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Why can't this young man be given a second chance? Good grief, how many athletes have we witnessed in the past at virtually every competing institution being given a second chance after some unsavory behavior? I trust that Pruitt and Fulmer will make the best decision. Just think...had Pruitt simply agreed with Hoke, there would not have been a Jauan Jennings over the past two years. Young men do make mistakes. Young men learn from their mistakes. I trust whatever Pruitt decides to do.
I think his addition will make the Vols very formidable by the end of the season. Too bad the NCAA stumbles all over itself related to decision-making. The NCAA at this level can sure make itself look terribly inept.
The author of this....."you're drunk, go home." Rating Lane Kiffin and Mike Leach ahead of Jeremy Pruitt with absolutely no current SEC experience under their belts is absurd. Hell, rating Stoops ahead of Pruitt is a bit nuts - Pruitt is 2-0 versus Stoops. And please do not hand me Kiffin's head coaching experience at UT as a plus - as all Vol fans know, he bolted and left behind a mess. Kiffin's experience at Alabama, Nick kept him under his hoof - which was smart. Left alone on his own accord, Kiffin self-destructs. Have fun with that mess, Ole Miss. I don't have a problem with the Top 4. Things start to really get sketchy at 5 - Jimbo is no more proven at this point than Pruitt. One could make the case that Pruitt actually has recorded better results than Jimbo. Rating at this point is nonsensical, a far more accurate assessment will be made after things wrap up next year.Too many unknowns here, but based on what we do know and actual results from the field, this rating overall is nonsensical.
A Tennessee story and it sure has riled up the Dawgs. Hilarious.
We certainly have a natty that is more recent than the Dawgs and I do recall a period where Tennesse spanked UGA regularly. The overall series is 24-23-2 in favor of UGA - hardly dominant. Last I looked the Vols have as many SEC titles as UGA. You UGA fans are delusional if you think UT is going away. Pruitt will win his fair share. And, we are not a program of national prominence? Give me a break. Tough period recently for the Vols, no doubt. Bringing back Fulmer to lead the athletic program was the first real move out of craziness. Fulmer hiring Pruitt was the next logical step. I am confident that Pruitt will have UT competing for the East and it may be sooner than most folks think. Your assertion that Tennessee is a 6-6- program overall is laughable. Check your facts. UT currently ranks 10th in all time college football wins. Your Dawgs are not in the Top 10 all-time. I respect UGA, always have. Certainly would not make statements not based on fact about your program. GO VOLS!
I kind of thought it always matters when you line it up against any SEC competition. See you guys in Knoxville next Fall.
Oh, we Vol fans know the landscape very well and history shows where the "pecking order" is. I like our coach who thinks about hard nosed defense and building strong defensive and offensive lines. No frills. I like our chances and especially so knowing that Pruitt is not mugging for the camera or making efforts to throw out theatre press conferences. Good for MSU that you are excited. My point was that the excitement in the SEC wears off if you can't translate it into "W's"
When the losses start piling up and MSU is still stuck in neutral, this schtick will get old in a hurry. Bottom line is how many do you win. His history shows him do doing no better than anything MSU has had before. He will also find that being in the SEC West is brutal, and will be hard pressed to even produce at the level he has done in the past. Not sure why everyone is so enamored with this guy. There was a reason that John Currie was yanked back to Knoxville while trying to pursue this guy in Pullman, WA. With Leach, you will get a lot of bluster but that won't move the W-L needle one iota for MSU.
I was really disappointed in 2017 when Mays ditched the Vols. I understood his reasoning. UT at that time was a mess, and that is being kind. I was, however. very disappointed with how Cade handled the decision on social media at the time. Not a good look at all. I can now understand why he wants to move to Knoxville. The coach he was really close to is gone. Makes sense in many ways. All that said, this young man has created a bit of a storm at both places (UGA and UT). His play is obviously exceptional. It is, however, fair for some to question his character. I have always believed that you stick to your commitments. I certainly am not looking at this through orange colored glasses. One has to wonder about all of this and the "what next" from this guy? As a Vol fan, I wish him the best but I am rather reserved about my affection; for example, Jauan Jennings is and always be all Vol! He earned it, and played his way right into the hearts of all Vol fans. Cade Mays may indeed shine on the field for the Vols, but at this point I approach this with a reserved attitude. It makes me indeed feel, what next, from this guy? Again, as with any of these young athletes at all SEC institutions, I wish them all well. Time will tell. Go Big Orange!
Never said UK would be a joke. They will be competitive, but 10 wins is a stretch. You stated that "UK should be better than UT once again"? You're kidding, right? How exactly has that translated on the field? UT owns UK in football and it is not even close. Too many "what if's" for me to see 10 wins for UK. Hell, I don't see 10 wins for UT. We will be fortunate to reach the 8 win mark next year.
You obviously did not watch the Alabama game. UT was within one score of the Tide deep into the 4th quarter before a bonehead play by our PTSD QB. It was competitive - not a blowout and was indicative of how the rest of the season would play out. Time will tell but Pruitt seems to be building his program around establishing a stellar defense. Next year will tell us much more with Oklahoma adding to the usual SEC gauntlet. I am biased, but I certainly don't think we are an automatic "nope" moving forward.
I don't think we are desperate at all. I think we are all on a "wait and see" how it all plays out for Pruitt. Heck, I heard the Dawgs fans howling full blast after that SC meltdown. It is part of it. I do think that Pruitt may be starting to cause some concern for other SEC teams - he is a defense minded coach, and his team is reflecting that. The concern being that Tennessee probably is not going to be that "easy out" that folks grew accustomed to with Dooley and Jones. As a Vol fan, I like our chances and want to see how we come out against the "really big four" opponents on the schedule next fall. I won't chalk them all up as automatic losses anymore.
10 wins? No Bowden? No established/credible answer about QB? And, 10 wins? I think Stoops has made the program competitive, but 10 wins? That would mean Kentucky would have to win at least two against Auburn, Florida, Georgia and Tennessee - and three of those games are on the road. I've looked at the schedule. Not seeing what you are seeing.
As Vol fans...we were pretty much chirping the same old song after year two with both Dooley and Jones. I do indeed believe we will know more about both the Vols and Pruitt once we can see the body of work for next season. The Ga State game will always mystify me. A game that should have never been allowed to have played out the way it did - that is on Pruitt. And for that reason, along with an obvious challenge to manage the QB position, I reserve judgement. If Pruitt goes 0-4 next fall against the real "meat" of the schedule - then I think we will have our answer. He ultimately will fare no better than Jones or Dooley. If he can manage to win one or two of those tough ones and still maintain wins over everyone else he should be beating, then maybe we can say the program is moving forward. Right now, all I have is 'Meh." We all thought 7 wins this season was a possibility. Throw in an 8th with another win over an overmatched Big 10 team and we got what we thought we would/could get. I am not drinking any of the Pruitt Kool Aid at this point. We shall see.
Jarrett Guarantano is the best Forrest Gump description of a box of chocolates - "you never know what you're going to get." Last night was classic Guarantano. Glad the Vols won. Happy for another SEC win but that was a game that should have never been that close. Pruitt and Chaney really do have a challenge on their hands for next season; play the box of chocolates or hang your hopes on a wild gunslinger sophomore - or hope the new recruit Bailey is what everybody hopes. Guarantano is just so maddening to figure out. GBO
Yea....this is puzzling. Sky high for Bama, and just meh for the bowl game. Head scratcher. That said....give some love for the Gophers. Minnesota has had an amazing season. Congrats to the Gophers. It will be interesting to see if PJ can keep the wins sustainable in Minneapolis.