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This article is full of "weak." And fail. "Lodge, Metcalf and Jefferson are all 6-2, by the way. They tower over Alabama cornerbacks Anthony Averett, Tony Brown and Levi Wallace".. Towering, eh? So, 1-2 inches is a huuugge difference!! Bet your GF / wife / partner, (whatever the case) loves your in no way exaggerate sense of measurement. Or, this gem: "Whether the Rebels deliver a shocking upset or get blown out, it’s easy to envision Patterson having another 400-yard day." Hint: it's not 2014 or 2015,and Preachin' Hugh "almost gained the world, but lost his soul" Freeze isn't the coach. Im betting some of those "supposed superstars" you dinged are going to have a Hand in delivering some Payne to Shea. See what I did there? Yeah, it was stupid..but no more than this steamer you put out..I really hope this is a hobby and not a "feeds the family" paying type job that you & yours depend on. Seems the 'Noles aren't the crappier thing coming out of Tallahassee these days. Team of "Supposed Stars" 49 Rebs / Black Bears / Ross "I'll meet you anytime you wanna fight behind the Piggy Wiggly for a WCW belt I picked up in Pontotoc" Bjorks