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LSU is a great school. Won a national championship and Coach O crashed and burned....too bad.
Finebaum needs to get back to shining shoes at the airport. Nothing burger here, just filling up space.
Hey Wayne. Do your homework, Son. The Aggies aren't scared of tu, we just are still disgusted with what they did to cause us to make a GREAT decision to step to the SEC. And we aren't going back....EVER
Tom Herman needs to understand that we don't need tu anymore. We are SEC and dispise the tu network that ESPN and the BIG 12 allowed which was the cause of us leaving. We aren't coming back to a "one step below the SEC" conference.
Never scared of Texas. Also, Aggies never hated tu. We loved the rivalry and everything that went with it. tu, however, decided to do a deal with ESPN to the detriment to the rest of the Big 12. We asked them not to since it would affect all of us in recruiting, etc. and look like the only school in Texas was tu. They blew us off. We got the conference chiefs to get involved and tu held firm with their plans and then signed the contract with ESPN for the Texas Channel. That was the end of the rivalry. We made a great decision to go "pro" with the SEC and have never looked back. A Heisman winner, and a great coach and a bright future without being in the tu light. All of us miss the rivalry, but it isn't coming back until tu understands that there is more than one school in Texas. Whoever wrote this article about hate knows nothing of the respect that Aggies always had of tu. Now they get to keep their "respect" as we have moved on. Mickey '66