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To Mizzou fans; the Missouri Alum Brad Pitt quoted in one of his Quentin Tarantino movies: "If something appears too good to be true...it ain't." A lot can happen between now and 2022.
Probably not as athletic as Drew but would bet that Horn has a higher football IQ than Lock and thinks faster on his feet.
Eventually, 'win or walk' is the situation anywhere in college football these days.
The last thing you want to hear from a program that has little to no depth is "injuries."
Hugh Freeze will eventually resurface somewhere in the SEC. It's just a matter of time.
Watched Benedictine College in Atchison, KS among other Heart of America Athletic Conference colleges just wax Culver-Stockton incessantly year after year.
Congratulations Coach Maclin. Kirkwood high is fortunate to have you as head coach. Best wishes for continued success!
Native southerners employed by the SEC/ESPN network don't want to travel to 10 degree temperatures in Columbia, Missouri for a basketball game.
Foul or not, if Mitchell Smith is going to ram the basketball down Herb Jones' throat, he should at least have the common courtesy of providing Jones with a tooth pick so he can remove the leather from between his teeth.
Mizzou is strong at right guard that's for sure.
Hire Marty Schottenheimer as Defensive Coordinator.
Blaze Alldredge is probably a 'Cale Garrett' caliber linebacker. He'll do.
Best of luck to you, Mr. Boone. Heads up for Bark Scorpions, desert centipedes, and the notorious Apache Brown Spider.
Insane psychotic behavior is expected from an insane psychotic conference.
Mostly likely a lost bet was the reason. Probably with Bob Stoops.
Unfortunately for Jeremey Pruitt (or any coach/program for that matter) you can find anything if you look long and hard enough.
Had a Sunday women's BB game cancelled also.
Let's not compare apples to oranges. College football has evolved exponentially since coach Bryant leaned on goalposts and walked the sidelines.
Not sure about "COVID Issues" at Missouri, but they are having "now that we're in conference play we're getting are butt kicked issues" as of late.
If defensive players could coach as well as they play, Missouri would need to look no further than former Missouri defensive end Justin Smith. He certainly could bring the attitude necessary to motivate exceptional defensive play.
Ohio State is a member of the Big 10 who tried to bully the other conferences in cancelling the 2020-21 college football season. That's who they are.
Really? Have you heard of Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs? Yeah, Kansas City is in Missouri.