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Was Justin Smith out of Jeff City a 3 star? Can't remember a defensive lineman in Mizzou history as talented?
Just arrange the 13 stars in the upper left corner of the Mississippi flag from an X (bars) to a circle. Arkansas uses a diamond pattern.
Mr. Jackson is partial to the colors blue and orange.
Taking offense is a personal choice. The higher one engages their cognitive processes vs their emotional limbic system the easier it is to do. Never understood why people take offense to the Confederate battle flag. It merely represents 11 southern states and two border states united in opposing a oppressive federal government.
Texas Tech is Patrick Mahomes' Alma Mater. Go C H I E F S!
Can't recall in recent memory Mizzou having an issue with "close to capacity" home game attendance.
Andy Reid was Missouri's Offensive Line Coach from 1989-91.
South Alabama would beat Missouri anywhere.
Missouri's over all record vs SEC teams: Alabama 2 wins 4 losses Arkansas 7 wins 3 losses Auburn 1 win 2 losses Florida 5 wins 4 losses Georgia 1 win 8 losses Kentucky 3 wins 7 losses LSU 1 win 1 loss Miss. St. 2 wins 1 loss Ole Miss 7 wins 1 loss So. Carolina 5 wins 5 losses Tennessee 5 wins 2 losses Texas A&M 7 wins 8 losses Vanderbilt 7 wins 4 losses 53 wins 50 losses against the SEC isn't bad for a former Big 12 bottom teir team.
You know Adam and Tom, the best way for Missouri to "maneuver the schedule" to get back to those days merely involves re-joining the Big 12. Having lived 17 years in the deep south (lower Alabama/Florida panhandle)and in Missouri for 37 years, really don't think it's (Mizzou and the SEC) a good fit.
Florida to Columbia, MO? Serious "culture/environmental shock. Another university will flip him or he'll jump ship.
Also known as the "Prairie Pounders" vs "Ridge Runners"rivalry.
Makes sense; Mizzou is a Conference USA type of team.
Agreed. Never understood why some considered Herschel Walker a better running back.
Which "scientists" coach? There isn't a general consensus among them and won't be as long as politics are involved.
Conflict began in the 1850's between"free state" Kansas and "pro-slavery" Missouri. Kansas Jayhawks (Red Legs) attacked Osceola, Missouri in 1861 which resulted in William Clark Quantrill and the Mo Partisan Rangers,(Guerillas/Bushwackers) Confederate State Army, retaliating with the sack of Lawrence, Kansas in 1863. Among the Mo Rangers were Bloody Bill Anderson, Frank & Jessie James, and Cole Yonger. This is a positive step for Mizzou returning to the Big 12.
Adam, did Jim McElwain and Butch Jones lose their jobs after Mizzou routed both Florida and Tennessee two consecutive years? ( Actually, Drew Lock routed Florida and Tennessee two consecutive years.)
Missouri's first two seasons in the SEC is more of who they are. Reality didn't set in, just an adjustment phase regarding the new conference. If Missouri gets back to "who they are" you're going to get uncomfortable because you'll see in the conference championship more often than you expect or would like.
No way....John Calipari doesn't want Kansas pounding Kentucky's rear end every year.
Well, Missouri has beaten Arkansas 7 out of 10 meetings, so the Hogs are bound to win one soon.
They competed in different conferences, can't compare apples to oranges.