Roll Tide!

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You my friend are living in a fantasy world. All these empty claims about a kid who’s played in garbage time. The kid will be special, yes, but is this his moment, no. You have seen nothing but minutes played in extra time when opponents are defeated. You don’t even know if at that point the defense is doing everything they can since both teams acknowledge that the game is over. I’m not sure why you’re commenting here instead of being on the sideline calling the plays and picking the starters. Haha. I’ll have to agree to disagree.
Gotta agree with you BamaTime. Kid has experienced two losses all his career and people are calling for him to be benched. Blows my mind. These are kids and they have bad games. Hurts is a winner, ta be protected to make plays. He also needs some help with the play calling. I couldn’t agree with you more about the mop up highlights. The expectations on these kids set by some of the fans are out of control.
I don’t really know who this guy is. I just know he is always around when Alabama is in the top 4. He should be thankful as it seems it’s good for his career for Bama to be ranked up there.
Agreed. Our line was nowhere near clicking together, at least I didn't think so. That makes it all the more tough for him to get things going. The kid is special.
There is no time to look for receivers when you've got d-lineman in your face trying to take your head off. Be patient my fellow Bama fan, I got a feeling we're going to be pleasantly surprised. Roll tide.
Offensive line didn't look like they ever got rolling. I don't know that we can make an educated conclusion on Hurts and his development quite yet. First game of the year, playing a solid defense(they're not just good, arguably a top 3 defense in the nation), offensive line missed too many blocks and too many bad snaps that game. Everyone on edge and rightfully so. I got a feeling we haven't seen Hurts 2018.
I agree. It was unfortunate. I always want to see the team win, hate seeing kids get hurt on the field. Respect to him and Minkah for going up to Francois as he was being walked off of the field.
i believe in this kid. Our offensive line didn't play particularly well last night. Too many snaps were low and protection disappeared quickly if it was even there at all. I remember scratching my head at some of his attempts last year. Not last night though. 1st game, a lot that is still yet to be seen.
Offense is definitely something that excites me at this point. If the spring game told us anything. Defense is where I'm a little nervous.
Tough stretch coming up for the Tide. I'm just glad to see we're getting better.