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I'd trade Kentucky's football history for Kentucky's basketball history any time.
He’s a fake fan. He posts cr@p like this in almost every UK article.
paris10 is a fake fan that says stuff like this all the time.
I really hope that this site stays with football only.
Videos like these are usually filmed on a phone at practice for social media, and shouldn't be expected to have near the same production quality as those done by the official KYwildcatsTV team. I don't even see it on Kentucky Football's facebook page. It's hardly a concerted sell-out celebration.
Stop with the basketball references. Kentucky loves and has been starving for good football.
Oops. The emoji didn't work.What you said is true, though.
Why not specify "football" in your Google search? This isn't a basketball blog.
Exactly. Of all places, this should be one site that fans can go to without having to read references to basketball.
"Kentucky fans have little interest in what their team does on the gridiron. Basketball is the sport Wildcats fans care about." Not True."...football is just an afterthought for most fans in Lexington." Not True.Kentucky has been starving for years for consistently good football.
Maybe it'll be Kroger Field at Commonwealth Stadium. I'm fine with getting rid of Newton's name on the football field.
"Evidence"? Or do you mean history? You can't get a "never will be" out of that as if the drivers of history never change.
You're out of touch with the Kentucky team. Johnson is not in danger of losing the starting job; there is no quarterback controversy this year.And why must the SDS writers bring up basketball on a football fan site? You might as well bring up baseball. Why would you think that Kentucky will never be a blue blood on the gridion?
Nope. Definitely not a good look. Makes me mad.
*moreI meant to say, "Need more Kentucky football coverage."
Of course I'm glad about Kentucky's basketball success, but this is a football site and I'm starving for Kentucky football coverage. Also, I would take football over basketball any day.
He does this all the time. I wish SDS would finally ban him.
Yep. I've always thought that Kentucky needed to give Stoops 5 years to build.
Lackluster home game attendance is likely due to a combination of a frustrated fan base and lackluster opponents like New Mexico State and Austin Peay.Kemp might have been played at the end to protect the ball from being fumbled; he's sure-handed and rarely fumbles.
Barker has been "benched" due to a back injury.
Big Blue Nation loves football; there's no reason to mention basketball.