life long UT fan, that is painful to write but it's true. And what's the fix? Nobody named Stoops, Meyer, Saban, or Swinney is going to take the job. I just don't know anymore. If I was a drinking man, this would be about the time I'd be opening up the bottle...
When I was 6, I went with my dad and his friend (a Vandy grad and season ticket holder) to a game in Nashville. I had a UT jersey on, and as my dad's friend was giving us a tour around campus, a bunch of frat guys started yelling at me from inside their frat house. They were using terms that would get my comment removed from this thread, so I won't say them, but needless to say, that one experience as a child soured my opinion of the Vandy faithful. Since then I've seen my fair share of drunken idiots across the conference, and even other sports, but that is still, hands down, the worst experience I've had as a visiting fan.
Imagine being wrong twice in one sentence. There is a movement among Dems to remove the filibuster. Biden himself has even said it's an option. I don't mean to talk politics on a football site, but in the words of my sister when we were kids "you started it, and you're dumb."
I didn't see the details. It was something medical, but not sure if it was Covid related.
Guarantano is what he is at this point. Some plays he's dropping dimes like you would expect a 5th year senior to be able to, and then on 4 or 5 3rd downs, he just completely overthrows a receiver that would have extended the drive. It also hurt not having Shamburger at the Star. Hopefully he is back next week.
If you're insinuating there is some funny business going on...well you're probably right, with Tenn and every other program that consistently lands a lot of 4 and 5 star recruits, but it's an exaggeration to say Tenn went from bottom of the pack to top 5 in one year. The caliber of recruits in the current class line up well to what they have done the last few years. The only reason you see them so high right now is because of timing. By the time early signing day rolls around, I wouldn't be surprised if Tenn is still in the top 10, but they'll probably be behind 5 or 6 other SEC schools.
That Tennessee team is probably winning by 20-30. The trio of Catchings (who you could argue is the best player of all time), Parker, and Holdsclaw would absolutely dominate 99.9% of any schools all time teams. Now compare it against a Geno coached Huskies team with names Taurasi, Lobo, and Maya Moore, then we're talking.
This isn't a free speech issue. He is not going to be prosecuted for it. I can almost guarantee that when you purchase a ticket to any sporting event at any University, you are agreeing to some fine print somewhere that is the equivalent of a license or EULA stating what can allow the University to revoke that licence/agreement, and this kids actions would most definitely fall under that. Now we can debate whether the punishment was too severe, but whether it's a free speech issue or not is not debatable (it's not). The 1st amendment might protect you from prosecution, but it doesn't protect you from consequences.
He's a 4 star with 247, not their composite score, but just their 247 ranking. His composite ranking is a high 3.
I don't totally disagree with you, but the difference between TN's Oline and Miami's, should be quite different, freshmen included. Zion Nelson, the freshman that started at left tackle for Miami had exactly 1 P5 offer, and his next best offers were schools like Appy State and GA Southern. He was obviously in way over his head, even for freshman standards.
Man, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Take a chill pill my dude. It's pretty obvious that CBP still thinks fondly of UT and loved his time there, and he didn't want to leave, but was forced out because of his own mistakes.
As much as I'm sure CBP is loving his job at Auburn, especially the last couple of years with the group of kids he has, I think there is always going to be a part of him that wonders what could have been at UT, and that part of him will wish he could have retired at UT. UT's hands were tied, and they made the right decision to let him go, but it's obvious that much of the fan base are still huge CBP fans, and CBP will always bleed a little UT orange.
Colgate averaged 39% from 3 this year (which puts them in the top 10 in the country). They hit 51.7% today. For the first 12 minutes of the second half, it felt like they could toss it from half court, behind their back, and still make it.
I can understand why Lunardi thinks Gonzaga should be a 1 seed over Tennessee, playing in the power house West coast conference, who only has 2 tournament teams because they lost the auto bid in their conference's championship game to a team that had no other chance of making the dance. Maybe it's because he thinks Gonzaga's 3 Q1 wins are more than Tennessee's 9. Or maybe he's giving them a lot of credit for that quality H2H loss to Tennessee earlier this season...
It was the right call. Defenders heels were still on the restricted area arc. It was darn close, but it wasn't a charge. As I said above, live, it wouldn't have surprised me if it went the other way.
His heels were still on the restricted area arc. It was a really close call, that honestly wouldn't have surprised me to go either way, but it was the right call.
Kentucky beat Tennessee by 17 in Lexington. Tennessee beat Kentucky by 19 in Knoxville....5 overtime, 1 point victory on a neutral court?
Regardless of Wade's statement, I have a hard time believing he coaches another game at LSU.
Yante Maten more than deserved to win it last year. As unfair as it is with individual awards, we all know the team you play on can make a big difference. If he played for Auburn or UT, he probably wins it. This season GW has consistently been the best player in the league, playing on one of the best teams in the country. PJ has been hot for a month. If PJ had been playing as well in Nov/Dec as he did in Feb, he's the winner, and probably right behind Zion in discussion for the Wooden Award.
I tend to not think of things as controversial when it was the correct call. If it would have been called a block, that would have been controversial, because it would have been wrong. It was as close to a text book charge as you could possibly get. The home crowd and coach were understandably disappointed (even though both handled it poorly, which probably adds to the "controversy"), but disappointing does not automatically mean controversial. And for POY, I realize the last head to head isn't the only thing that matters. That's why I led with the fact that Grant leads PJ in most statistical categories that matter. If GW remains consistent through the last week of the season, he should win his second POY.
People need to cool it with the PJ Washington for poy talk. Grant leads in almost every statistical category, and had a much better game in the last head to head match up of the regular season. Also, why are we continuing to call the win at ole Miss controversial? Is it because of the charge that was 100% obviously a charge, or the non travel at the end because the call wasn't made until after time ran out so it wouldn't have counted anyway?
I don't know why SDS insists on calling the charge controversial. It was a text book charge, no question. SEC officials have been spotty at best this year, but that was 100% the correct call.
Oh get over it. Barry is projecting his anger at the NCAA crappy ruling onto UT. Pruitt and his staff are doing nothing wrong. College football programs thrive on recruiting. UT are recruiting players they are allowed to recruit. It's not anyone else's fault that Mizzou hired someone to their support staff that broke rules. If Barry is truly upset at Pruitt and UT, he picked the wrong profession.
You're an idiot if you don't think that the football staff down in Athens didn't immediately review Mizzou's roster to see if there were any viable seniors that could help immediately.
Memorial Gym is cursed, and anytime you can leave that sorry excuse for a gym with a win is a good night.
If you are a Florida fan over the age of 16 or 17, and you're going to talk crap the whole game to the opposing players, you should expect to have that ridiculous chomp thrown back at you when you lose at home. It wasn't the the first time it's happened and it won't be the last.
So does vegas typically see a lot of action on Nebraska from their fans, or did Mr. Sherman just forget to type the 0 at the end of that 25?
I've been known to watch A Christmas Story 2 or 3 time on Christmas Eve during the 24 marathon on TBS.