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Numbers don't lie. Bear won more and longer than GN.
Your comment makes no sense. Of course recruiting ties directly into coaching. How could it not? It is in fact part of the job!
The dumbing of our youth. Proper English matters.
Old man Harper has a far more impressive body of work and hes STILL as talented as the guys you mentioned and hes many years their senior.
So lets do all time records then!
What's up with the ads? Lame af
Its ok to mock 100 INDIVIDUALS but dont mock 1 individual? Dumb logic.
If this causes someone to hate the Alabama fan base then they are sensitive little pricks anyway and no on needs their love. " Hindsight is always 20/20 Mr. Corso" thats it, thats all he wrote!!!! If that offends you or makes you mad go kill yourself the world doesnt need your weak genes!
2 Alabama mistakes gave them 14 garbage points. This game wasnt as close as the score. Should have been 30-3 or worse.
Onw game can and will define you in the court of public opinion. It was his sole test remaining after Florida and he failed it. He can act like it wont define him but ask Dan Marino how often his masterful performances at QB are overshadowed by the lack of a ring. Its always mentioned when they talk about him ALWAYS. Big game performances DO define you in this sport at every level. To think otherwise is lunacy.
Advertising the stupidity for Twitter likes will only encourage idiots in the future. #mamasaiddontlaughandhewillstop
Really? Hes just as good as the past 4 Bama Qbs. Sims, McA, McE,Wilson. Hes flawless on the road and has one bad start at home. The OL is nowhere near what it has been with pass protection hes throwing from outside the pocket the majority of his throws. His best WR is out for the year and Kiffin is keeping the RB and OJ Howard in for pass protection most of the time becausse again the OL is nit doing well at that. Easy to blame a guy who was behind the 8 ball for the only lose. When you habe to pass its much easier on the opposing D (ole miss) to defeat you. I bet my paycheck neither of you could even make the team much less lead them to their current record.
If he needed this to motivate him in the biggest game of his life so fa,r then he is to far behind for this to even matter.
The list is a little off. The plays are ranked in chronological order. I apologize, you are from Auburn. Dem first numbas was from long time back den dem ones closer to ten is from games happened closer to today. Hopefully that clears it up for you barnyard.
He obviously has no clue about the rivalry being hard fought. That is TN's biggest game of the year every year. It has only been magnified 10000 times over since the hiring of Kiffin.
Thats now called the "Louisville recruitment method"
I thought the same thing. They lost that game in every way except the score. It will all play out in the end though. Alabama plays LSU. OSU plays MSU. TCU plays Baylor. Then conference championships. Its a c.y.a poll as it is every year.
Everyone in the top ten has a game against someone else in the top 10 except Utah. This will look a lot different in a few weeks.
Off the field arrest and poor descisions in public theses things happen a lot as a coach can not always be with his playersm BUT when crap like this happens on the field, the one place a coach should have control, it just shows why Georgia is choke central. Mark Richt is a pussy who cant control his men. Its one thing to talk but to go to the opposite sideline and talk trash as the other team is entering, uncontrollable thugs. Good image to project uga. Its a pleasure watching softy Mark Richt lose. He needs to come out if the closet already. Its killing his ability to coach.
You think its bad now imagine if OM and Alabama run the rest of the table. Alabama will get a rematch being the second best teamnwhos only lose was tonthe #1 team in the country (#1 after winning the SEC) People will lose there minds!!
It was a run play everyone in the field i blocking for run except one reciever and th qb. We can leabe the rule inn place and in the future everyone starts doing it. Then we can watch defenses become obsolete and settle in for 70-60 shootouts. Or we can update the rule and enforce it like the NFL and stop giving offenses many advantages. Nowdays you have to tag receivers and offer the qb a reparation check if you look at him wrong. Pathetic how much of an advantage offenses have.
"Word" has it... They were upset with a call and speaking at the official when they were told to speak English.
At the end of the year when Auburn is below .500 AND Chip is no longer an Eagle he'll be headed to the SEC
You are on an SEC page trolling and speak to another person about how stupid THEY sound? LMAO, lame ass.