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I don't get the @Vandy game for LSU. We just played their last year. I mean, I'm not complaining, but I would have liked to see LSU visit Mizzou for the first time
Only way that one gets broken is if we come across a game like the LSU/TAMU game in 2018 where we put up 72 and lost. A few more OTs and it could have happened
Pump the brakes kid. We'll be a solid team and no way we regress back to Miles era offense. But we ain't winning back to back. No way. I'm just gonna sit back and admire this past season for what it was
A lot of Burrow's success is the new offensive scheme he is in this year with Brady. And yes he had improved 10 fold from last year to this year. It's a combination of both. Although one of the main improvements from last year to this is the receiver's ability to catch the ball. Too many times last year Burrow hit them in the hands and they simply dropped it. That isn't happening this year. It will be interesting to see if Brennan (or possibly someone else) can do the same. Let's just pray we can keep Joe Brady on our staff. He is a hot commodity right now
CBS is as bad as it gets...Can't even stand listening to Gary and Verne was even worse. Brad is ok I guess but he just says whatever Gary does. And 2:30 games just suck in general
The LSU/BYU game was moved to New Orleans, not Baton Rouge
What sense does it make to move it to Baton Rouge now? lol
Cop was probably a disgruntled Auburn fan
I'm guessing GameDay would skip Baton Rouge in week 10 if Bama and LSU are both undefeated at the time. Wouldn't want to go back to Baton Rouge again 2 weeks later
They must not have checked the Parade Grounds after the games
I think he stays as well. What OC will want to come in when they know LSU will just try and fire Miles again this coming year?
They must have considered "Geaux" to be spelled correctly
"Baton Rouge happens to be the worst place in the world for a visiting team. It's like being inside a drum." -Bear Bryant