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Although the Kansas City Chiefs are located in Jackson County, Missouri, the vast majority of their fan base are Kansas Jayhawk (The Beakers) fans. Arrowhead is the loudest stadium in the U.S. That's according to Guinness.
Unfortunately the worst, most apathetic fan base in the SEC. One could argue many of Missouri's citizens express the negative (sn)(sx) of schizophrenia, featuring that 'mask like' stare into space personality trait. No animation or enthusiasm. Textbook anhedonia.
Californians in the Pasadena area have been known to assault and rob fans leaving the Rose Bowl. They're in for a surprise if they try it on the Bayou Bengal crowd; particularly if they're traveling in groups.
Best of luck to Drew "The Florida Gator Killer" Lock!
The only "work" Saban and Kerby have to do is decide which 5 star player to start each week. Golly ghee wiz, that has to be tough.
Wasn't it Christopher Sign who exposed the secret tarmac meeting between former President Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch? Um. Rest in Peace Mr. Sign.
Nope. Whether 20 games, 10 games, 6 games or 2 games are played, only one team will win the national championship. This time, it will be earned and not anointed by several Nick Saban, SEC groupie press members, ranking the teams and deciding who plays. On a related matter, congratulations to "UNRANKED" James Madison softball team who wen 7 -3 through the regional, superregional, and world series.
This isn't the 1980-90s. The "Beakers" will run MU right out of Lawrence. Steve Stipanovich and Jo Sundvold are no longer available. Wish MU would have given Quin Snyder a fair shot at head coach.
Fouts didn't need the rest. Murphy should have pitched her yesterday when FSU was on the ropes.
This was probably not a spare of the moment decision. Hopefully, Brittany Gray's, the former All-American softball pitcher for Georgia, decision to attend Mizzou as a graduate assistant was a mere coincidence and that Larissa Anderson isn't a candidate for the Georgia softball program. Anderson would probably bring Laird, Wert, and Krings with her to Georgia.
The transfer portal has ruined college football.
Tennessee hasn't had much to celebrate; let them have this one.
MU's secondary could use a lot of help.
Mr. Duffey, sir, Columbia is also a Super Regional.
Watch the first half of the movie "The Outlaw Josey Wales" and you're all caught up.
I hope Missouri can kept the team healthy and intact without talented players wanting to transfer.
Well, as a consolation, the University of Missouri does have the highest power nuclear research reactor (10 Megawatts) in the United States and is the nation's sole source of isotopes used in nuclear medicine.
Yep. Started as early as 1829 with the Missouri Compromise and Bleeding Kansas in 1854, continuing through the civil war. Colonel Charles Jennison and the Kansas Jayhawkers/Red Legs vs William Qunatrill and Bloody Bill Anderson's partisan guerrillas.
No, glad2bsec, that's not how it works. When someone prints M-I-Z! That's when you come in and retort Z-O-U!
Missouri quarterbacks Chase Daniels, Blaine Gabbert and Drew Lock have already outlasted Alabama quarterback Brodie Croyle, Georgia quarterback Aaron Murry , and Florida quarterback Tim Tebow.
If this rule applies to SEC softball , you can bet Missouri will lose Jenna Laird to Florida.
On a related matter, did the MU Board of Curators officially approve the new full length indoor football practice facility? Missouri is the only university in the SEC without one; or will MU rejoin the Big XII along with the wrestling team?
This is possibly one of those "if it sounds too good to be true...it ain't" situations.
You have to avoid trouble if you want to play and excel in college football, Mr. Washington. It's not that difficult, but does require mature judgement and personal responsibility.