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Their backup plan is a run-oriented package against the defense that held Leonard Fournette to 31 yards rushing? Yea, good luck with that.
1. Sure Harris can run. But he's gonna get hit, hard. Couple that with the constant pressure when he tries to pass, with likely several sacks, and he'll just want the game over with. He'll still be nursing bruises in March. 2. The Alabama OL is much more formidable than Tennessee's, and will have an easier time pushing defenders off the line and opening running lanes for Henry. Also, and I mean no disrespect to Jalen Hurd, similar size does not equal similar back. Henry is highly skilled with those intangibles that some people are just born with. Tackling him is very difficult, especially once he gets into the secondary. 3. Forcing Coker to pass will require shutting down the running game. See #2. I just don't see UF stopping Henry for 60 minutes. 4. But we made all 5 FG's. The idea is fine, though I don't see it happening. This team is fired up and looking to reach the playoffs. Go watch the Georgia game…that is the offense I think you'll see from Bama in this game. 5. The psychological effect can work the other way too. Since the loss to FSU, UF has nothing really to play for, except perhaps a better bowl berth and bragging rights as SEC champs. Not sure that's enough to motivate those players…we'll see. 6. I agree with this one. Our pass defense is pretty good, but we are susceptible to the deep ball and Harris can hit those with some regularity. I'm sure it's something Saban is drilling the corners on in practice. If he does go deep a lot, expect interceptions though. 7. Saban knows most, if not all, of Mac's playbook. Don't forget Mac was the Bama OC for years under Saban. But if he held a few back and wants to try them, more power to him. Might work…once. 8. Our assistants are very professional. They won't let such distractions interfere with their players. I have zero worry about this. 9. True. Happens all the time, and is something Saban fights constantly. Our team leaders do a pretty good job of making sure everyone is preparing for the next opponent, but they can't make them execute…that is something that each player has to do himself. I worry much more about this now, since the FSU loss by UF, than I did before. 10. As Nick Saban himself would tell you, any football team can beat any other team on any given day. It all boils down to preparation, execution, and finishing. Do those things for 60 minutes, and you'll more than likely win the game.
the cops, preferably. that way we get rid of the crack dealer.
What Richt told those headhunters shows just how loyal he was to Georgia. Not many coaches out there that can show that kind of character. Whoever winds up with Richt will be blessed, and I have a feeling Georgia will greatly regret their decision here.
Of course there are lots of coaches who have improved their new program...but those programs were generally failing at the time. They weren't getting 9 win seasons before changing coaches, they were getting 5 or less win seasons. One of the few exceptions is the one in this article, Tennessee. I wish the Dawgs luck, but I think you're most likely to end up with a .500 or less season next year and possibly the year after that. Will Georgia fans accept such a rebuilding period, or call for the head of this new coach? We'll see.
After the political crap they pulled this year, the Tigers should not be invited to a bowl, period. Stop letting the inmates run the asylum. Once a new coach is named, hopefully he will restore sanity to Mizzou.
Instead of moaning incoherently about who is sitting where in the stadium, perhaps Auburn students should be discussing what happened to their field at Jordan-Hare. Did you see all that slipping? Kinda strange in a dry period, wouldn't you say? So the question is this: who ordered the field to be watered the night before the Iron Bowl? And does that explain why Auburn consistently tried running between the tackles, in order to avoid wild cuts that might make their own backs slip? As Bear Bryant once said, the biggest change needed in college football is to make Auburn stop cheating. Still hasn't happened.
You can watch USC vs Stanford on WatchESPN, and switch between the ACC & Big Ten games on the tv. The Bama game should be over by then.
Being favored is a given, but when favored by this much it can become an issue for the team. Individual team members, especially freshmen and sophomores, might start to feel entitled, as if simply walking onto the field in Atlanta will be enough. Our team leaders must keep the younger players focused on doing their jobs, and doing it the right way. They must learn to ignore the outside world and follow the process. Good test for the seniors, and good teaching moment for the younger players.
Interesting. VT could be a contender if Fuente can get the right recruits.
Free tix for himself and family, that's why. Sounds like Kentucky handled it right. Recruits are always a crap-shoot, you only really know what they've done on the field...nothing about the character of the individual.
Guess he figures the barners will be more likely to overlook his lack of discipline. Oh well, bring him on Auburn, we'll be glad to stuff him next year.
^This^ Though I'd prefer to keep Kirby Smart right where he is. I'm selfish like that.
As a lifelong Tide fan, I've watched every Iron Bowl since I was about 8 years old. One thing I've learned is never underestimate Auburn in this game, regardless of overall records, injuries to starters, or any other metric that would normally point to an advantage by the Tide. In THIS game, everyone delivers their best performance more often than not. That's true for both teams, really. I love Cy, and totally agree with him that the Auburn receivers are nothing special, but lets not give them any emotional fuel to play with.
Whatever the LSU AD chooses to do, I can't help but wonder what kind of effect all of this is having on Les Miles. He's obviously lost the boosters and many fans. Rumors say he's lost the locker room, too. If he ends up staying for another season, could he win that support back and put his heart back into a program that put him through all of this over a few losses? Gonna be interesting to see what happens here.
I'd bet that both SC and UGA have already started talking to his agent. I think he'd best fit at SC, though. The question is whether they can pay him enough.
Let's concentrate on beating Auburn. We'll worry about the SEC Championship game starting next Sunday, if we are in.
After needing OT and a great defensive play in the end zone to win against Florida Atlantic, or what Jim McElwain basically called, and I paraphrase, "wannabe Gators", Florida should have fallen further. Out of the top 10 for sure. As for the top of the poll, Notre Dames difficult game against an unranked BC in no way shows the strength of a #4 team. That position should belong to Oklahoma.