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As a Bama graduate, the UCLA loss was probably the most devastating I saw while there. Losing to Florida in 94 would be second. Still don't know why we didn't go for 2. But after the UCLA loss, the town was dead, everyone was in a bad mood. It was like your best friend died, except it was everyone's best friend. We never recovered and it took awhile to get the swagger back. We thought we were gonna have a national championship and instead got run over
I think preseason polls used to matter, although their importance has waned in recent years. The polls matter at the top, bc before the last few years, teams that win did not get jumped unless the win was against a fellow top 5 team. So a team starting 1 or 2 would not get jumped by a team that started say 18th, until they lost, no matter the schedule. Now at least, teams can get jumped even if they win, so they aren't quite as important as they once were. Currently I would agree with you that now they don't really matter for the SEC teams. If was in years past they did. Also it depends on which team you are talking about. If we are talking Alabama, being preseason 3 or 5 won't make a difference at all. If you are UCF, starting unranked means you have to wait longer to get into the conversation, so it does matter for them. Had they started 10th the year they beat Auburn, they make the playoffs most likely, or have a great case to get in. Just depends on you perspective if it matters. For the average SEC team, it doesn't matter these days. For Memphis or UCF , it is a huge difference. Most people on here don't care but it does have implications for other teams.
I hear Joe Lee Dunn is available. I wonder if he gets a call soon?
Yes I agree. He cost his team the gane and the coach his job. Imagine the dominoes that will now fall all bc of one selfish player. I doubt he even cares though.
I'm not sure he will get many opportunities to atone for the miss as the article states. One, bc the it's hard to atone for such a big miss, and two, not sure he will be the kicker next year. If saban was smart he would bring in 2-3 kickers. He hadn't lost many games, but in the ones he has a huge amount have been changed bc of kicking. Maybe he can adapt and get a kicker. I have heard early on he didn't want to "waste" a scholarship on a kicker, but have no clue if that's true. But you would think by now, the best coach ever would realize he needs a good kicker. I dont get how some schools have two NFL kickers like Memphis, but Saban can't get a kicker who can make a late FG. If he had, I think Alabama has at least one more national championship.
Hasnt Cowherd been saying this for years? I'll agree they have slipped a little, but they are not in any danger of being passed by many teams
Odom was this close to being Memphis head coach, then Missouri offered him and he took it. Turned out great for Memphis he didn't get the job, but he didn't do a bad job at Missouri. Not sure who they will get at this point. I doubt Norvell would leave Memphis for Missouri. May have to go for an assistant coach somewhere.
Its a shame he wasn't given one more year. He seemed to be doing better at then end and recruitment seemed ok. Not sure what anyone expected from him. He did about as good as he could. Not sure who they expect to lure there that is a big name. Yes they were not very good, but I think he deserved one more year.
They did just that with Morris and it was a failure, unless you mean going even lower in the up and coming. They tried an AAC coach, so going that route again may not be what they want. Morris was the best and most ready in the conference at the time, according to most, so trying for Morris 2.0 may not excite fans. They could go to the sun belt or lower, but hiring the exact same kind of coach you just fired after 1.5 years would be a mistake to me. I think Norvell is better than Morris, but would Hog fans really get excited about another AAC coach, and would Norvell want to leave a program that is in line to play in the Cotton Bowl if it wins out for a program that may fire him in 2 years? Yes, there is more money and prestige at Arkansas, but happiness is something that can't be measured. Seeing what became of Butch Jones and Chad Morris and even Justin Fuente may make Norvell look elsewhere. He could get better than Arkansas.
IDK why Leech is always having trouble getting big jobs. Arkansas has nothing to lose, has already tried the up and coming group of 5. This would be my first choice, and he may be ready to leave Pullman. It's a bigger name, and if you can recruit WSU, you can recruit anywhere. I think it would be a great hire.
Agreed. It's bad when low rated players are quitting. I'm not sure if this was the best they could get and it's gonna get worse or if a new guy will get higher rated talent. Can't happen this year bc if early signing. Morris really only had one year to recruit bc he came in like the next guy will. As bad as it was, I almost think they needed to give him another year to at least get 2 classes that were really his. Now 2 of the last 3 years will have horrible classes bc of coaching changes, unless the new coach provides a miracle. I'm not sure what coach would want to deal with that mess.
I think Morris and Butch Jones and even Justin Fuente have shown is not always better to take a job just bc the conference is better. Norvell may stay at Memphis simply bc it's a better situation for him And a better job . Money isn't everything these days.
