Currently in the Upper West Side of Mississippi. Now that's funny right there.

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I don't know if he will or he won't but I strongly doubt that getting hurt is a concern of his. Why would he tote that thing 41 times in a game? For what seemed an entire season? Kid's BA.
Is this MU spooling up for the new 7 rule? Or is Drink that hard to get along with?
Since all of the assistants will be either making travel plans or looking for a destination for travel plans this is a good idea. Then too if you are not wanting to hire from within you don't risk splitting the team with politics. Win/win.
Meh, OK. You have no way of understanding just how happy we are to have post season practices. Also, from what I remember about the time Arkansas had at the end of their SWC run, paying the piper to change the tune is worth the cost. Also, also, what in the heck has Alaska (AK) got to do with the SEC?
All I remember about being in the top 10 is Georgia. Go Dawgs.
Oh now, I don't think anybody cares enough to hate them. It's more like getting something stuck on the sole of your shoe.
No, if you'd spent any time around ut you'd know that that was a thing of beauty.
Should be a great game. I think Georgia's D slows down Bama's O more than Bama's D can slow Georgia's O. Frankly from what I saw yesterday Georgia's DL will be serving snacks off of Bama's right tackle.
LOL If that's all they've got to gripe about then they're going to be OK. Until Georgia anyway.
When you commit three times as many you should expect more.
Fla is a smoldering dumpster. Until they get an AD worth his salt they will remain so.
They have co-eds there surely. He could always make them change their shirts. Just like old times.
Coach Pittman would make a fine woodworker I think. He at least understands how important fit and finish are.
Is this the part where lsu says that the check is in the mail? Y'all enjoy your game with A T M
If he's going to Texas Tech he's going to have to have do it on purpose. That's the only way anybody can get there.
I thought somebody brough J Frank Broyles back from the dead. At least U Mass didn't fire him after the first game.
Y'all have fun when bama and auburn move over to the east to make room for Ou and texas in the west.
So how long until you guys take a trip to Oxford to steal a coach? That might actually make Nicky retire. ;)
Let's enjoy the win but remember that we still have a Long way to go. Trust in Sam!
If for no other reason than to mess with ToSu. Herbie the Homer is just doing what he always does. Now if somebody would just start calling Sparty tMSU and put ole osu back to just three letters that might just set off the Humorapocalypse we've all been waiting for.
A&M and Auburn should be a slobberknocker. The only two teams not named alabama in the west that have any depth at all. Yes, you could mention LSU but the only reason they have to play now is sheer spite. The rest of the west is just jockeying for extra practice time and the recruiting bowls.
The team soon to be known as UTw. I wonder who they'll play thanksgiving weekend. lololol
This may be the first time in my life that I've seen people that were allergic to sarcasm. I've seen a lot who didn't like it but allergic? Y'all might want to invest in some EpiPens, looks to be a long trip for you.
Being Human? If Sam were an ordinary coach we'd be talking about something else entirely- like how hot his seat was. If he were an ordinary coach he'd be out looking for his team by now.