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It's called "symbolism over substance."
Befuddling loss as Matt Wyatt assured fans while on the Paul Finebaum Show that Kansas State couldn't handle Mississippi's heat and humidity. Everyone knows that it doesn't get nearly as hot and humid on the mid-west Kansas prairie.
South Alabama and Troy would give Alabama a better game than New Mexico.
Of all the characters McConaughey played on film, "Killer" Joe Cooper is closest to his actual persona.
South Carolina's "Trial by Fire" against Alabama will pay dividends the following week in CoMo.
There isn't a soul in all of Christendom that could resurrect Tennessee football right now.
A solid win against West Virginia and a manageable opponent in Southeast Missouri, if Mizzou gets complacent, South Carolina may come into CoMo and catch them flat footed and beat them.
Yeah...Missouri has one win and one loss against LSU, let's leave it at that.
Why do they do this? Silly and trite. Focus on winning football games.
You're absolutely right. In the seven years Missouri has been a member of the SEC, Georgia has won 3 Eastern division championships, while Missouri and Florida has each won two. And yet, during that period, Missouri losses to Indiana, Purdue, Wyoming, etc...
Missouri is 0-2 vs West Virginia. They lost 35 to 3 back in 1993 and lost 26 to 11 in 2016. Many West Virginia fans (and SEC fans) feel West Virginia is a better fit for the SEC than Missouri, and will probably prove that point once again this week in Columbia, MO.
An emerging understandable decision as Ryan Walters is both a clown and clueless. He's been affiliated with 5 universities over a 6 year period until Missouri picked him up (transferred with Odom) where he's remained since 2015.
Injuries to key players will begin mounting for Missouri rendering them inept by week six.
You can bet someone is providing an incentive to decommit. Follow the money. Look for a new car in mom and/or dad's driveway.
Georgia? Missouri will wax Florida for the third consecutive year.
Probably an auspicious decision on Mr. Edward's behalf given Missouri's propensity for signing injury prone athletes.
This many early injuries doesn't bode well for the athletic training staff. Injury prevention activities, including technique, are part of a strength and conditioning program year round.
A big challenge for Missouri is remaining healthy; they're an injury prone group.
They need to go with Daniel Parker at TE. Either Okwuegbunam is injury prone or he's holding out for the NFL. Either way, Parker is another tough kid out of the Kansas City area as was Drew Lock.
They need to do something to fill the stadium, possibly walk-in free admission after half-time.
Did Kelly Bryant ask for or even want the ring? Sounds arrogantly presumptuous on the part of Dabo Swinney.
Hey Rick, with respect to Missouri's quality NFL linemen, you didn't mention Justin Smith "The Cowboy". He was an NFL first round (fourth over all pick), has 5 pro bowls, 2 first team All Pro, and both the 2011 Sports Illustrated and Pro Focus Player of the Year. If you have the chance or inclination, ask Barry Odom where Justin Smith ranks among the Missouri players you mentioned.