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Doesn't the Big 10 always pretentiously claim academic/research excellence through the Association of American Universities membership? Notre Dame isn't an AAU member.
Agreed. Out of 13 games against Arkansas, Missouri has won 9 of them. No rivalry there.
More staff, the greater the potential for confusion and miscommunication.
Defense looks like cardboard cutouts? That could have been any Missouri game last year.
Mizzou has become schizophrenic since joining the SEC.
AAU may mean zip to you, but universities are 'institutions of higher learning' and it's nice to have a faculty and staff capable of conducting high-level research and produce new knowledge. The SEC is making progress. They've gone from just Vanderbilt and Florida adding Texas A&M, Mizzou, and eventually Texas as the conference's AAU members.
Mississippi State lost 2 of 3 against Missouri last year.
Anything can happen during a short series. 2021 National Champions Missouri lost 2 of 3 against Missouri, at home...it happens.
Exactly. Still contend Lee's Summit North high school could have beaten Missouri last year.
Based on equitable talent and similar poor fit in the SEC...Vanderbilt.
Don't see any wins on their schedule unless Vanderbilt doesn't show or has a bad day.
For a brief second, Jack Abraham's photo resembled Drew "The Gator Killer" Lock.
Maybe the empire felt the batter was intentionally obstructing the empire's view of the field. It's a baseball game and not batting practice. Umpire could have called the batter out.
Do kickers come any better than Harrison Mevis?
It isn't a difficult decision at all. Sam Horn will play professional baseball. He's at least as talented a pitcher coming out of high school as Brady Singer and Zack Greinke were coming out of college.
Missouri State is in Springfield, MO. They use to be Southwest Missouri State. The Central Missouri State Mules are now called the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, MO.
The pitching and defense is there. Mizzou's hitting just isn't consistent enough to beat Arizona.
Hope Gabarri Johnson remains committed. Don't think Sam Horn will.
This is just too funny. The old Southwest Conference and the Big 8 competing in the SEC Softball Championship.
Texas' admission to the SEC brings the conference's elite AAU membership to five. That's not a bad thing. Prior to 2012, the SEC only had two AAU members, Florida and Vanderbilt.
How did that Arkansas vs Missouri State game pan out?
Gerry is an Arkansas kid. Maybe he and Drinkwitz will bond.
Would Quin Snyder consider a second opportunity? He was the most successful Missouri coach since Stormin Norman Stewart.
That 'Big Boy School' you referred to (ole Miss) is 1 and 7 against Missouri. Pathetic.