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Clay Travis is an insignificant pipsqueak and sports muckraker.  His opinion is rooted in jealousy (Travis is a Vandy grad, the SEC's perriennial doormat).  He is a deciple of Paul Finebaum.  The Finebaum Show is heard daily on the SEC Network and is a sham.  Finebaum himself is an antagonist - a yellow journalist (emphasis on yellow) - who deliberately baits his audience to generate moronic phone calls from his embacillic listeners/viewers.  The call-in show was based in Alabama before going national and many of his callers are carry-overs.  They are in no way representative of any team's fan base.  Travis bases his sophomoric diatribes on the Finebaum Show.  He relishes in distortion (see above: muckraker, yellow journalist).  This is nothing new, it's his pattern.  He is green with envy, and the more he kicks and screams, the more we Alabama fans smile.  His article literally amplifies his nail-biting anxiety over Alabama's winning ways.  Eat your heart out, Travis!
Alabama's 2005 victory (31-3) over Urban Meyer and #5 Florida was, by far, the biggest "upset" during that period, not the win over Clemson. You guys never get it right.
Will Auburn ever stop being the red-headed step child? Half of their memes are about Alabama. Conversely, none of Alabama's memes mention Auburn. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Zip. NONE! Auburn's nail-biting anxiety over their big brother is laughable.
Cancer is also powerful, and that's exactly what Paul Finebaum is... a cancer on the SEC and college football in general.
Finebaum and the morons who follow him are a cancer on the SEC and college football.
Derrick Henry and Kenyan Drake are both Freshmen? You guys need to reconsider your claim as journalists.
This is as LAME an article as you guys have ever written!
The best backfield I remember on as SEC roster was Auburn of the late 70s: James Brooks, Joe Cribbs, and William Andrews... and I'm an Alabama fan!
Bear Bryant's SEC winning percentage at Alabama only (not including Kentucky) was .830!
It's a different story when you compare the states based on population. State FBS Prospects Population % per capita 1. Georgia 903 10,097,343 8.94% 2. Alabama 357 4,849,377 7.36% 3. Florida 1,444 19,893,297 7.26% 4. Texas 1,779 26,956,958 6.60% 5. Ohio 593 11,594,163 5.11% 6. Virginia 365 8,326,289 4.38% 7. North Carolina 401 9,943,964 4.03% 8. Pennsylvania 372 12,787,209 2.91% 9. California 1,112 38,802,500 2.87% 10. Illinois 311 12,880,580 2.41%
If not referred to as the Iron Bowl, it's properly the Alabama-Auburn game... not the Auburn-Bama game. Yes, it's important! And thus, the biggest rivalry!
Finebaum callers are NOT an accurate representation of any fan base. The Finebaum show is a Moron convention.
The classiest are the ones who go to class most often.
This list of rivals is nonsense.