This is a horrible law. Sounds good on paper, but the consequences could ruin college athletics, all so some students don't have to wait a couple of years to make millions. This hasn't been a one way deal over the years, plenty of students have used the exposure of college to make millions, and while some haven't been good enough for the NBA or NFL and were great college players, that doesn't mean they are entitled to money. The system has been working fine. What's ironic is the state claims to be fighting for the little guy, but what is gonna happen is the smaller colleges won't be able to compete with the bigger ones, creating a bigger gulf in the sport. Politicians who don't know what they are doing and sticking their nose in something just to look good. Even if you think the students should get some money, destroying the system is not the way to go about it. Just bc there are some people who are wrongly convicted, doesn't mean we do away with prisons, but that's what this is leading to. What Bilas and other ESPN liberal talking heads don't get, is that we watch college athletics for the university they play for, not for the player. Maybe once in ten years someone like Zion comes along, but the true fans watch and root for their team, no matter who is on it. This isn't the NBA, where fans band wagon hop from team to team every year. The G league has great players, but I don't watch it, bc I watch my team, not players. I don't know why so many on TV feel the need to destroy the NCAA system and make it a minor league, simply so a very select few don't have to wait a year or two to make money, or so players not good enough for the NBA can make money.
I was at that game in 91, as a student at Alabama and in the Alabama section. Alabama escaped 13-10. Memphis missed 2 FGs too. Most bama fans I was with didn't expect such a close game. Of course they did not expect to lose the trip before. Most loved the trip, as did I, as it was fun.. but when the contract was up, Alabama didn't want to renew it. Maybe losing one game and almost losing another had zero to do with it, maybe it did. But Expanding the conference didn't mean Alabama could not play them as you imply. Nor would winning a national championship. My whole point is, as an Alabama alum, I am tired of Mercer and citadel. One a year, maybe, but not 3. We refuse to travel, so we are stuck with the Mercer's of football. I think we could fix it, but think we should not have to travel, or simply don't want to travel for whatever reason. Bc we don't, we can disagree on why, but the fact is we dont play true road games out of conference. I would love a trip to Orlando and watch UCF vs Bama instead of beating New Mexico by 50 at home. But some would rather just beat cupcakes by video game scores I guess.
Before Saban and when I was at Bama, Alabama traveled to play against Memphis and Tulane and other non Power 5 teams. Of course, losing at Memphis (then Memphis State) got that series cancelled and not renewed. Saban can't find any schools to play him, and I think that true, however, Alabama wont do one for ones or even 2 for 1's. He can't find many schools willing to just come to Tuscaloosa and not get a home game would be more accurate. It's something few schools get away with, but bc Alabama is at a different level, I guess it works for him. What's ironic is when I was a student at Bama, we loved away games to Memphis and new Orleans, or other fun cities. No one expected to lose of course, and it was rare, but Alabama did lose occasionally to those teams. With the state of the current program, that possibility is even less, so it's surprising he refuses to travel to play teams like those. The less than 1% chance of a loss is too much of a risk for him I guess. Its disappointing as a fan to play who we play non conference, and if we had to actually travel every now and then like every other team does to get better games would be worth it to me.
I think as the season goes on we will see that Memphis is better than SEC fans realize and that Ole Miss isn't as bad as people think. Their D is very good.
There is one team Alabama won't play. UAB. So Saban needs to add in that Bama refuses to play them
Wonder if the same fans wanting to get rid of Butch Jones are still happy they fired him? Complaining about only winning 7 games not too long ago, and now 4 wins is a stretch. I didn't think they could get worse than last year. Hard to imagine how far they have fallen. They would be in the bottom of the Sun Belt currently. Just can't see how a team goes from what they were to this so quickly, and with the facilities and support they have. It should be a monster program but is a joke now. Almost sad. If their fans were not so obnoxious, I would feel worse for them. Pruitt seems lost in the press conferences. What a mess.
I'm sure if K Bryant had a win he would have said the same about Dabo. Anything to get publicity for him.
Only 6 teams were favored in every game by Vegas this year when the season started. I like Vegas a little more than FPI, call me old school. Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma Clemson, Michigan (I think. Then or ohio St, can't remember) and Memphis. Yes Memphis. Can we replace UT with Memphis seriously? Better football and now basketball after this year.
If you had told me Memphis would only score 15 and win, I would not have believed you. Good job by Ole Miss D, but that offense was awful outside of 2 drives. Memphis has a much improved D, but only time will tell us if the Rebels were that bad or if Memphis was that good. In a few weeks this loss won't seem as bad, as Memphis is only one of 6 teams favored to win in all their games. Most likely they will start 7-0 or 8-0 now, and surely ranked, so a 5 point loss on the road to a top 25 team later won't look as bad. People get too caught up in "it's not a power 5 team". But still, a hard loss to take for Rebel fans. The good news is Arkansas looked even worse to me, so should be a winable game to start the SEC.
One game in and they already want him gone. Who will want to come into that environment, esp when the team is just bad? Butch Jones may have never lived up to the hope he inspired, but at least he gave you guys hope. Tennessee is now probably the 3rd or 4th best team in their own state. Memphis has taken over as first, the Candy, then it's a fight between UT and MTSU. I almost feel bad for them. Almost.