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Cut the COVID BS...If Alabama thought this game was in Jeopardy without Saban, he'd be on the sideline.
Prudent decision, Mr. Spencer. Columbia, Missouri, where sub zero Winter winds blow from four directions simultaneously, is the last place a mid Mississippian would want to be.
Missouri leads the series over Arkansas 8 wins to 3 losses. Ouch!!!
You're absolutely right. That's exactly what is happening.
Missouri leads the series against Arkansas 8-3 through the 2019 season.
A plausible matchup as Missouri will probably be playing in the Missouri Valley Conference by then. Missouri State will become their rival opponent.
Missouri's classic 'over-compensation' defense mechanism. What you can't produce on the field, produce in the production studio.
Well Mr. Gicinto, this is a similar situation Charlie Weis had at Kansas. He would take perspective recruits to a Kansas football practice session and tell the recruit..."Do you see that pile of sh*t out there? If you can't start and play here, where can you play?
Drew Lock, "The Gator Killer," is an outstanding athlete, but he's too soft and injury prone and unable to think fast enough on his feet to quarterback in the NFL.
Why are they here? That's funny. The U.S. Army's air cavlary unit said the same thing about the USMC record in Vietnam having to repeatedly rescue Gomer Pyle and the marine corp at Khe Sanh.
Is Georgia going to steamroll Missouri like Missouri steamerolled Florida in seasons 2017 and 2018. After 10 games, Big 8/12 Missouri is 5 wins and 5 losses against SEC Florida....HOW ABOUT THAT SEC!!!
Missouri, click your heels three times and say: There's no place like the Big XII There's no place like the Big XII There's no place like the Big XII
McBride wasn't elite enough to play for the Beakers. "Beak Um, Hawks!"
So did Nick Saban. Probably just another false-positive test and Sam Pittman will coach against Florida.
This is where Missouri traditionally chokes. Vanderbilt will probably rout them on December 12, 2020.
Mr. Spivey, in order to play college football, you must remain hostile, mobile, and eligible...
It simply comes down to the fact that Florida has a quarterback and Georgia doesn't.
#18 delivered a late and unnecessary hit. Can't blame Florida for wanting to protect their quarterback.
Mentioning Ozark reminded me of the Netflix original series; thinking of the Byrds and Ruth Langmore...can't help but chuckle. When Wyatt told his cousin Ruth.."F" Mizzou, evidently he wasn't kidding.
Can't think of a bigger curse on Mizzou's program than an endorsement from Herbstreit.
Everyone other than Mike Leach is making Kylin Hill bigger than Mississippi state's football program, and that shouldn't happen.
Listening to the SEC Network, one would wonder why Missouri would even bother to make the trip. Maybe Coach Mullen will tell Coach Drink we'll use a running clock the second half and only use our fourth string and only run the ball from tackle to tackle; no passing the second half like Coach Dye did for Coach Valesente at Kansas in 1987.
Was there really any doubt that Campbell wouldn't return for MU?
Unfortunately, he's also a little irresponsible to himself and the team.
Institutions like Missouri, accredited by the Association of American Universities, don't give away PhDs.
Probably showing my age but the "Block M" is my favorite. Wish it were permanent.