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The last two Missouri vs Florida football games were routs; so a yawner this year sounds good.
1. Missouri lacks quality depth. 2. Cale Garrett's "on the field" leadership" is injury-related null and void. 3. Kelly Bryant is no Drew Lock.
Enjoy what is essentially a "bye week" for Georgia.
Shame on you Mr. Hunte, you're clearly taunting poor Mizzou.
MU football is unorganized, uninspired, and players are unable to execute which suggests majors problems with leadership. That starts and ends with the head coach.
Trying to remain positive, this uniform is similar to the one worn when Missouri defeated Alabama 35 to 10 in the 1968 Gator Bowl and again beating Alabama 20 to 7 at Legion Field on September 8, 1975. Unfortunately, they did lose to Kentucky 6 to 12 on opening day in 1968.
Absolutely, but as a member of the Big 12 where Missouri belongs. Their participation in the SEC is unsustainable over the long haul.
You definitely have the pulse on this Missouri team.
It's time to move on from the Vandy loss and prepare to discuss the Kentucky loss this Saturday.
You're wrong Mr. Cox. All Kentucky has to do to beat Missouri is show up and suit up.
Scary question...Missouri's next win? Probably not in 2019.
Exactly, Finebaum is paid to promote a network and conference. You wouldn't expect anything less.
Missouri's over all record against Florida is 5 wins with just 3 losses. Florida needs a win. Thus far, the 'monsters in the Mid-West' have Florida's number.
Officially, Missouri's colors are Black and "Old Gold."
Ole Miss at Mizzou will be a repeat of the Missouri vs Wyoming game. Ole Miss 37 Mizzou 31.
With injury prone Kelly Bryant and Albert Okwuegbunam on the ropes and Cale Garrett out for the season, the question regarding Missouri in the AP top 25 has become irrelevant.
Using the words of Coach Andy Reid, injuries are part of football. The next player merely steps up and performs.
Uh-Oh. General Lee just lost "Stonewall" Jackson. We know what happens from here.
Hopefully it won't be 15 degrees with sleet and snow which can cut to the bone. The only thing worse than cold is wet cold. Late Fall in the mid-west can get real nasty.
The take away from the video is Missouri's home games are sparsely attended by fans.
Favoring MU 24.5 points over Troy is silly.
It's called "symbolism over substance."