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When someone doesn't realize you are on their side and they attack u lol it does not help to show proof of an intelligent argument.
It did seem to be race related, like everything in the country these days. Sad. You can't infer that someone is from the "wrong side" of the tracks and is going to murder someone over Jordan's without it having racial overtones. Sorry not a lib or a bulldog. Love my gators. I think the guy was just trying to make a joke and not looking to be accused of being a welfare sucking murder.Also he never said black...he just said still discriminating
Saw a pic the other day of trask at a party with Franks and dude was looking like the terminator, and Franks looked out of shape, but I haven't seen it since. I'm all for giving him a chance, especially if that pic was legit, cause if it was,he has been putting in serious work.
he looks like brian dennehy lol come to think of it i feel like we are looking like the start to an irish mob family down here in gainesville lol mullen at the presser with the big ass cigar, the rings, and grantham standing behind him like the dude who will kidney punch you if you can't cover the vig. im with it. go gators
As a UF fan i have had really good experiences with UK fans. Most of them have been nice to talk to and respectful. Not like that other school in Florida or ugaly fans who seem to be the worst type of people. This banner comes across as a bit tasteless, but it's just a game. It's meant to be dark and funny. Some of our best comedians are the ones who dare to take it too far. If dude takes a pic of himself helping destroy someones house effected by IRMA than that should be punished. Otherwise it's just a fan with a dark sense of humor that reallllly wants his team to win for the first time in 3 decades. Good luck though...cause with 30+ players families effected by IRMA, you may have just pissed some Gators off, and there is nothing meaner than a pissed off gator. GO MFN GATORS!!!!!!!!
I personally can't stand anyone who uses the term "snowflake". It is the dumbest derogatory word ever, but for some reason it has gained popularity with mostly drivers of muddin' trucks. It lacks originality and is a go to term for bullies everywhere these days. Not saying you are, but just challenging you to come up with something a little bit more intelligent than that. We get it...you are conservative lol but try to keep politics out of sports. That is the reason espn has had such bad ratings. Just call people pussies like the good old days.
I completely disagree, he did not shove grier out... if he wanted to he could have been with his team after the suspension. His family has a huge presence on social media, so if Coach mac was telling him not to come to team practices but telling the media otherwise, than where are their posts in outrage of this??? Why didnt they go to the media to defend him??? its funny how some people will take the side of a person proven to be dishonest, just because he's a great athlete and can weave a good story...As a Gator i thought the world of grier from the moment he was recruited, but he broke the Gator nations heart, period.
Just want to say UK has some of the kindest fans out there. It has always been a good cerebral conversation with u guys... Maybe it's just my own experience but ever since your boy knocked Tebow out cold on the field and all of your fans stood up and took their hats off, i have rooted for UK (except vs UF of course). Best of Luck with your year.
I agree with the UGA fan...sounds crazy saying it, but the dawg is making sense.
I think you need another drink of wine curtis lowe...
That game wasn't played last week. Completely different team. While we may never be able to call ourselves life champions, i don't think it's a disastrous comment.
I agree with LSUSMC. It is just the kind of thing Coaches say sometimes...Sorta like the fspoo president saying they are gonna "beat Alabama pretty bad".
Says the "life champions" lol! Did they give you get a ring for that?
YUP!...Same coach who passed on deshaun watson and lamar jackson too.
Unless the first key is "Find a magic lamp with a genie in it...", I'm not so sure its gonna happen. (And I love The Gators.)
Hey Tebow... wanna coach a football team?
Let Driskel throw a pick or two and we'll see if this changes.