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My only concern would be can he still call the plays while the head coach
I used voice text there and some of that didn't come out as I thought it did
Forgot that obvious point lol. I wonder if they would start making exceptions after they play their SEC schedule if they thought it would help them get in the playoffs.i doubt it, but if Alabama beats Florida then A&M would have a decent shot depending on how the other teams did. I went over Cincinnati or even BYU maybe what gives them the knot over Notre Dame if they have one loss to Clemson in the ACC championship Game. I don't think someone like northwestern will actually get a shot unless they beat Ohio State. Then there would be some real chaos
Why does Texas A&M not try and schedule a game on Dec 19th against BYU? They wont be playing. Not a troll, just a fact. They could use a bump in the rankings. There was an article a few weeks ago saying they should schedule Cincinnati in an open week and we could settle some debates on the field. Not sure bc of games getting postponed if that is possible now, or if A&M would agree to a neutral site game. Teams on the fringe and who may need help should be looking at this unique opportunity and try and earn their way in, instead of being afraid of losing, bc at the end of the year, they will have to convince the committee they are better than ND or Clemson, or Bama if they get a loss. You needs big wins to do that.
It gets talked about so much bc if was obvious to 99% of people outside of Athens that Daniels was their best QB, and for the life of us could not figure out how such a big time coach could not see it would not play him
Actually i don't blame Smart for the Fields debacle. Fields picked an awfully convenient time to suddenly feel threatened by the culture there. He was fine with it when he thought he would play. It's not like Fromme stunk up the joint. He made two highly recruited QBs transfer bc they knew Fromme beat them out for the job. Anyone does great in the QB position at OSU. It's like being surprised a texas tech QB passes for many yards. Does not mean the are great and have an NFL future. What he did judge wrong was Fromme going pro. Who know he would rather be a lower level pick in the draft than play and work on his game? Someone sold that kid some BS, bc most people knew he wouldn't be picked high. I have seen more than a few players leave recently only to be picked in the 5th round or lower. Who are these kids getting advice from? Anyway, smart could not have seen that coming, so I don't blame him for any of that. Or the Wake Forest kid making a highly likely career suicide choice and sitting out. None of that I blame Smart for. I 100% blame him for this, unless he is hiding a big secret and Daniels isn't in on it. He wasn't looking out for his health, it wasn't bc he wasn't as good as the others. Idk what the hell the reason was, but he did something to piss off Kirby. He didn't want to play him. If he wasn't literally forced to play him, he would not have. There has to be something we don't know about, or smart totally misjudged this one. 99% of non Georgia fans could see that Daniels was not only better, but even if you didn't think so, he couldn't be any worse than what they had. I liked Bennet. He was u defeated and had the lead at Bama at halftime. But when he threw that first INT, something changed. He hasn't been the same since. Mathis, idk how he is even a college QB. You can't do worse so why did it take so long?
. "I think starting or playing a not 100% healthy, zero division one playing experience vs Bama or FL would have been a good idea" Which QB are you talking about? Daniels has experience in Division 1, and Bennet isn't a rookie by this time if you are referring to him. Your wording and possible sarcasm make it hard to tell what your point was, so just clarifying what you meant.
Trying to hide behind looking out for a players health? Daniels just said he was ready to play. Health wasn't an issue. You can call others tin foil hat people, but that means you don't believe a player when he says he could play. Daniels was ready to go and it's on Kirby for not playing him. He didn't play him bc of health concerns and he didn't play him bc he wasn't productive, as we clearly could see. So if he didn't play bc of health or not being good enough, why wasn't he in there? Maybe there is another reason we don't know about. In fact it's the only logical reason. But bc we don't know, it makes Kirby look stubborn and petty. He had a quality QB and refused to play him until he was practically forced to. Makes no sense. You can say people have bad theories, but yours isn't great either. I don't even care about georgia. I have defended Smart in the past. But he messed this up big time.
There were some saying he wasn't playing bc of his health. Clearly Daniels is saying he was ready to go after week 1, and it was the coaches not playing him. Anyone using health as an excuse is just covering for Kirby. This kid should have been in way earlier in the season. Kirby mishandled this. If he wasn't absolutely forced to play him, he would not have. Idk why, but it's not bc of health and it's not bc of productivity, as we just watched. So that makes Kirby look petty for not giving him a shot sooner
Yes very defensive. Instead of giving reasons as to why he didn't play, he pulls out the old coach card. When a coach does that, he has run out of excuses for why he messed up and it's all he has left.
