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For decades UNC has had good talent, but seldom a team. Brown is the best hire any school has made recently. The "team spirit" is lacking in guys he did not recruit. I hope they never win another game, but things are changing there.
The deal is not ND. They won it on the field. The deal is OHS who got in due to ~~~
On paper this Alabama team might be less than those before, but seems to be (by far) the best team in 2020. Florida has no chance, so forget that. ND beat Clemson at home in double overtime when they were down 7 starters on the "D" and w/o Trevor Lawrence. It was not a blow out. No one in Vegas will take ND this time, just whinny fans who hate them for success. OHS does not deserve a "nod" as to play on the field but will likely get it due to being OHS. They have few games and those are crap. Play on the field should be what counts. Giving them a "nod" due to the virus is crap as all are in the same boat. Florida will have two losses and lost to TAM. TAM should be in the Final Four, but reality is stranger than fiction.
Your post seems harsh. Mond might not be on a 5star NFL level. Many said to be that are not. He has been a very good player for years. He is the best option for QB at TAM during his years. He would be best option at many colleges. He has done an excellent job. I am a fan. I am not a fan of Jimbo. I am a fan of him taking all that $$$. He is a very good coach. His history is --~ At FS he had unlimited talent. He got lazy and ? His problem was winning at "all cost" and the star kids saw that. He lost control of the FS team. At TAM he can recruit, but not on that FS level. I am not sure he has the fire needed to earn his salary. If he gets motivated, he is the equal of most. It would be difficult for TAM or any college to hire a better guy.
My thinking is about the same after this week's games. At this point it looks like Alabama is going in easy to the SEC Championship game undefeated. That game looks to be against Georgia or Florida. Right now I would take Alabama over either, so looks to me like Alabama will have earned the #1 spot in the CFP. Now that Penn is over, OHS looks to have an easy route to the Big10 Championship game against maybe Wisconsin. It looks likely that OHS will go undefeated. That would put them into the CFP at #2 as their resume will be less than that of Alabama. It looks like Clemson and Notre Dame will head into the ACC Championship game with one undefeated and the other with one loss. Miami could also have just one loss, but Clemson would take the nod there. No idea who goes if it is ND and Miami with one loss. I believe a one loss ND, Miami, or Clemson would be in the CFP at #3. An undefeated ND or Clemson could go in at #2 over OHS. For #4, hard to say at this point. The big 10 is hard to figure for a second team in. The Big12 and the Pac12 don't look to be getting in right now. That could mean a second team in from the SEC or ACC. Georgia seems to be that team today, but they would need to win the SEC, a tall order against this Alabama team. As a plus, 2 losses to the #1 team aint a bad record. Florida has that lost to TAM, add one from Alabama and they don't look as good as Georgia with 2 losses. A one loss Clemson or ND with the loss to a top five team looks to jump a 2 loss SEC team. If either Clemson or ND looses both games against each other, they are out. Due to the Kung Flu and the normal things that happen every year, it is too far out to know WTF will change week to week.