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I like Arkansas' version of #8 Tyler as well, but just have to disagree. Arkansas receivers are out of this world. We will see who the NFL experts think is best in a year or two at the draft. Bray is easily a first-rounder and likely will be the first quarterback taken when he comes out.
The "new" Vanderbilt has beat one team with a record of .500 or better and that was Elon, an FCS program that is currently 5-5. I'll give the 'Dores their due for putting up tough battles with Florida, Arkansas, and Georgia but the end result was still a loss. They have 2 SEC wins over the 2 worst SEC teams, Ole Miss & the KY Cats. Franklin is probably not afraid to face Tyler Bray, if he is then he shouldn't be coaching in the SEC. That being said, he knows, you know and I know that he'd much rather face the Vols without Tyler Bray. With Bray, Franklin says "they're able to do a little bit more." A little bit more, are you kidding me? IMO, he's the best passing quarterback in the SEC, hands down. He can do more than a little bit. Regardless of the "games" that Dooley is playing, saying that Bray is "questionable" not anywhere close to where he was, etc., he'll be good enough to beat Vandy. They may not be my daddy's Vanderbilt, but they're still the "little brother" in the Volunteer State.
I agree. Neither Wilson nor Robinson would put up those kind of numbers in the SEC. South Carolina is #1 nationally in pass defense and have five players with as many interceptions as the entire Tennessee team. The Vols must find a way to run the ball while on offense and put pressure on Shaw while on defense. No run game + no pressure on Shaw, likely = Halloween Massacre
Tennessee has a good one coming in with Knoxville West High School product, George Bullock. Former UT kicking star James Wilhoit is saying great things about Bullock and that's good enough for me. GO VOLS!
All good points & the Vols do have a place-kicker coming in on scholarship.
As always, some great players in the SEC, and I am now convinced that Lattimore is not only the best running back in the conference but the best player, period.
Hunter would be eligible for a medical redshirt since the injury occured in the first half of the season and he played in less than 30% of Tennessee's schedule games. However, the chances of Hunter playing out all of his eligibility are quite slim in my opinion. Hopefully he comes back healthy next season and helps lead the Vols to a great season before heading to the NFL to play on Sundays.
You nailed it Jon, Rainey couldn't be stopped and Florida's special teams was a huge factor in the win.
......and folks say I'm a Kool-Aid drinker.....I am the founder of BOKADA, so I'm gonna make you honorary CEO for Florida Week! Now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout! Go Big Orange!
I think Mississippi State gets it done and ends the Tigers winning streak. Gonna be a big ole party in Starkville on Saturday night, a few folks may miss church on Sunday morning.
One of the negated interceptions was a direct result of the penalty. Regardless of who he's playing, Bray has to make the throws and he did just that. 17-of-24 doesn't sound like he has a lot of kinks to me. I'll take that kind of kinky play all day long. "good game?" I sometimes wonder what it would take to please some fans. Nothing less than 100% completion percentage and Nat'l Championship every year I suppose.
That's awesome! You know you save a lot of $$$$ buying it in those 55 gallon drums, smart!
That's a mighty small limb Mr. Palmetto.....lol!!! As far as Jon's "on the limb" predictions, seriously IMHO, Tennessee has just as good a shot at winning the SEC as Florida and I'd say those chances are pretty slim. South Carolina is clearly the favorite and I think Jon and most everyone else agrees with that and Georgia is probably the consensus to finish second with the most favorable schedule among the East programs. Winner of Tennessee / Florida showdown in "The Swamp" suddenly gets to spend some time out "on the limb."
If 6 wins are almost an absolute, how can 7 or 8 be "setting the bar too high?" You said you could see the Vols pulling an upset or two, well doesn't 6+1=7 & 6+2=8? I gotta agree with Jon saying Dooley looked over his head a few times. Clock management in the LSU & UNC games was absolutely atrocious, two games the Vols should have won. Depth & inexperienced players did not lose these 2 games. I think Dooley is the man for the job but he and his staff must continue to improve along with the players.
Very fair and honest analysis of Coach Dooley, Jon. As a Tennessee fan, I love the Doolander's candidness and sometimes brutal honesty. I believe, that given time, Dooley will have the Vols back in Atlanta fighting for another SEC Championship and it could come sooner than most expect but most likely 2012 will be Tennessee's year as it would appear the SEC East is South Carolina's to lose this fall. An 8-4 record heading into a bowl game would be a nice step in the right direction. Anything less will leave some fans still wondering if Dooley is the right guy. Personally, barring injuries, I think this Tennessee team is capable of putting up 9 wins in the regular season and with a bowl victory you're looking at a 10 win season. That would remove most of the questions about the Doolander and would serve as a springboard into 2012.
Thanks for looking out for me RockyTopRN. Sorry if there was any confusion for the readers. Typically the "owner" of the quote is listed after the quote, not before. Thanks!
Houston Nutt will be the first SEC head coaching casualty of the upcoming season.
For the record, South Carolina has NEVER beaten the Vols in consecutive seasons.......just sayin.
Monday, September 19, 2011 - "3-0 Vols Re-Enter Top 25 With Win Over Gators"
I keep hearing everyone say the same thing about Da'Rick Rogers and I hope they're all right. But, less not forget Justin "Big Game" Hunter. If Da'Rick does turn into a star in 2011 it'll just free up coverage more for Hunter and there's no telling what kind of season he may be in for.
http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ryan-wooden/2011/04/11/spring-game-previewbasketball-wrap-up Jon, try this link, should get you there.
Thanks for the kudos Jon. Expectations are high for Maurice Couch and the big man seems quite confident that he will meet those expectations. Don't sleep SEC!!!
Thanks again for having me on the show Ryan. It's always a pleasure and Mo Couch was awesome!
Getting down to the Top 5, so who we got left Jon, besides Lattimore and Knile Davis? I'm starting to sweat a bit about Tauren Poole of Tennessee. Not saying he's better than Davis, Richardson or Lattimore, but I'd certainly put him up against Bolden and Ballard. Hopefully you haven't slighted Poole and I do realize it's difficult to make up a list of any size and not give somebody the shaft. I have enjoyed the list. Great work!
You have to think after last seasons un-special special teams play that Dooley will be focused on getting the right players on the field for kick-returns, coverage, etc. There are some incredible athletes in this signing class, including Devrin Young as you mentioned. There's also Brian Randolph. If you haven't read up on this young man, he is quiet an impressive player. Somehow I think he becomes an impact player for the Vol's special teams unit as well. Just don't see how you can keep him off the field.
Wow! Thanks for the nice words! I share in your enthusiasm and agree that their is a ton of potential for this team and I don't think many of the SEC followers and even UT fans realize. I think we've become so accustomed to mediocrity the last 4 out of 5 seasons, that we're a little afraid to think big. I'm not afraid to be optimistic, this team is going to surprise some people in 2011.
Oh I agree and the article in no way attempts to compare the two coaches, but rather looks back at the maxims that Neyland developed and how their implementation and focus can result in success. Neyland is in a class all to himself at Tennessee. The maxims are really fundamentals & motivation used by coaches all over the country. I appreciate the comments.