You nailed it. That comment alone just proved to us that he messed this up. It's a defensive one trying to defend something he messed up. We all have been saying play the kid, bc he can't be any worse, and it showed. There was no reason to delay it this long, after the Bama game esp. This is 100% on Kirby. I have defended him about some things in the past, but this seems like it's nothing more than him being petty and stubborn. The whole world could see what he could not.
I think the author of the article thinks we all agree with him, and there is no question they should have taken the cut. I don't. How many of us would take a cut so that our company which brings in millions can make just a little bit more? If this was a private company he would be calling out the company for trying to make more profits at the expanse of its workers. Most of these guys won't be employed next year at UT. The only way I take a cut if I am them is if I am guaranteed a job and full pay next year, and if no job, I get the money. Being an assistant coach in the SEC isn't easy. It pays well but no job security. I don't blame them at all. I think the writer will be surprised to see most don't think they should have taken the cut.
That would be pretty funny if they did. Or something crazy like "I am holding out for Alabama". That would make news
Usually a coach like Freeze would have to make one more stop, at an AAC or mountain West school. He and Kiffin are able to skip those bc of their offense. Weird so many are against this on here. Almost like they don't want him there bc they don't want to play him. I have no dog in this, just weird how many are against it. I think it is a good hire for SC. Only a few other hires could make the splash he could.
Would he rather be a D coordinator in the SEC or a head coach at somewhere like Colorado State or South Florida? I wonder if being the HC coach matters more or the setting? For him, I would hope he realizes by now what he is good at, and stays and is a coordinator in the SEC, but you can't guess his mindset.
The debate for a school like South Carolina.. a group of 5 winning coach or an assistant from a power 5. Both have had success and failure.
Remedy when he was the coach in waiting at Texas? That's when his stock went up. Hard to believe he was the most sought after coach
Who will Auburn go after if Freeze goes to SC? They wanted him too ha.
5 star anything is a big deal anywhere but Bama and Georgia. They should ask him if he approves of the new coach before they hire him lol
I think you are right, esp since his name is popping up at every possible open job
A couple of years ago, maybe three, both of these programs seemes like they were in the up swing. They were on the verge of being contenders, and were not an easy out. Time has not been good, although Mizzou is better off than USC. Too bad they haven't been able to capitalize on their early success in the league and then Drew Locke. Those were fun teams to watch.
Yes but unlike in baseball or basketball, they don't get to earn it on the field. They pick who makes their own playoffs, so they will never make the playoffs. Not saying they would win or even hang, but still don't like how the playoffs are done, although better than the old BCS
I don't know one person who thinks they could lol. Let then enjoy their fun and good season with out being a buzz kill. Just bc they get a little attention isn't a bad thing, even though some want it all on their school.
And then beat an SEC team in the bowl game like UCF did?
If Cincy was 5-2 I would be calling them out. But they are in the fight for a playoff spot. Most in here don't want to even acknowledge that, bc they are an AAC team, but they have a legit outside chance. You won't see many SEC teams doing this bc 1) the payback next year 2) they don't have to run up the score to get in. Cincinnati doesn't care about next year, this is their chance, and they have to win by 30 plus to even have a chance. So for everyone saying it's classless and their team would not do it, put your self in their shoes and then tell me you would not if it gave you even a slightly better chance to get in. If this was a meaningless game, for sure, this would be bush league, but the ECU coach should be able to figure out why it was done. It sucks, but it's the situation they are in.
Tennessee has become the second best team in its own state the last 5 years. It amazes me how a school with so much money, faculties, fan base, exposure and recruiting can be so bad, while schools with so much less of everything do so much better. Gotta be the coaching.
Frost had more talent at UCF than he ever has had at Nebraska. No one young remembers when the Huskers were good, and he didn't turn the momentum of his undefeated season at UCF into a good enough recruiting class at Nebraska. How many years in a row can a team be young? I don't hate him or Nebraska, but it's looking like he is not gonna be able to turn them around, and if can't idk who can. He has the fans, the facilities and the money and still it's not working. He showed he can turn a program around with a lot less. No one wants to go to Nebraska anymore I guess
There has to be something more with Daniels. Like the article said, it can't hurt to play him. He has the most experience, and most ability outside of running to Mathis. And no way does it make sense that he has not seen the field unless there's some issue we don't know about
Problem is, Mathis has shown zero potential. I get it if he had a lot potential and needed experience, but he looks good awful and in way over his head during his games. If anyone on the roster now is playing QB next year they are in trouble. I would normally say set yourself up for next year but I don't think any QB they have will be playing past this year. May as well win the games you can. I would play Bennet.