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I'm looking forward to this weeks SEC Shorts and SEC Roll Call. You know Tenn is going to have a say about this, lol.
Is Ole Miss clearly ahead of MSU as stated? Not really if MSU pulls out a win on Thursday. They'll both finish 8-4. I'd argue MSU had the hardest schedule, so MSU might be ahead of Ole Miss.
If MSU plays like they did against Kentucky then Alabama will make it 10X worse.
Not bad from a player not on the all SEC preseason team. People just don't respect MSU or it's players.
MSU not getting any love. FPI has us around #9.
SDS has always hated MSU. We were picked last in the SEC West last year and that didn't happen. We return more starters than any other SEC team. A team that was really close to 9 wins last year if special teams play was better. Just let it play out. We're going to wreck the hopes and dreams of several SEC teams this year.
I appreciate what Mullen did at MSU. He does have a talent for finding the diamonds in the rough. That being said I think we hit a home run with Mike Leach. The guy has a proven track record at places that are historically hard to recruit at. One thing I noticed is this team isn't afraid of anyone. They think they're going to win every game. Leach doesn't even have all his recruits yet either. I really don't care about the outcome of this Egg Bowl we've already exceeded the expectations in year 2 and that's with SEC officials handing us 1 possibly 2 losses this year. We're a much better team than our ranking shows.
If Greg Knox can win the FSU game and the bowl game then he'd be undefeated as a head coach. He lead MSU in it's win over Louisville after Dan left chasing $$$$.
Mullen to Alabama as OC in the Saban coach rehabilitation clinic??
SEC officials owe MSU 2 wins. Why can't the SEC hire competent officials? Two more wins and MSU goes to a completely different bowl. Yes, we shouldn't be in the position to have questionable calls like that determine the outcome of a game.
Phantom holding call (blade of grass trips ARK receiver) against us on a 4th down play decided the game. Good job again SEC officials.
You mean the same guy that punched our player and wasn't kicked out of the game for it. Again another no call by the referees in this game.
We did, but the SEC officials decided that there was no review process.
The SEC admitted they screwed up the officiating in the Memphis game. Kinda like your game last year against Auburn. So, yeah I think we should be ranked and I'm a little surprised how highly ranked we are. Lets settle it on the field this Saturday and if you win you have a win over a top 25 team again.
Why aren't we ranked in the top 25 if we have 3 wins against teams currently ranked in the top 25?
Why wouldn't Mississippi State be in the hunt? If he wants to throw the ball 60 times a game MSU is clearly the best choice. Other than they don't really have MSU ties. Of all teams listed MSU, Alabama, and Georgia are the more stable programs coaching wise.
We seriously need to use the M over S logo on everything.
Bowl eligibility shouldn't be an issue this year if the SEC officials didn't screw MSU in the Memphis game. It may come down to an officiating error as the reason MSU doesn't make a bowl game.
Memphis didn't beat MSU. The officials beat MSU in that game. LSU was a tossup, but we should have won that game. We dominated the stats but not the points.
Shocking loss when MSU has won 4 of the last 6?
Will Rodgers is rated higher than Matt Corral. Just saying.
Is the officiating crew going to be ready for this game? How about the replay people in Birmingham?
Why hasn't this officiating crew been suspended for this? Looks like no repercussions will happen at all. I imagine if it happened to Alabama, Georgia, LSU, or Florida something would have come from it. Why didn't the official that raised his arms blowing the play dead come forward to admit he screwed up to the head official? Since it's just MSU I guess it really doesn't matter.
MSU needs to place the ball in the gut of the officials like a QB does to a RB every time now just to drive home the point.
MSU didn't play their best game but they won the game. SEC officials spotted Memphis 7 then they had to prove themselves right again on another blown call on the onside kick that MSU recovered.