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Gaining ground? 34-3 and the gators were without 4 of their top players. 43-14 and Georgia couldn't move the ball against anyone else. I personally roll my eyes when I hear about a 16 yr old "committing" 8 or more months from the official signing day. We don't even know if there will be football this fall.
So it has to turn into an Alabama thing? During that Miss St game, when Tua was sent back in, I said what the hell are you doing? For the record, I have a close friend who is a UT graduate and he called Smith's decision "one of the dumbest I have ever seen." Remember, I said Leatherwood's would be just as puzzling if not for the medical issues. I just think there is more to the story. With Goodell running the NFL, who has more fear of lawsuits than the product on the field, you have to wonder if players are being allowed to play on blood thinners. I just wish all the homers in the media would be honest instead of cheering,"good for UT and good news for Alabama."
Well gee, this is an article on a public forum and we are all giving our opinion. Really? It his his decisio Wow, we all thought Budha himself came to life and told him what to do. Your side is either 1. He should play for free instead of for money or 2. You have no opinion which means why are you here?
Explain. One of his life goals is to play in the NFL; he has given everything to his school for free for three years. He has actually given more with the risk of playing on blood thinners. I can't imagine a coach giving this bad of advice, but who knows. Desperation to win knows no bounds.
And if he has one more incident with the blood clotting, he may not get drafted at all. I thought Leatherwood (who will be drafted before Smith because he is a tackle)made a poor decision, but this one is a head scratcher. The Patriots have lost 2 OL in the past few years to the same condition. Comeback for what? Degree? Really, I didn't know NFL players were not allowed to take classes in the offseason. This kid got some terrible advice.
So replacing a Butkus award candidate and fellow senior starter at ILB with true freshmen are "excuses?" And if Burrows gets hurt in the 1st quarter and LSU loses a close game, that would just be an "excuse" as well? Yeah, Golden State not having Kevin Durant, Boogy Cousins and later Klay Thompson in the NBA Finals were just "excuses." The only people who say stuff like that are the ones who always watched and never played.
When you win a playoff game with 72 yds passing, 22 of which came on a screen, your opponent was pathetic. A 75 yard 2 minute drive without throwing the ball past the line of scrimmage? That is just a team still sulking because they had to play in the wildcard round. Titans saved the Patriots the embarrassment of losing by 30 at KC.
Hope he comes back. I know they were freshman, but I can't imagine 2 ILB's playing any worse. Saban's defense does not work with poor ILB play. Harris is more of an OLB and 35 needs to shed 15 lbs.
Saban was in a no win situation going into this game. Bama had to win big for them to get any credit. I am sure that did not sit well. Let me preface this by saying, "Alabama did NOT deserve to be in the playoffs." But I wonder how many sitting in that collection committee would bet their savings on Oklahoma vs Alabama, even with giving the Sooners 7 points.
Some experts are saying that LSU, just like Alabama the year before, is rolling on offense. And like last year, they run into a Clemson defense that will stop them. 2 things are entirely different. No 1, the players who carried that Clemson defense are in the NFL now. No 2, and much more importantly, the guy running the LSU offense came from the New Orleans Saints. He will not get outschemed or out coached. He will adjust to whatever Sweeney's lifelong sidekick throws at Burrows. We all know how fortunate the Tigers are to even being here.
At the end of the Tennessee game, Saban was in a similar situation. The game was in hand and they had the ball on the 5 yard line. Handoffs up the gut, with no intention of scoring. Difference was, Bama had a lot of backups in that game. Nothing about the Michigan game was running up the score. Finebaum called Michigan a "middle of the road Big 10 school." I think that comment deserves more scrutiny. With the Big 10, there is Ohio St and everyone else. Is he saying Michigan has fallen beneath Penn St and Wisconsin? Are they down in the 3rd tier with Purdue and Indiana?
I had a lot riding on the Vols (moneyline) and was saying,"Pruitt, don't be dumb enough to try an onside kick here; everyone is expecting it." Everyone but Indiana; I guess they didn't watch much 2018 or early season film. Kudos to the bowl committee for pairing up such close teams. Indiana has no NFL talent and their top RB was out, but unlike the crappy Big 10 schools Butch played against, this team came to play. Amazing how missed extra points always seem to come back and bite you.
Why is Florida playimg Virginia? They should have taken all the putrid ACC schools and paired them with the dreads of the Big 10. Florida should be playing Penn St.
Yeah, another crappy Big 10 school, as originally predicted. I would think UT fans would be dissappointed. What is the point of playing a team no better than the Kentuckys or Missouris of CFB? Two teams who did not beat a ranked opponent between them, playing on Jan. 2nd. Makes sense.
Vols vs another slow footed Big Ten school. Would have loved to seen them vs Memphis or at least someone who claims football as their top sport. Funny, was talking to a UT fan at the gym and I said,"watch it be some crappy big 10 school like Indiana." Of course the bowl matchups look worse and worse every year.
Only UT fans are dumb enough to lose to a team 43-14 on their home field, and then poke fun at that teams for what they didn't accomplish. Just wow.
Just like the Butch Jones years when the Vol fans somehow were feeling good. Only difference is instead of beating a bunch of bad teams and playing a crappy Big 10 school, this year they beat a bunch of bad teams and will play a crappy ACC school. And it's a home game. Too bad they couldn't play someone with a pulse.
Strange, I live in Tenn and every fan I have talked to said they were disgusted by his actions. On here, there must be every ultimate homer in the UT universe posting. As for the RD question, Saban suspended him for the 1st half of the next game. UT fans sound like kindergarden kids. "well, what about Johny, he threw a paper wad first, why isn't he suspended." Reaching a bowl by beating 3 whole teams with winning records, including a garbaage UAB team, seems rewarding enough.
But didn't Georgia just curb stomp the Vols in Knoxville, 43-14? The only game Georgia's offense seemed competent. Oh, I forgot, that game, along with Florida, Bama, the Provo team and Georgia State don't count this year. Bwahaha
We Alabama fans are disgusted by the season. It was a failure; nothing was accomplished. Realize, we have a completely different mindset. Beating dreadful teams like S. Carolina and Miss St means nothing.
This is hilarious. UT fans with their chests puffed out because they won 7 games against some of the worst competition in CFB. Surviving with a goal line stand to hang on and beat a Kentucky team with a WR at QB, power ranking 57, is their best win of the season. They are so desperate to feel relevant, the team is in the stands celebrating a win over 4-8 South Carolina. Here are some real numbers: 0 and 6, combined score 255-84. That is UTs record under Pruitt vs Florida, Georgia and Alabama. (Alabama without Tua for 4 quarters and 8 minutes)Remind me why UT fans are feeling good. lol Wasn't Fulmer and Jones judged by what he did against those teams? I guess when you have been a nobody long enough, the goals have to change. Blown out by the only 3 teams on the schedule that are supposed to matter, lose at home to BYU and a freaking FCS school, and you guys are talking big?????? As for the topic, only someone 10 feet up the university's butt would deny what happened. Jennings is a punk, who I guarantee you will read about within the next 2 yrs for being arrested. NFL? Haha, name all the other 4.8 WRs in the league. You don't think this turd would have turned pro already instead of spending 6 freaking years in college if he could have? I assure you, Florida and Georgia are not nervous. I know us Alabama fans are laughing at how the UT fans are acting. Whrn you beat a team 13 times in a row, you can only laugh when they stick their redneck chests out.