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Well, Missouri has beaten Arkansas 7 out of 10 meetings, so the Hogs are bound to win one soon.
They competed in different conferences, can't compare apples to oranges.
Expect Missouri to leave the SEC within 3 to 5 years.
The fact that Missouri doesn't have a rabid, enthusiastic, fan base to fill the seats is just one of the reasons they're not a SEC university in the athletic realm. Evidently, athletics is all that matters in the SEC.
Missouri is a member of the top 63 elite research universities designated by the Association of American Universities. Look it up.
The Association of American Universities lists to top 63 academic institutions in America. North Carolina isn't one of the. Duke is. The SEC only has 4 of the top 63. Vanderbilt, Florida, Missouri and Texas A&M
Hey Al, the SEC is already an academic joke. The conference only has three elite AAU research Ph.D granting institutions, and you just eliminated three of them leaving only Florida.
MU has had no problem perpetually pounding Arkansas with their two star recruits.
Kansas City DT Chris Jones (Mississippi State)
If he doesn't decommit, MU will probably have to start him as a freshman. Baptism by fire...hope they can keep him healthy.
It's mystifying (actually delusional) to think St. Louis area schools have better football talent that the Kansas City area schools.
Don't know about the Big 10, but college football in the SEC is a 60 minute, maximum effort game. Maybe the Big 10 needs to stay in the shallow end of the swimming pool.
Well, all MU has to do now is join the Sun Belt Conference. From a practical stand point, it makes just as much sense as their membership in the SEC.
Bingo! You are 100% correct sir!
Merely re-shuffling the deck..good luck corch...Woo Pig Sooie!
Cooper's decision is understandable. The Vanderbilt game was an epiphany that Missouri football was a train wreck and Odom was in way over his head. Best of luck at Illinois.
Although he played in the late 1990s, Missouri never had a defensive lineman as good as Justin Smith.
Well, Vanderbilt, Florida, Texas A&M and Missouri are the only AAU accredited research/Ph.D granting institutions in the SEC.
95% of the citizens in the state of Missouri demonstrate a Schizoid Personality Disorder, so forget about "firing up" the fan base.
Bantering between Finebaum and Harbaugh on this one will be a hoot!
Was hoping for a Tennessee vs Kansas State match-up.
Mizzou has been unable to recruit the talent within their area triangle of Kansas City, St. Louis and Chicago.
Actually there are. Kansas City's Halls Crown Center has one and the home of Bass Pro Shops in Springfield, MO, also has a nice aquarium.