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Drew Lock is a Kansas City, MO product (Lee's Summit High School) and the Chiefs have owned the Broncos in recent years. If KC can sign Patrick Mahomes long term, that scenario is unlikely to change. Maybe that's an issue with Fangio. He would have liked to have Mahomes while Lock could have remained in KC.
Drew Lock will go a lot farther in the NFL than Alabama's Brodie Croyle and Georgia's Aaron Murray did.
If Garrett can stay healthy, you're absolutely right.
Vanderbilt is a member of the Association of American Universities. Kentucky is not.
Some coaches are intuitive enough to know when it's time to jump ship. Fisher and Pinkel are two of them.
Missouri shares a border with three Big 12 schools (Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa State) three Big 10 schools (Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois) and three SEC schools (Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas) Hard to determine where they fit.
Tennessee's 1998 season? You mean the big bad SEC Tennessee (11-1) with Peyton Manning? I do remember the headlines in the New Orleans Picayune Sports section OH-MANNING! lost to Nebraska 47-17 (That other former Big 12 team ) that routinely cleans Tennessee's clock.
You're being facetious. The uniforms look like they've been rolling around in an inflatable kiddie pool full of mustard. Should have stayed with the black and old gold with the block M. Classics remain stylish.
Tough to do when you're located in the heart of Big XII country.
UCLA to the Big XII is plausible but a stretch. UCLA to the ACC is delusional and borderline psychotic.
Hopefully (although not quite as aggressive)another Justin Smith "The Cowboy" in the making.
Yep. And from that 12th position, you can bet Missouri will route Florida and Tennessee for the third year in a row.
And don't forget to mention that Mizzou has two more SEC East Championships that South Carolina.
Enjoyed watching Emmitt Smith play for the Escambia High School Gators back in the 1980's. Elijah Young runs a lot like him. Georgia boy Derek Dooley is bringing some quality athletes to Columbia, MO.
VolTrashCanGuy might want to look up the Association of American Universities and what they represent. Then, see if the Univerdity of Tennessee and the University of Georgia are members; I'll save you some time, they're not...but Mizzouu and Washington University in St. Louis both are.
Tennessee has to do something as Mizzou has beaten them 5 out of 7 games. That's a real head-scratcher considering Missouri was a lower-tier Big 12 program.
Okwuegbunam is an absolute nightmare for any defense inside the Red Zone.
I just wished they could fill the seats that are currently available. Texas high school football has better fan participation.
Prominent attorney? Sounds expensive. Who's paying the bill?
Maybe another productive year at Missouri would have paid off for Crockett in 2020; although, potential injuries do pose a significant risk.
Mizzou's 5-2 over all record against Tennessee still hurts doesn't it? Don't feel too bad, Florida has lost 5 out of 8 against those Big 12 rejects....How about that SEC!?
Why would Florida having lost 5 out of 8 games against Mizzou want to taunt Georgia?
That's hillbilly coke... and don't you ever go around Little Arthur and them asking them questions they ain't offered to talk about.....that's a real good way to end up hit by hogs, or wishing you was. Where all related, ain't we? Our relations get watered down a thin between here and Little Arthur's...Teardrop Dolly (Crank Dealer)
It will be difficult for Mizzou to 'make some noise' in the SEC East with a pass defense grade of D.