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He probably dips Skoal Berry anyways....
This is the worst Georgia team to come through Athens in the last 20 years. RIP Bowl streak.
I saw this one coming. No leadership for the Dawgs. Offensive line is so bad. Poor Eason tried his best, but when no one blocks and everyone drops his passes, there's only so much he can do. Dawgs look helpless and confused. Oh boy, it's gonna be a tough one in Athens next weekend. Hopefully we will be able to regroup enough to atleast grab a couple of SEC wins before the season is over.
Well, watching Olivia pace the sidelines was definitely the highlight of the UGA game last Saturday
That is true, but you have to admit that the Dome is cursed, not only for the Dawgs, but for the Falcons too.
The UGA-Florida game can always go either way, like it did last year, but I really don't see Lambert stepping up for this one. Gators win it for sure.
Georgia better be ready this weekend. Tennessee wants it bad. It's been close the past 4 seasons. Georgia better bounce back, because if they come in to Rocky Top hanging their heads, they are going to get rocked two weeks in a row, and UGA's season will sefl-implode. If we lose this week, UGA is looking at a 4-5 loss season and unhappy season ticket holders.
Your Bama team this year is probably the least explosive, least organized, most average Bama team in a long time.
I feel must more confident playing in Sanford this year. If you don't think it makes a difference, it does. Other than that, Georgia is not really much of a better team than South Carolina, we are so overrated.
Mizzou fans always so hyped up, thinking they are better than everyone else. Another average season for you. No one from the SEC will take home the title this season.
Interested to see how South Carolina nd Georgia perform after poor performances for both teams. At the time of this writing, the spread is UGA -15. To me, the deciding factor could be the venue. 24-21 Georgia.
Georgia struggled no more under Bobo than with the screen. Even if they were frequently completed, we ran them so often and with such poor blocking that many of them resulted for negative yardage. I saw two screen passes completed to Mitchell for a gain of atleast 5 yards. I see improvement in screen passing. Bobo rarely was successful in screen passes.
I am hesitant to say the Dawgs will beat Tennessee. The past two years, the games have come down to the last second or overtime, and this year in Neyland with a more senior Tennessee team, it's gonna be tough.
Ah, West fans making excuses, realizing that the West isn't a superpower.
East teams had no competition? We play west teams twice a year, Georgia throttled Arkansas, and beat Auburn, a team that hung with Alabama, I would see the east faced similiar competition, and it showed in the postseason.
Having Vanderbilt in front of SCAR is huge, gives the team a chance to settle in.
Just further proves Mizzou is not an SEC Champion team, hardly played anyone of strength all year, barely beating awful teams such as Tennessee, losing to Indiana, and losing to a Georgia team that blows their chances every year...sigh...
Not trying to be biased, but I watched Amarlo Herrara work his ass off all season, every game, win or lose, and make big plays and big tackles.
I feel like Tennesse has the capability to beat Mizzou. They're making a comeback for sure.
We need to be utilizing Brice Ramsey and the speed of Isaiah Mckenzie more. Hutson Mason doesn't have the long arm. We need to give Brice Ramsey a chance to stretch the field. Mckenzie has the speed to do it.