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Talking football here and you insult. Strong, boy, real strong. By the way our second loss was by 5 to #1 or did you miss it when you barely made it past Ohio? "Not hitting on all cylinders." That's an excuse? Time to put your big boy pants on, this is the SEC.
Lucky tipped pass? Don't know if you watched that pass other than during the game. I have. Several times. If you recall, the ball gets tipped straight up in the air. Kelly keeps his eye on it ignoring the rush. Catches the ball as the rush is about to hit him and passes it exactly to the spot where Treadwell was. A couple of great Bama defenders blocked Treadwell's vision causing the bounce. Adeboyejo was not there because of luck but because it was his job. Catches the bounce and in for a TD. That's not luck. That's skill, hard work, practice and never giving up on a play. And at that point in the game the score was 30-10. Not taking away from Bama, they are what they are. Ole Miss has done the work and won the games consistently to garner the respect and recognition the program deserves.