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Go Dawgs!

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The classless losers over at UF apparently. Good luck to LSU and Ole miss the rest of the way out, I hope florida loses every game.
What is this garbage article? You people really don't have anything to write about. Of course he would never say he regrets the team he plays for. Goodness, I'm about to give up on this site.
Obviously the center of the issue was Pruitt himself. He doesn't seem to be the coach he thinks he is, seeing Bama's faultering defense this season.
He's a good guy. Hated him when he played for Florida, obviously. But whatever, he doesn't even play football anymore, so I have no reason to dislike him.
#9 is where Georgia was when we started playing like garbage against Nicholls. Beware of that spot.
Most painful loss I've ever experienced in Sanford. So. Close. Unbelievable. Started walking out before I could see a sea of orange run across our field. Dawgs played better than I expected, just couldn't get it done. Sounds like the Georgia we all know. Eason will be a star in the years to come. It's obviously the Vols year. They have that 2013 Auburn luck with them...
Georgia at 7? Man you guys love us. Dawgs are dead last, maybe even with the cocks. Absolutely abysmal team.
LSU let me tell y'all, it doesn't get better. Stupid decision by AD. Couldn't even let him finish the season? I loved Les Miles, always respected him as a HC. Sad to see him go. Sigh...
The fact that the Dawgs are ranked at all is a mystery...We played like garbage against a mediocre Mizzou team. Didn't even deserve the win last night. hats off to Mizzou. We will get slaughtered in the Grove next weekend.
Not sure if the Dawgs are really a top 10 team. So many question marks and issues to be fixed first. Special teams needs to be addressed. The QB situation needs to become clearer. As well as some work on the defensive line.