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That's the problem with Missouri football. They really don't have a competent coaching staff.
Tyler Badie isn't the primary reason Missouri is in a bowl, he's the only reason. Without him, Missouri finishes the season without a conference win.
Texas, Texas A&M, and Mizzou add academic credibility to the SEC along with the other two SEC AAU members Vanderbilt and Florida.
Confusing. It doesn't make sense. Kentucky is definitely on the rise.
Any chance Missouri could lure coach Mike Gundy from Oklahoma State?
If it worked for Bill Synder at Kansas State, Bob Stoops return to Norman can work for Oklahoma.
It would be nice if he received the 2021 Doak Walker award; but unlikely.
Still expecting Sam Horn and Luther Burden to jump ship...probably to Tennessee or Kentucky.
Returning to his alma mater hasn't worked well for Scott Frost.
No. He's saying He'd rather live in sunny southern California that central Oklahoma.
Missouri was just a money grab for Drinkwitz. It's all down hill from here. He'll never have an above 500 season in CoMo.
Both teams usually wear their home uniforms in this game. The red vs black looks more like a game of checkers than football.
Chris McClellan may know something about the future Florida coaching situation.
Missouri has won 9 out of the 12 games between them...wow.
The truth is that Missouri will never be accepted as members of the southeastern conference. They treated Drew Lock the same way and the SEC had no quarterback in the conference even close to Drew. Just a fact.
Missouri beat Florida in the 1966 Sugar Bowl while Coach Spurrier was quarterbacking.
Coaching issues aside, Florida just has more talented athletes than Missouri, and in this situation cases, that's enough.
Lee's Summit North High School could do serious damage to Mizzou's defense.
Must be tough to realize that Georgia is an academic joke like most of the SEC.
He probably wanted to attend a university that's a member of the Association of American Universities and chose Missouri over Florida, Vanderbilt, and Texas A&M within the SEC.
There's a slim chance that Mizzou's sparse, catatonic crowd may lull South Carolina into complacency
With that defense, Mizzou has no chance against South Carolina either.
Thank God ESPN decided to dump this game in favor of Oregon at Washington and Illinois at Minnesota. The SEC network won't touch it either.
No. You were right...yellow. Wish their coaching staff was as creative. It's "old gold" for the record.