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The author acts as if Ole Miss was healthy and not coming off two huge, emothional games. The situation could not have set up more perfectly for UT. I somehow have to believe if Corral has ONE healthy, starting receiver, they score more than 31.
I can appreciate the kid's desire to play. I rather have a player like that than one content to ride the bench.
Iowa would not be competitive against Kentucky
Boon, at least the zebras are on your side. What is that, 10 penalties on Ole Miss with a whole quarter to go?!
Poor job of clock management to end the half by Kiffin. The home cooking intentional grounding call was part of it, but once they got past the 35, Kiffin should have ran his offense and tried to score. Instead they giftwrap 3 points. The Rebels are not playing poorly, but the offense is better than it is showing tonight. Corral is erasing a lot of his teammates' mistakes.
This defense gave up 35 points and 500 yds of offense to a pitiful North Texas team last week. Good thing A&M seemed disinterested today or they could have named their score.
Gimme a break; the whistle blew as it should have. The dropped TD pass was huge. On the road, missing key players on offense, and you turn what should have been a 14-0 lead, into a 9-7 deficit.
The dropped TD pass by Ole Miss was huge. Instead of up 14-0 they are down by 2. I do not expect them to play well after back to back emotional games. The Vols have to take advantage of the spot they are in.
Yes, the defense has not been dominant since Kirby left, but it was really good under Pruitt. The defense became a problem with the arrival of Pete Golding. All those 4 and 5 star DL can not possibly be misses.
Wow, the CB is just grabbing Mechi's jersey and running with him on every coverage. I have been criticizing him for a no show tonight, but that is the 3rd time it has happened with no call. Billingsley seems disinterested. That TD drop by Latu may haunt the Tide.
Where do you see excuses? Seems he is simpky giving an assessment of the DC.
Not sure I have ever seen do much spin from winning a game against a bad team; a team with arguably the worst defense in CFB. Remember that pitiful little Tenn Tech team that came to Knoxville a few weeks ago? They beat SE Missouri by 11. The same SE Missouri who gained 300 YARDS RUSHING against this Missouri defense. Would any of you bet on Missouri if they faced Bowling Green? I would not and if I somehow knew this past Saturday's Missouri team was showing up, I'd bet a ton they lose to Vanderbilt. Listen guys, and I am certain you are 2 young people who never played the game, and that is ok, that's fine, but if you had, you'd know that on your own 10 yard line, if you run a simple dive on 1st down, and that RB goes UNTOUCHED 90 YDS for a TD, the defense you are facing is not only historically bad, but are not trying. Ok, continue your sunshine pumping party. By the end of the week you will have convinced yourself Georgia has no chance against Heupel's vaunted offense.
Oh well, give them credit for being different. I think they really believed Ole Miss had a chance, unlike the clowns picking Miami before the season started, only for the attention.
Florida 38 UT 14 2nd half UF 21 UT 0...and it wasn't that close. Why are you on here with your chest puffed out like a rooster? Oh boy, Tennessee playd another bad team next seek; gwhite will rationalise that win to mean the Vols should be ranked in the top 20. You must believe Western Michigan to be a monster. You know, being that they best the great Pitt Panthers at home.
Kiffin coached like he was playing Madden. Another 4th down? On our side of rhe field? Who cares? I'm going. Thinking he may have sent a poor message to his team.
What win over Clemson? VC? Are we in Vietnam? lol My post was about an SEC group of football players showing zero respect for the game of football. Not sure how that butthurts you and the other homer. Maybe we are wrong; maybe sometime between getting slapped around for the 16 of the last 17 times by Florida and 11 am CST today, the Tennessee Vols improved 1000 fold. Finally, the triangle theory, really? UT beats Bowling Green and BGSU upsets Minnesota, so that means the Vols are incredible since they beat the Falcons. I guess by your theory, Kentucky is eight there with Alabama. You know, since they beat the Gators tonight. I miss the days when UT fans understood their school's football history. The days when all that mattered was Florida, Georgia and Alabama. But by all means, continue the celebration of your monumental victory.
Possibly, but one thing IS for sure, that was the most pathetic effort by a defense in CFB history.
Not sure, but under Butch, the Vols gave up over 500 to Georgia Tech.
I think Heupel was content to let off the gas, but it was impossible to tell, since Missouri's quit before the game started. I only saw the first half and sone change, but I can not remember seeing a team quit so early, especially playing at home. I know UT fans want to believe it was all about the Vols, if so, quit lying to yourself. The Vols deserve credit for bouncing back, but the Florida game was a route in the 2nd half, so not a lot of energy/emotion was wasted. I guess Missouri can point to an OT loss to a joke of a Boston College team, but that can not possibly explain this performance. I saw players on defense making zero effort and not caring about the game. I saw the Vols' guard pull on a running play and having no one to block. Now this Missouri D is as bad as you will see in the SEC, talent wise, but this was about effort and respect for the game.Missouri showed none today. How the DC survives this will be a mystery.
Hope he enjoys blocking and running the slant. Mr. SJW does not exactly throw the deep ball very well or often.
He is doing 365lbs. 2 45's, 2 25's and 2 10's. Why he did not use 3 45's and a 25 on each side is odd, though I am certain he wanted it to look more impressive. Fooled some on here.
But what about the "dynasty" Morris was going to help create when he committed to UT?LOL If Mays had any intellect, he would have declared, been a mid round pick and got some real coaching at the next level. Of course I can recall all the homers arguing with me when I said Trey Smith coming back for his senior year, was one of the dumbest decisions I had ever heard How did that work out?
How does Mac Jones not win MVP when Smith missed the whole 2nd half? The fact that the QB continued leading scoring drives with no Smith and a 50% Waddle was important. It kept the pressure on OSU to not only score, but score quickly.
From the 5 minite mark of the 1st half, Bama could not have played sloppier. They act as if it is the 4th quarter and they are up 28.
Why do posters feel the need to discredit Jones or Trask? Both were incredible this season. I think if they switched teams, you would see similar results. Yes, Jones has elite talent at WR, but so did Trask. What Trask did not have was a running game, but hard to fault Mac for that. What was impressive about Jones this season, was the 2 games where the defense was a total no show. If he is off, just a little, Alabama does not win those games. The flipside, is that Trask had to carry his team in most games. My knock on Trask was the loss to LSU; it should not have happened. With that said, my vote still goes to Kyle Trask. Not by much, as both kids deserve our applaud.