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I agree with Debo, but I would add a what if, that might show how sly (like a fox) Coach Saban is. Suppose, he knew for much of the season that he had Tua in his back pocket, just in case, but did not want to expose the youngster to the rigors of the season until he really needed him. Suppose he also realized that as long as no one had seen Tua play in tight game situations (just "mop-up) they really had no way to prepare for a QB that they may never see this season. We know Kirby has seen a lot of Jalen (in person) and being a defensive genius in his own right, had found a way to neutralize Bama's threat with Hurts. So, (here's the sly part), Saban waits til after half-time, when Kirby had no time to suddenly devise a scheme to shut Tua down and Smart was caught off-guard. If he had a week (or even a half time) to figure Tua out, he well may have, but, after the half, there was very little chance Kirby could come up with a quick answer and he was burned by the young freshman phenom, kept under wraps, because up til then, he wasn't needed. Of course the fly in this ointment is that Saban could have used Tua in the Iron Bowl to advantage and the only way not doing so makes sense is that, with his defensive front and linebackers so decimated, he made the decision that Tua would have a hard time pulling the Auburn game out anyway, and the cat would have then been "out of the bag." Lots of what ifs and suppositions, but could old crafty saint Nick have seen that, after Jalen took care of Clemson handily, on his own, he should hide his secret weapon, out of site from Kirby or any defensive master minds (Mel Tucker)? Until he really needed him, I'm just saying'....What If?