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I think he answered just fine. He answered plainly.
This is Farner quoting Roush quoting Stoops. I listened to the interview earlier today. Nothing at all wrong with what Stoops said, and he was clearly diplomatic as he usually is. No shots were taken.
There is good offensive talent that hasn’t been well-showcased, for whatever reason, this year.
Kentucky is “a school” that needs to do more, regardless of talent. It’s not like they have to settle for “lesser talent”. Kentucky will be better able to recruit greater talent with the right coaches and consistent success.
Why bring up basketball? We’re here because we’re Kentucky football fans. Sure, it’s nice that Kentucky has a good basketball team, but what does that have to do with football? Kentucky football fans want a good football tradition built. Kentucky football fans look forward to things like the next signing day, new football commits over the next recruiting cycle, spring football, and fan day.
I tried an emoji just then; it didn’t work. Sick of the 3 & Outs. Thank you, Adam, for not bringing up basketball season. We’re football fans(sad and frustrated football fans), and a lot of media like to assume that we’re all basketball fans this time of year.
I’ll trade you basketball for football every day.
He’s Kentucky’s radio play-by-play announcer.
Kentucky fans have always loved and wanted there to be great football here. We’ve just have not always had the administration in place for it, though.
We're not on the list because nobody signed on National Signing Day. Michael Drennen committed after 6PM EST, and UK didn't report his signing until this morning.
Kentucky had 5 drafted. You didn’t list George Asafo-Adjei. Went to the Giants in the 7th round.
That doesn’t make sense. You might as well call Kentucky a cheerleading school since they’ve won 20+ national championships. People in Kentucky want football tradition, whether we’re good at basketball, baseball, or any other sport. Necessary moves have taken place in recent years that have helped Kentucky to improve each year and to hopefully build that tradition. I and many fans would trade Kentucky’s basketball tradition for Alabama’s football tradition.
Kentucky football fans aren’t necessarily basketball fans looking forward to basketball season; in any year, whether a good or bad football season.I’ll take Kentucky’s basketball history, but I’d trade it for Alabama’s football history.
Ignore that part of the fanbase. Crazy talk. We needed to play our best game against Georgia. I hope that Georgia wins the rest of the way and wins the national championsip. Kentucky can still go 10-2, and hopefully we’ll keep building as a program.
They are focusing on the task at hand. This is a recap video. The South Carolina hype video was released today. They do a recap and a hype video for each week.
I'd trade Kentucky's football history for Kentucky's basketball history any time.
He’s a fake fan. He posts cr@p like this in almost every UK article.
paris10 is a fake fan that says stuff like this all the time.
I really hope that this site stays with football only.
Videos like these are usually filmed on a phone at practice for social media, and shouldn't be expected to have near the same production quality as those done by the official KYwildcatsTV team. I don't even see it on Kentucky Football's facebook page. It's hardly a concerted sell-out celebration.
Stop with the basketball references. Kentucky loves and has been starving for good football.
Oops. The emoji didn't work. What you said is true, though.