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Ok you're right. I didn't read the last two sentences. Egg on my face.
How is this not political? Where are y'all seeing the non political aspect of this?
Thank you for the compliment. I am cute. How would you know how dumb they are? Did you meet a lot of the at technical college?
They all have at least 3 years of a college education, and most have a degree. That more than we can say for you.
I'm definitely biased, but there's only one coach in the SEC that's won the conference or played for a national championship not named Saban. Some how y'all placed him 5th? Show me a better resume.
I don't care if they pay recruits, I'd actually prefer they did. But come on "man of integrity" did he already forget about Joe mixon?
It wasn't Rhonda Rousey. He was the world class athlete in this situation. You're a weak man. I feel sorry for the mother that raised.
Or you could just leave the restaurant after she shoved him. But you're a big boy so let's punch some lady's.
He red shirted his freshman year. Yeah quite the punishment. He should have gone to jail.
Why does Sean White get so little respect? When him and Petteay were heathy the team was doing great.
That BS. If your metric valued sophomores and freshmen so highly the entire top 5 wouldn't be made up of upperclassmen who will all defiantly be gone next year.