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Hope he enjoys blocking and running the slant. Mr. SJW does not exactly throw the deep ball very well or often.
He is doing 365lbs. 2 45's, 2 25's and 2 10's. Why he did not use 3 45's and a 25 on each side is odd, though I am certain he wanted it to look more impressive. Fooled some on here.
But what about the "dynasty" Morris was going to help create when he committed to UT?LOL If Mays had any intellect, he would have declared, been a mid round pick and got some real coaching at the next level. Of course I can recall all the homers arguing with me when I said Trey Smith coming back for his senior year, was one of the dumbest decisions I had ever heard How did that work out?
How does Mac Jones not win MVP when Smith missed the whole 2nd half? The fact that the QB continued leading scoring drives with no Smith and a 50% Waddle was important. It kept the pressure on OSU to not only score, but score quickly.
From the 5 minite mark of the 1st half, Bama could not have played sloppier. They act as if it is the 4th quarter and they are up 28.
Why do posters feel the need to discredit Jones or Trask? Both were incredible this season. I think if they switched teams, you would see similar results. Yes, Jones has elite talent at WR, but so did Trask. What Trask did not have was a running game, but hard to fault Mac for that. What was impressive about Jones this season, was the 2 games where the defense was a total no show. If he is off, just a little, Alabama does not win those games. The flipside, is that Trask had to carry his team in most games. My knock on Trask was the loss to LSU; it should not have happened. With that said, my vote still goes to Kyle Trask. Not by much, as both kids deserve our applaud.
This kid could excel in the spread. He just needs proper teaching and attention to detail. Shrout is a good athlete with a live arm. I bet he is starting and playing well next season.
Where are all the Vawl fans who blasted Vanderbilt for not "manning up" and playing? Funny thing is, the Commodores put on their big boy (and girl) pants and played with 49. You are telling me UT can not get that many suited up? I call Bu!!$hi+. Let's say this is true, wanna hear strange? The Detroit Lions just left Nashville and came down with several positives. They are the 3rd or 4th team to play the Titans and THEN come down with multiple positives. Vanderbilt, moat of Middle TN and now Knoxville is becoming infected, but not the Titans. Make any sense to anyone?
The Tide will feel this loss on offense, even more than Waddle. My math says lossing those guys and keeping Golding=coming up short...again.
Sometimes it feels like I am the only one noticing how poorly coached Alabama is on defense. We now have TWO NFL no. 1 picks from the offense, watching from the sidelines. Don't think it won't make a difference. I still feel nauseous from that defensive performance, saturday night.
Oh dear lord, cue the homers next fall and we will hear it a zillion times, "Tennessee, coming off consecutive bowl appearances, look to take the next step...."
Coach Irvin, you can bet everything you have, by next summer we will hear all the same rah rah and sunshine pumping from Knoxville. Pruitt will beg for more transfers and the media will yet again, tell us how everything is trending upwards. Someone help me out; is being ranked 15th in recruiting, at Knoxville U, supposed to be a good thing now? I remember back in the spring when all we heard was about Pruitt's top 5 class. Now they are barely ahead of Arkansas but the talk continues. Oh well, it will be interesting what the expectations are for next fall. I mean, you know, since the gap between UT and the big three is closing. Pssst, we just can't see it.
Those of us who know football, were not buying these defensive numbers Alabama has put up since the Ole Miss game. Against good passing QBs, Golding is lost. The guy is not aggressive and the players do too much thinking. Trask is the last QB you want to rush 3 against and sit back. I have this awful feeling Saban is going to be stubborn. If no change is made, put your rent money on Clemson.
It is ironic to watch such a great game, but come away feeling both DCs shoukd be fired. At least Grantham has done well in the past; Golding only looks good when the opponent has no ability to pass. Maybe we are spoiled, but with the injury to 69 (huge blow)and how abysmal the defense looked yet again, I walk away less than thrilled. Some of the matchups Golding allows, the lack of communication, adjusting and overall scheme makes me want to jerk what little hair I have left, right out. Never seen a DC, when the opponent is inside the 2 yd line, keep only 3 DL in the game. No goal line defense, not even the Bear 46. As a long time fan, it is difficult to watch. I don't see Alabama scoring 50+ on Clemson, so a change has to be made. This dedense has 3 guys going in the 1st round of the next NFL draft. They have at least 4 more who will be drafted in the next 2 to 3 years. Point being, way too much talent to look like that. Was no different than the Ole Miss game, except Florida kept shooting themselves in the foot. Please understand, I take nothing away from Florida and think Trask deserves the Heisman. Golding has done more than enough to prove, he can not coach against big time offensive teams
I agree, but would put OSU at 3. I don't want to see Alabama vs Texas A&M again, but can't see then leapfrogging the Buckeyes at this point. I will also understand if they move the Irish to 4, based on their best win being better than the Aggies' win over a 3 loss Florida team. Unless Saban makes a DC change in the next few days, which he won't, Clemson wins another NC.
Trask deservess the Heisman. Outstanding performance in tonight's game. Maybe the voters won't realize this Alabama defense has no clue how to stop the forward pass. Reguardless, the point was made, Florida would not be near what they are without this guy. I have a feeling it will be GIVEN to Lawrence, almost like a lifetime achievement award. He sure didn't earn it this season.
I wager quite a bit and would put my $ on A&M over all but two teams. I also think they will get screwed because of Notre Dame's name and history.
Put Surtain on Toney and double Pitts. How hard is that.
They are accustomed to going through the motions in the 2nd half. Unless Saban takes control of the D, which he won't, I can't imagine them slowing down Lawrence and Clemson. We can only hope they outscore them.
And to Oskie's point, 1st and goal on the one, Golding has only 3 DL in the game. He has yet to bring pressure, he rarely even sends 4 and in this game Moses should probably not be on the field, he should at least be out on 3rd downs. Wow, sent 4 and got a sack!! Who would have guessed.
Saban's biggest blunder was firing Kiffin before the NCG. His 2nd biggest will be if he doesn't fire Golding.
A loser school?? LOL One of the most prestigous schools in the world. It is a private school with what 13,000 students? Hardly any walk ons due to the cost. Why would you want to play a game against a team that depleted? Why not set up a game with Ohio St the way C. Carolina did with BYU? Now that would be good TV.
Florida will score often in the 1st half. Golding never has the defense prepared early. That the Gators struggle to run will make it easier to prepare. I was impressed with the LSU young QB. To be down so many players and trying to replace all the losses, I thought their kids played hard. They will be a force next season.
Justafan, running your offense and trying to score is one thing, what Pruitt was doing was attempting to make the score look better than it was. Hopefully for 74, he was not seriously injured when the game should have been over.
The offensive PI on the Gators early was atrocious. Where was this crew in Jalen Hurt's National Champ game against Clemson, when they ran one blatant pick after another?