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Yeah... SDS isn't exactly the best at fact finding. He was selling it because the market crash kept him from selling his house in Atl. With the market in North-West Arkansas is still solid, because of all the Walmart related business, it made better financial sense. He was planning on buying a smaller house. Although, I think we'd all be happy to see him move at this point.
"Who's got an all decade spot for Ryan Mallett?"
Wilson is a longshot for the award this year, mostly due to the fact that you have to run a PR campaign before the season begins. RGIII should win the award hands down, since he is Baylor's entire offense and a freak of nature. What surprises me the most with him is his football IQ, did you see some of those plays where he was able to escape the sack and get the ball out of bounds? You rarely see that kind of poise from a mobile QB, even Vick gets sacked all the time. That being said, Wilson has a great shot at being a front runner next year, and I'm still pulling for Richardson to keep the trophy in the SEC. Thank God the goldenboy Luck is out of the picture.
Good offense? Don't you have to be able to throw the ball to qualify for that? That being said, LSU's defense should prove an interesting matchup and I think a lot of running backs could run over the Hogs. As always, this will be a great matchup. I'm interested to see is if Bobby will move the pocket to neutralize the defensive line, and if LSU's Dbacks will press the receivers and eliminate YAC like 'Bama's did. Honestly I'm expecting a score in the 30s with both teams pulling out the stops. Expect to see Joe Addams in the backfield and some trickeration from the Hatter.
He did as much as could be expected of a bureaucrat. And while thats not enough, firing him is simply a PR copout by the university. Its a sad end to a tragic story.
The bare minimum is fine when players are selling things for tattoos, but when children are being abused the question should not be "how far do I need to go?" but rather, "How far is too far?" The first natural response when regarding sexual abuse should be violence towards the predator. Of course this is not how the situation should be handled, but it startles me that someone could have the polar opposite reaction. It's even more disheartening that one of the people who did not react is someone I have respected since childhood, regardless of my football affiliation. This is not only a tragedy for all involved, but for the nation as a whole. It is like watching a hero fall. Its a sad week. On the other hand, at least we have a new inappropriate name in the sports world, Pope Joe Pa I.
And still no one cares. Thanks for giving Boise a win over the SEC, that really takes Arkansas off the hot seat for that loss to OSU.
Not to mention he needs to get off to watching Tebo Highlights before he gets to bed. If I have to hear another reference to that terrible Denver QB during an SEC game I'm gonna throw up.
The first requirement of an Arkansas fan is the ability to put up with a lack of respect from ESPN and most college analysts. But It seems like we are on the road to earning some, I actually manage to see us on College Football Live almost once a week now which is an amazing step forward.
Both of those scores seem outrageous, it will obviously be a close game between two talented teams. Also, I just don't get how loosing to one of the most winningest programs of all time by five points in your first BCS game is a terrible thing. Disappointing sure, it caused me to do an incredible amount of harm to my liver on Bourbon St, but it was hardly an embarrassment. Sure their record against the SEC is garbage, but that hardly disqualifies them as a legitimate opponent. Honestly, it just sounds like you're just sore from not getting the BCS bid. That being said, Arkansas-Alabama will likely be the biggest SEC game of the season. Especially since 2 of the three teams in the West will likely see BCS action.