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A top 25 ranking without at least one or two conference game wins to date is absolutely asinine.
If Missouri could keep their in state players out of Kansas City (Lee's Summit, Liberty, Blue Springs) and St. Louis, they would compete well with Alabama and Georgia.
I think Missouri and LSU have a 3 game history. Missouri has won 2 out of the 3. Good chance LSU will even the series
The fact Missouri hasn't begun conference play is a reasonable explanation.
Interested to see if 'success' continues into conference play.
'If' is the operative word. Missouri's NIL has certainly raised eyebrows.
Brady Cook is fragile and inconsistent and unlikely to survive the SEC gauntlet; particularly if he continues to 'tuck and run' with the football. Georgia scheduled Missouri for homecoming so we know their mind set after last year's narrow win in CoMo. It's a shame. Cook could have been a really good QB at a NAIA college like Benedictine in Atchison, Kansas.
Penalties & turnovers are discipline issues that reflect on coaching.
Greg Sankey and the conference have the responsibility of promoting a safe environment during athletic events. The highway patrol did an excellent job protecting the coaches.
The situation shouldn't have escalated to the point that law enforcement decided the use of a stun gun was necessary.
Wonder if his fragility (shoulder, knee, etc.) will become an issue during conference play.
His fragility will pose an issue during conference play.
Because the SEC (particularly the media) doesn't consider Missouri SEC. If Florida State or Clemson could break away clean from the ACC, the SEC would more than likely vote Missouri out.
K-State won't have a problem beating a team with a NAIA QB
Nothing is 'unbelievable' these days in college or professional football.
Faurot Field has become 'ferret field.'
An in-depth analysis isn't necessary. K-State will roll them. Stop blaming the offensive line. They can only provide so much time for a clueless, confused, and scared QB.
Remember hearing comments regarding Cook's performance during the bowl game against Army that he wasn't D1 talent. Those comments proved prophetic. During high schools games in days gone by, dozens of elementary school kids bored with the game would assemble at the practice field with a nerf football, toss it in the air. The individual catching it would run for his life while 50 other kids would pursue to tackle him. The game was referred to back then as 'smear the queer.' At times it was violent. One kid suffered a femur fracture when approximately 30 kids piled on him. That's what Cook look like he's doing, playing 'smear the queer.'
Never thought Missouri would have a worse coach than Woody Widenhofer. They do now.
There's only one take away, Adam. Missouri has won their last game this year with that St. Louis high school QB.
Spectrum internet with Youtube TV app works fine. Didn't miss a game. Only problem, if you dropped HULU for Youtube TV, you're unable to purchase the ESPN plus app unless you purchase the entire HULU package. Have been unable to access ESPN plus without purchasing HULU TV.
Bigger than Alabama vs Texas? Coach might have been trolling a little with that statement.
Unless Dabo adapts and changes his approach to college football, he's finished.
Insulting. Evidently, LSU doesn't feel their fans are responsible adults.
If "tied for last place" QB Brady Cook attempts too many of his QB keepers during conference play, he will not make it through the season without sustaining a significant, season-ending injury.