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Hate to break it to UT fans but Leach was the best hire you were going to get. Now that's been sabotaged by an ex-coach hoping to become the new AD. How could UT hire him knowing what he's pulling behind the scene? Congrats, you got Currie out and now missed out on an offensive genius. Good luck when you hire some random OC from a .500 team as your new HC.
As a Gator fan, I would love to see Jimbo exit our in-state rival and head to A&M. Not sure who FSU would even target as a replacement. I hear Butch Jones is available ;)
I would be a little worried that Norvell is riding the wave Justin Fuentes built which is why I didnt want him at UF just yet. He was given the keys to a 10 win program, decent recruits, and in a bad conference. Leach is a full on crazy person but one heck of an offensive coach. Mullen is a goofball himself so maybe Leach is more of a fit than most think? Kevin Sum would be a great hire for MSU.
Guess I'll be Debby Downer... I have a lot of respect for Mullen and his ability to coach BUT I'm not nearly as excited as the writer of this article. Mullen improved MSU by an avg of 2 wins per season. That doesn't exactly blow me away. Chip Kelly won a conf title with Oregon who had never won it in the history of their program. Frost improved UCF by 11 wins and counting in just 2 years. The latter two examples makes it seem like "what could have been" and really diminish the feeling about the Mullen hire. He's something like 2-15 in ranked match ups over 9 years. Iowa State beat 2 top 10 teams this year alone with far less talent than this competition.
Back to back SEC Title Games seem to be a lot closer than being a Champion of Life. He saw playing time was decreasing just like most graduate transfers from major programs.
Good thing he left college a year early... 😑
With Randy having been a HC in Miami, he's a recruiter we need to keep around. Promoting him would be a huge for keeping players we already have committed. He also seems to be doing a great job with the LBs seeing as we have 2 of the top 10 rated coming out. Unless we find a way to lure Wisconsin's or Colorado's DC, Shannon is the guy. Right?
If he's looking to play the first weekend of December he needs to head on down to Florida! We have been there back to back with no QB. Could make things interesting if we actually had one
Last year was a around a 15 point game. I'm not seeing a 32 point game this year. Defense and pride will keep it close. 31-13 Bama.
DK is the biggest SEC troll there is. He gets in daily arguments with literally everyone on their show about how "horrible/ overrated the SEC is" every year. Russillo is legit though.
Yeah? You really hate a guy that treats the reporters well and doesn't RIP their heads off like a lot of other coaches around the country? I want to see how many people are willing to pack his bags when we have a QB with talent on the team next year.
No one lucks upon an East title. If that were the case big-dumb-Muschamp-football would have been there every year. We will have 3 of HIS QBs on roster next year and we will see a huge jump in production (ex. When Will Grier was here no one was complaining)
Gallatin - Well, back to back East champs is something Muschamp has never done. Or even back to back legit seasons. Houston and Louisville took more than 2 years to be as good as they are. Don't forget Louisville has the Heisman winner as their QB. You don't think Mac would love to have a guy like that?
GatorDontPlay - I love strong but not as a head coach again just yet. He coaches defense and we already have a great DC.
How Dan Mullen doing with Dak? Not so hot. Just like Gene Chizik without Cam. Mac has won with far less and will win far more in the years to come.
His agent is looking for a raise with the back-to-back SEC East titles. He's 15th overall and 6th highest paid in the SEC. I like Mac and I think he's UFs coach of the future but I'm not sold on making him a top 10 paid coach at the moment. If we lose 3 in a row to close the season again, it's not showing growth. Next year if we make a big leap and make it to ATL again, pay the man.
How exactly is Kiffin mistreated? Saban, who never gives up control of anything, let Lane completely overhaul the offense and seemingly do what he wants on that side of the ball. Total control on offense and National Titles galore, hardly seems like being mistreated..
Whoa whoa whoa.. send back to back East Champ HC packing for a guy that has failed miserably when given the keys to the whole team (both NFL and NCAA)? I think Lane will be great eventually, but not a chance UF would give him a shot without him first proving he can do it.
This is so true. Hurts, like last week, shows that he can get a bit careless with the football at times when he should throw the ball away. UF's defense, especially at corner, is better the Auburns so there is a chance that one of Hurts' mistakes gets taken to the house. On our side, Appleby holds on the ball way too long and gets sacked a lot. Those sacks lead to him fumbling and we all know Bama lives in the opposing teams backfield. I could see a sack-fumble-six for Bama in this game.
This is such a troll job/ click bait by USA Today. It worked I guess because here I am. There is no chance Mac would take this job or that they would even have interest in him. Mac runs a pro-style offense and coaches pocket passing QBs. That is everything that Oregon is NOT and makes him a horrible fit for that team and conference. Not to mention recruiting grounds, fan base, and money would all be a MAJOR downgrade at Oregon. #InMacWeTrust #MakeUFGreatAgain
Wouldn't be upset? Are you crazy? There are exactly zero coaches out there to hire that would be considered better options than Mac. Losing him would set the program back another 2 years.
This is rich coming from a UT team that calls Josh Dobbs a "QB". Mac will have 2-3 of HIS QBs on roster next year to choose from and the WRs and RBs are all underclassman. The offense will take a huge leap next year.
-21.5 is pretty bold for a Championship game. Everyone seems to forget that with a slightly worse defense, just as banged up, and Treon Harris... yes Treon Harris... at QB, The Gators "only" lost 15 to 29 in last years SEC championship. Bama led UF 7-12 at the half. Everyone knows who is going to win the game but I expect a similar score this year. UF keeping it close until the 4th. ANY QB play will make the game at least entertaining. Looking forward to year 3 under coach Mac and any resemblance of a QB on the field in 2017. #GoGators
I'm not worried that Mac will turn things around in years 3 and 4 but recruiting IS a concern. Top 20 is still good but UF is a staple in the top 10 over the last 20 years. Can't have 3 straight years outside 10
I think the comparison he was trying to make is what will happen next year. The new coach will come in with a loaded team full of underclassman. Similar to what Urban had at Florida when he soon after won a title. Zook never would have but it was "his team" that won. Strings successor will have tons of talent that Strong won't ever get to see to fruition.
Just like NO ONE gave Florida a chance vs LSU, the Gators will do their thing at Doak. FSU can't play defense and their QB Francois is reckless with the football. UFs corners will have 2 picks. Gators win 20-14.
Lol 17? Guess you haven't seen the Gators defense? FSU will be lucky to get to 17 points total.
Last time we beat them was in Tally with poor WB play, solid run game, and crazy good defense. Sound familiar?