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Keep in mind, in 2011 Alabama went to the National Championship game and didnt even win the SEC West. So, your argument is losing it's traction as a bama fan.
Contrary to popular belief, there are ways to beat Alabama, and they have flaws. 1. Pressure Jalen Hurts----- When the freshman has felt pressure in big SEC games, he's struggled. LSU did a great job of containing he just broke free late in the 4th quarter. He's a freshman, and regardless of how good he is, he will make mistakes under pressure, especially in championship situations 2. Air it out.--- Face it, Alabama has the best defense line and the best defense in the country. But, their secondary is banged up and with a solid Qb at the helm, i.e. Deshaun Watson, there are ways to attack the defense and put up points. 3. Force turnovers---- Alabama in recent games has been prone to throw interceptions, and turn the ball over via fumbles. With the pressure of jalen hurts, teams can expect to get the ball and score quickly. You let alabama hang around in a game and they will beat you. That being said, based on what I've seen so far this season, the only team I see that has a chance of being a threat is the same team that Bama beat in the NC championship last year. However, Bama will most likely win the National Championship. But this is college football, and to label this bama team the most dominant ever is idiotic. Anything can happen.
And to the pundits saying that LSU still has a shot at the playoff should stop dreaming. Even if they win out they will be on the outside looking in. Tough schedule? Yes. But unfortunately Brandon Harris and Les' inability to liven up the offense have written off LSU's chances to enter the playoff this year. Win out and take a New Year's six bowl (Their first in quite some time) and then come back next year with more returning talent. Hell, Leonard Fournette was quoted in an interview saying that he wants to play four years at LSU. Everyone will say theres no chance it will happen, and I would agree. But you never know.
The chief is widely inconsistent in late games and that has been his story since his days at UT. Dave Aranda had a top 10 defense at Wisconsin where the recruiting is half what LSU is able to get defensively. I think Alabama will win this game, they are too talented and too well coached, but the confidence from all these Bama fans is outrageous. This will be by far Bama's toughest game and the first one they actually will have to play a full 60 minutes, (and probably some change). Ole Miss gave them a pretty good scare in Oxford and that team has fallen off big time since their matchup with Bama. Expect a very hard fought defensive battle. Bama wins 24-17 but it will undoubtedly be the most entertaining game you'll watch this season .
You talk a big talk big man! We'll see what happens November 5th in Baton Rouge. LSU doesnt want to play three SEC road games in a row, I dont think anyone would even *gasp* Alabama. LSU nor Florida was scared to play each other, its about a damn hurricane smacking the eastern Florida coast. Meanwhile, I wouldnt be speaking so much the LSU program falling when its gonna be tough for you guys to beat Ark this weekend and even tougher to take down A&M.
No way man. This one is gonna be a barn burner. I see A&M edging out a close, 35-31
Colin Cowherd is a prime example of the College Football outcry of the hatred of the SEC. Plain and simple, Alabama is the poster child of the SEC and has been since 2009. Granted there were a few years here and there were other teams took the spotlight, (Auburn), (Ohio State) (FSU) but for the longest time, Alabama has been on the front lines of the dominance of the SEC. They are now on the pedestal that the SEC looks up to. The rest of the teams in the country should not be hating on Alabama for being there, but rather do what they can to dethrone them. Maybe Clemson will maybe they wont but the fact of the matter is that that should be the goal. This is spoken from a former LSU fan who has seen their team fail to do that since the 21-0 shut out in the 2011 National Championship game. This is also spoken from a current UGA student who watched his team get dominated on a national stage in the pouring rain. It is time to rise up if you want to stop them, otherwise, just shut the hell up.
Derrick Henry deserved a heisman after literally carrying his team to the Playoff. No question about that. It's just very sad that injuries and poor coaching ruined fournette's chances at a heisman. Ive said this before and I'll say it again 100 times. Les Miles will not beat bama by doing the same thing every year. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. In order for them to not only beat bama next year, but also bring a Heisman to LSU for the first time since 1959, they will need actually think long and hard and game-plan in a different way.
people seem to be forgetting that although Georgia had a "dismal" year, they still went 9-3. Granted, the losses to Bama and FL were just plain ugly. But take out the Tenn. loss with a depleted team after Chubb's injury, and you're looking at 10-2 team which is nothing to sneeze at. All in all, two things can happen next year. Smart brings in Eason, chubb is back, solid offense with a defense that can hold their own. Or on the other hand, the transition process with Kirby Smart can prove to be "rebuilding" in a sense. Just glad we get Tenn. at home and no Bama in reg. season, should hopefully make the process run more smoothly. Looking forward to Ole Miss in oxford however, could be a classic.
accurate description of LSU's year. Seems to be that the alabama game decides their fate for the past 5 years. following the bama game, teams zeroed in on LF and thus stopped the LSU offense. In order to beat Alabama they need to try and do something out of the box. Look at teams who have beat them, elite Qb's. Cardale Jones, Trevor Knight, Cam Newton, Johnny Manziel, all are qb's that are reckless and fearless. Brandon harris played scared the rest of the year. Change the gameplan, Les. It's time to get wacky