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I just wished they could fill the seats that are currently available. Texas high school football has better fan participation.
Prominent attorney? Sounds expensive. Who's paying the bill?
Maybe another productive year at Missouri would have paid off for Crockett in 2020; although, potential injuries do pose a significant risk.
Mizzou's 5-2 over all record against Tennessee still hurts doesn't it? Don't feel too bad, Florida has lost 5 out of 8 against those Big 12 rejects....How about that SEC!?
Why would Florida having lost 5 out of 8 games against Mizzou want to taunt Georgia?
That's hillbilly coke... and don't you ever go around Little Arthur and them asking them questions they ain't offered to talk about.....that's a real good way to end up hit by hogs, or wishing you was. Where all related, ain't we? Our relations get watered down a thin between here and Little Arthur's...Teardrop Dolly (Crank Dealer)
It will be difficult for Mizzou to 'make some noise' in the SEC East with a pass defense grade of D.
If that's a 'trade-marked logo', Clemson might have an issue with it. The last thing Mizzou needs is more legal trouble.
Lou Holtz was once asked while coaching at Arkansas if Fayetteville, AR was on the edge of the earth. Holtz responded, "No, but you can see it from here."
Wow....the last thing Mizzou needs is more empty seats.
Oklahoma will probably be a member of the SEC by then.
Oh I don't know Mr. O'Gara, Mizzou's two SEC East Division championships in six years and an all time record of 51 wins and 46 losses against SEC teams which includes 2-4 against Bama, 7-3 vs Arkansas, 5-3 vs Florida, 1-1 vs LSU 6-1 vs Ole Miss and 5-2 vs Tennessee seems kind of 'SEC' to me.
Think Chase Daniels is making 10 mil over two years. What's going on with those Big 12 rejects. Mizzou is 6 and 1 vs Ole Miss, 2 and 1 against Miss State, 5 and 2 against Tennessee, and 5 and 3 against Florida. That's 18 wins and only 7 losses against those SEC teams. That wasn't suppose to happen, was it???
Mitch Morse played for Mizzou the year they beat Georgia.
West Virginia is auditioning to take Mizzou's place in the SEC east.
That makes perfect sense. A&M has everything to lose and nothing to gain playing Texas.
Mizzou has already waxed Florida and Tennessee for two consecutive years and more than likely will beat both again...three years straight. Transferred from the Big 12 just 6 years ago and have won the SEC East twice. How many times have the cock-s**kers won. Don't you just love when white southern boys continue to fight the civil war through football...hiding behind the black athlete they enslaved for decades. The SEC couldn't field a respectable junior college team if they played their candy a&& white boys.
You want Missouri gone for: 1. Winning the SEC East twice since they joined the conference 2. Having a 51 vs 46 record against the SEC 3 Having 2 wins vs 1 loss to Miss. State 4 Having 6 wins vs 1 loss to Ole Miss 5 Having 7 wins vs 3 losses to Arkansas 6 Having 5 wins vs 3 losses to Florida 7 Having 1 win vs 1 loss to LSU 8. Having 5 wins vs 2 losses to Tennessee 9. Bryant signing with Mizzou instead of Miss State
Mizzou has won the SEC east division twice since joining the conference.
Ferguson is the first, you can expect many to follow.
There isn't one university in the entire state of Mississippi accredited by the Association of American Universities. Absolutely pathetic.
Have to agree with #hailstate. It's hard to make sense of the fact that lower Big 8/12 tier Missouri's overall record against SEC opponents is 51 wins vs 46 losses
The violations are serious and Missouri admitted to them. That about sums it up Mizzou.