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Only time I have thrown things is on a bad beat. For those who don't wager, that is when you lost a bet you had no business losing. When Heath Shuler was a Redskin, I mentioned to a long time friend, and Vols' fan, how much he sucked. The guy got so offended, he never spoke to me again. That falls under the "get a life" category.
At least he doesn't cry on national TV. Nothing like shedding tears for the wealthy, spoiled... errr I mean oppressed.
UT committed no turnovers in the 2nd half. Ky 17 UT 0. "Gifted is when you get to play against a 3rd string QB, with no career starts before or after, for the National Championship."
Why isn't anyone volunteering to play offensive tackle? (no pun intended)
1st off, Leatherwood is the best offensive lineman in the SEC. He will be a top 10 pick; the only guy close is the kid from Ky, who I believe is a RT. He dominated the same guy who made UTs LT look like a statue. 2nd: It's difficult to analyze a game like this because of the poor QB play by Stetson. Ga ran the ball well and the line gave plenty of time to throw. I do not think the ints were forced errors. Maybe the kid can get better, but I was surprised Daniels did not get a chance. Teams will try and mirror what Ole Miss did, but I believe that will be a mistake. The way to beat Alabama is taking advantage of the suspect defense and DC, by holding the ball for long drives, keeping Bama's O off the field. Play keep away. Bama has 4 Olineman that will play on Sunday, Harris, Waddle and Smith are sure 1st rounders. Who knows about Mac Jones, other than he will be drafted. The less all that NFL talent is on the field, the better. Kirby can't botch the QB situation like he did with Fields. Not comparing any of them talent wise; it is clear Bennett is Fromm. He wil win games, but will never carry the team when needed. On a positive for the Dawgs, I think the Oline is improving each week and the stable of backs are talented. The WRs look better than last season. If Daniels is 75% of what they think, he needs to start and start soon. Finally, how in blue hell are Vol fans on here mouthing at Georgia fans? Hold up, wait, Kentucky just scored again. LOL!!!!!
The turnovers were brutal. Kinda surprised Daniels didn't get a chance. Right now is the only problem I have with Coach Saban. Under 5 mi utes to go, game in hand, pull the starters. Why is Najee Harris and the Oline playing unnecessary snaps? Anyway, the Bama offense is a juggernaut. Keep your head up Dawgs, I still believe they are one of the best 3 or 4 teams in the country. We will see you in Atlanta.
I am surprised Alabama has scored over 30 already, but their porous defense will keep Georgia in the game. It is painful watching the defense under Golding. Arkansas proved today that Ole Miss can be slowed down. I have to doubt the Razorbacks have as much talent, but they are really well coached. Wish Nick had called Barry Odom first.
When you let someone like Jeremy Banks back on the team, even allowing him to start, after what he did, aren't you sending a bad message? Aren't you enabling poor character? Hat's off to UK for showing poise in this game. I saw half a dozen cheap shots by the Vols and the Wilcats just continued playing football.
Pruitt is the master of deflecting media focus from himself. So can we stop this, "Pruitt has UT on the right track" talk?
Only problem I saw with Mauer, was it seemed every time he took a hit, he was injured. Nothing wrong with his play on the field. If he has an ounce of intelligence, he will transfer.
"Steady decline since Pruitt left." While this is a legitimate reason, that time spans a season and 3 games. Had Pruitt been placed by an experienced, competent DC, the dropoff would have been less. Bama lost 3 defenders to the 1st round of the 2018 draft, so a dropoff was to be expected. Notably, they lost 5 to rds 1&2 of the 2017 draft. Those players have not been replaced. Either it's a culmination of losing players early to the NFL and having coaches poached by other teams, or it's Golding. As for Sat. I expect Smart to blitz a lot. He needs to create a turnover or 2. No one is covering Waddle and D.Smith for long. For those who enjoy wagering, a good game to stay away.
I read where it looked like Mims might choose UT. I was like why? Did he not see the game Saturday. When a kid puts winning championships at the top of his list, how could you not choose Georgia or Bama? Georgia is so close. Great job by Luke and the staff. Not easy when a kid loses the coach he had previously committed to. Mims and JC Latham have feet you don't see on people that size.
