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Yeah yeah yeah they tried the same BS about Bully aka Jak and see how far THAT got lol #HAILSTATE
This guy must be smoking crack or just a TSUN fan or something I mean a loss to Kentucky?? Auburn?? At home??? .... Give us a little credit...... Again the most disrespected team because of opinions such as this!!!
Amen to that!!! Set that rebelsharkbearstraight!!! Lol I love it
I'm not a Bama fun but I have to agree with her..... First thing I said Saturday night was how embarrassing a team fan base to lose faith in their team like that!!! Never count out your team especially Bama.
Go ahead talk us down. In case y'all failed to notice we like being the underdog in fact we thrive on it. So again I say, go ahead and doubt my dogs. Prooving people wrong is just what we do.