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Arkansas is the Vandy of the West. Oh wait, how did we do against Vandy?
I still have Misery pegged for the TidyBowl.
Prayers for a speedy recovery to the girl. However, one of the first things I learned as a sports photographer was when a player (or ball) is coming your way, GET OUT OF THE WAY!
I always liked Plainsmen, based on the story (poem?). It was unique. I think Tigers may be the most common nickname in college football. That still leaves two Tigers in the SEC. As a Mizzou alum, I'd still be inclined to let LSU have it because their mascot is a real-live Tiger. I don't know what we'd call Mizzou. The Mediocres, maybe?
Odom: Don't let the door hit you in the butt on the way out.
Their running game might have been more productive if they used it more often, especially inside the five-yard line. Where was Rountree anyway. The only time I remember seeing him run was on a sweep. Meanwhile the little guys were running up the middle and getting stuffed. Terrible, TERRIBLE job of play-calling.
You neglected to mention the late Cawood Ledford, by far the best play-by-play radio man in any sport.
The 1954 UK team went undefeated (25-0) including a win over eventual NCAA champion LaSalle and Tom Gola. They tied for the SEC championship with LSU (they didn't meet during the regular season because they couldn't agree on whose turn it was for a home game), then beat the Tigers and Bob Pettit in a playoff on neutral Vandy's court. NCAA rules at that time wouldn't allow UK to play its three "fifth-year" seniors (Cliff Hagan, Frank Ramsey and Lou Tsiropolous) in the tournament even though they were eligible all season so UK declined the tourney bid and LSU went in their place. That "fifth-year" senior rule continued to plague UK during the middle '50s. It all stemmed from the team being forbidden to play in 1953 as a result of the point shaving scandals that none of the '53 players were involved in. It's also worth mentioned the 1950 UK team which wasn't even invited to the NCAA tourney despite being a two-time defending champion. The NCAA tourney at that time was an "invitational", much like the NIT, although not as well respected. The South bid that year went to North Carolina State. Had UK gone, they might very well have won, giving them four NCAA champions in a row.
If he is so good, why did Stoops let him go?
I agree. The six-win threshold dates back to when tea only played 10 games. A 6-4 season was respectable; 6-6 is not!
The difference between Cheerios and 5-7 football teams is that Cheerios belong in a bowl. (Not original with me; paraphrased from something Lou Holtz said.)
The 6-win plateau began when teams only played 10 games in a season. Now with 12 games, six wins is only .500. Do you know the difference between Cheerios and a six-win team? Cheerios belong in a bowl. That's not original with me; I heard Lou Holtz say it first.