So now winning in Knoxville is as tough as Tuscaloosa? WOW.SMH Moving on from the ridiculous, Pruitt will go to an ultra conservative offensive gameplan and do what he usually does when not facing an elite QB, stack the libe of scrimmage. To have a chance, KY can NOT commit turnovers. I think they will, so I am saying Ky13 Puke Orange 28.
STFU VolBoy. Not treated equally? Give me hard ststistics to back that up. Are you referring to the 9 unarmed black people killed by police last year? Or the 20 unarmed whites killed by law enforcement in the same time span. Only inequality was how the woman Jacob Blake raped, was treated. Every 4 yrs it's the same thing. Amazing how Asians and Latinos thrive in such a racist environment.
Movement? You mean the ridiculous lie being perpetrated on the American public? That movement? Kudos to Pruitt.
WingT is correct. Again, my issue is poor tackling and not knowing where to line up. That is a coaching issue. Alabama is the only team in the country that can win by 15 and it is considered "almost an upset."
PF is grabbing ratings. Double standard. Ole Miss scores 48 and Saban is outcoached; Bama scores 63 and Kiffin has a horrible defense. Saban was deflecting after the game. He wanted the talk to center on anything but his DC.It worked.
I hear some "homer" like excuses on here. Fact is, it hasn't been one game. Only one 3 and out per game this year? Worst in the nation? I can point to 2 things and I am sure there are others. This drop off began with Golding's arrival; that can't be argued. Second, the D line has no Jonathan Allen, D. Payne or Q. Williams. The only guy close is Barmore and he is playing at maybe 75%. Georgia's Dline looks like what Bama's always did. I read an article late last season by an NFL scout. He has been scouting the Tide since the Saban era. He said the dedense under Golding looks nothing like past dedenses. He went on to say he expected a change to come or Saban to get more involved. Sometimes the simplest solution is the obvious one.
Butch's 2nd season with Dobbs, Kamara and Barnette would beat any team Pruitt has put on the field. Surely Vol fans can admit that. And for the record, Butch is mediocre at best.
This is deflection and denial.The historic dropoff came immediate with the Golding hire.
Pete Golding not heading the loser's list? He is so incompetent, Alabama fans feel like we lost yesterday.
"We didn't execute vwry well." Like saying the Titanic "may have sprung a leak."
Easy to blame JG. -1 yd rushing and on passing downs, the Dawgs pass rush made that "great" OLine look like blocking dummies. As for next week, Georgia-Bama, unless Golding is fired this week, no need in playing the game. He made Ole Miss look like the Bill Walsh 49ers.
Look how obnoxious and over the top all the articles and posts where on UTs SDS. "Best offensive line in the country." "Jeremy Pruitt best this and best that...." "Tenn has won 8 in a row....blah blah" , said a zillion times with never a mention that none of the 8 were ranked in the top 35. Pruitt has gotten a complete pass for losing to Ga St, BYU and going 0-7 against the big 3, with no game closer than 3 TDs. I juat wish Georgia had actually played well.
BN4L I have been calling for Golding's dismissal since the end of last year. The freshman ILBs looked no better in the Auburn game than they did in the opener. The criticism I have for Moses is the players not knowing where to line up. As Coach Saban says, "nothing is worse than playing poorly and still winning." The team would be better off had they lost, if it meant Golding was fired.
Officials? I watched the game with a huge Ole Miss fan, and he only complained about the blind side block call. If Alabama somehow gets to the playoff and Golding is still DC, Clemson could hang 60 on us.
Didn't the fanbase influence the AD not to hire Greg Schiano? Filling the messageboards and call in shows with "bench JG" could not hurt. And you are correct, the fans could not tell Saban anything. If we could, Kiffin stays and Alabama beats Clemson foe the Natty when Hurts was a freshman and Golding would have been fired a few hours ago.
Well Mr. Moses, because the opponent has your signals, does that mean you are not allowed to tackle? Here is an idea, everyone know where to lineup and what their assignment is BEFORE the snap.
Well duh, yes they are a better team. They have been gifted 2 5* transfers in the trenches last year and this. They got to keep a 1st round talent Olineman who should have left They have more than a 2 million $ recruiting budget. Guess what, the Ga St and BYU games really happened last year. If the UT fans were smart, they would be clamoring for one of the young QBs to replace JG. All the guy does well, is throw up the 50/50 ball. You can't hate the truth, just because you don't like where it came from.