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That was a sweet V, thanks for the reminder.
Not to make an excuse for MIZZOU, but how is losing to Indiana (Which really sucked) any worse than losing to The Citadel (at home), LA Tech or LA-Monroe, or the Hilltoppers? It was still a real bad loss though, to a team that finished 4-8.
No kidding, and I if MU had any Offense at all this year, the Defense would have been off the field longer and would have had better stats. Hopefully, fingers crossed, MU can move the ball next year.
The bar was set pretty low for him, I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to make a major improvement here.
It's a shame what happen here with those amazing trees. What a tradition, an experience that was lost. Instead of restitution, that'll never be repaid, he should not be allowed to ever wear or own another Alabama item and instead he should have to paint everything he owns something like Boise St Smurfturf Blue, and have to wear, lets say, Rutgers Crimson the rest of his life and his tv only plays Auburn games that they never loose. Just mentally screw with him. At least until the replacement trees grow back.
Memphis Vol, don't speak for us. MIZZOU needs to stay home, get a coach and re-load for next year.
Your quite comical today, you must not have been a MIZZOU fan for too long. I can't think of a time that we have ever been giving an respect. I blame that on Larry Smith, completely.