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InUrFace, who is it that you are speaking of?, still cant coach? are you serious? IF you are referencing Saban, pretty sure the COACH is a mastermind
Can you imagine this kid in 2 years?! Outstanding athlete
Much class for the non-bama fans! This is a horrific loss to bama! Hope we have some players eager to make a stand! Prayers with Eddie! RTR
An "a@$hole" or a mastermind? Let's just face it..... for those who think he's a villain.... love or hate the guy, he's an awesome coach and I promise everyone that at the end of the day he only wants to coach. Don't hate the guy because he coaches until the end of the game- he doesn't get "cocky" when up by so many points- this doesn't matter to nick he continues to coach until......., well lets just face it- he is always focused on teaching these young athletes to be better and strive harder... what is wrong with that- he's tough yes, but...someone needs to discipline these kids! And ok so I have to say as a true bama fan I am proud to have him as a coach, ANY winning team would be!
well...... i am just saying if and WHEN Alabama wins, the whole practice thing will be an issue for Clemson..... just saying, you know excuses are only good for those who create them....RTR
let's just look at facts, Saban has had 2 Heisman winners, until him we(AL) didn't have one, not mentioning the titles he's won,or the talent he's put in the NFL, you have to question that he may be the best coach in college history, maybe just my opinion, he has defiantly brought a strong foundation back to a great program, coach always gives credit where its due,lots of respect for him! ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!
serious..... cant we give credit where credit is due??? Henry is a beast...you cannot deny him that and if you ever have taken the time to listen to any of his interviews, this man is very humble and gives all his credit to God and his team and coaching..... i wish i could hear him say the truth.....he is a BEAST! RTR!
much class from saban's coaching tree......which is expected, GA fans....you are welcome! roll tide! best of luck to kirby and his family, GA will not be disappointed.....as well as fla, despite the loss to us, mcelwain has done wonders to the fla program....roll tide
they once had a shirt that claimed they owned the state too............ :0
either way....whomever you are fans of......666......really??weird...
ANY team can beat ANY other team on ANY given day....having said that....how may "BUCKEYES" were Heisman Trophy finalists ????? ALL college football fans should have the most respect for all the finalists(most do), as these guys EARNED the rights to become finalist, congrats to ALL of them...BTW...was Darron Lee invited to the NEW YORK CITY that evening???? JUST ASKING.....my guess is that his coach needs to teach him a thing or two (class, maybe respect...), and maybe he will make it....naw....congrats to mariota! great season, cant wait til next college football season! ROLL TIDE