Currently in the Upper West Side of Mississippi. Now that's funny right there.

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I'm a little tired of us outsmarting ourselves on offense and a Lot tired of trying to keep up with a guy that acts like a serial adulterer (read that job-hopper). I am also for running the kind of offense that we have historically been able to get the players to run- pin your ears back and run over them and if that doesn't work then break their knuckles on your face.
That's interesting. Coaching in the SEC the last drop in the bucket list? His body of work is certainly nothing to sneer at. Going fishing is not a bad thing after all.
As long as it's fried. Or smoked if you live anywhere near Interstate BBQ.
This! When all the lights come on in a kids head sometimes he shines like a meteor and sometimes like a comet. Spencer Rattler, if he can keep those lights on, may be at the start of real 'stardom'.
Yup! I really miss beating LSU on Black Friday. Had the game been played on the date it should have been we might well have done it again.
Ouch! That had to hurt. True though. And Freeze has a lot of baggage that he does not want checked. -I won't link it but it's not hard to find.
At $7/8M (whatever he'll get after OM gives him his raise) per year he can twiddle his thumbs until Sabin retires.
The first poll shouldn't be until the first of October anyway. And A&M should take a good hard look at the Tennessee model of firing coaches. Self report recruiting violations until the HC goes away. Shouldn't be hard to do, right?
Were you there when Moses carried down the Ten Commandments? Did Moses refuse to carry any? Stop making stuff up without a licensee.
Or they could just fine the coaches involved directly. Starting at $50k per. An AD that lets it happen? $250k fine and a show cause for his next job.
Can anybody that disdains a pair of old cut off jeans really be southern?
Nah, they're funny, why would he go there?.
" The additional problem for kiff is losing corral. I think a lot of prognosticators underestimate the value of corral to that team last season. " That guy was a tuff out. Ole Miss will be drinking salty, watered-down toddies for a while.
You had all off season to work on this picnic and dollar store vanilla ice cream is the best you can do? This stuff has been stale for two months.
Well hello Crissy. Any word on what Vandy and Mizzu are trying to wrangle out of the deal?
Honestly, most Hog fans I know would rather play UT, OU and LSU than worry about national championships. We'd rather worry about living than having lived.
Or we could just go all in and absorb the ACC, ND and a player to be named later. To add- the grant of rights of the ACC would no longer be an issue since the mothership holds both and the games could be in house (1 or 2 non conference games and the winter sports could go to a tournament format when playing cross conference). If we're going to have be semi pro from now on why not blow it out?
Or we could just go all in and absorb the ACC, ND and a player to be named later.
Some days I need an editor, some days I just need to not. ;)
Y'all are just learning the phrase: Aggies gonna Aggie. It's a function of watching their big brother ut get away with it for so long but not having the 'talent'.
We can beat any team on our schedule but every one of them? LOL OK, we'll give it a shot.
A subcontractor is a worker who is not your employee. You give a Form 1099 to a subcontractor showing the amounts you paid him. The subcontractor is responsible for keeping his or her own records and paying his or her own income and self-employment taxes. Healthcare allowances, standard scholarship tuition, books and tutoring and lodging, and a conference agreed upon stipend and it's fixed. Contract workers can be let go but employees are hard to fire if needed.
Meh, I can't fault the guy for knowing his limits. It would have been fun kicking the stuffings out of him tho.