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Should rename your profile "Mr. I make it up as I go." If you are keeping score, the Federal investigation is with basketball. If I remember correctly, although the original Title IX incident involved a football player (expelled), the coverup came from the tennis program. IF what Guice did is true, then it is truly sad and I feel sorry for this woman. Guice seems to be a very troubled young man. Before you cast stones, I thing we could go back the the "glory years" of Urban Myer, Aaron Hernandez, and Cam Newton, and get some wonderful examples of athletic behavior. Truth?
Gaturds with short memories. Ahhhh the Urban Myer years. Those were soooo respectable. LOL.
Coach O doesn't coach the tennis team, although that would be fun to watch. The main football player in question, was almost immediately kicked off the team, and out of school.
Wow. Did not think a Gump could make all other Gumps look good. You are such a POS poster and troll. GFY.
LMAO. Gumps gonna gump. Imagine a Gump so obsessed with LSU. Kinda embarrassing ... and sad. :D
"maybe a little bit more about LSU" In what way? Playing time? Getting the ball? UF just lost their "Heisman" QB and AG is hopping a Soph, R soph, or true freshman will get him the ball? Plus splitting reps / catches with Pitts? PLUS, PLUS ... he's going to the team that lost to the same pitiful LSU team. LSU will not be worse. UF looses a LOT of talent. Good luck with that. Something else happened.
Oh yay, an opinion from a Bama fan. :( It may be a reach, but once-upon-a-time, Urban Myer and even almighty Saban, started in the "bottom of the barrel." Who knows, Jones could be a diamond in the rough. We sure hope so.
Wow. And that's from an Alabama fan. Live in AL? Just wow.
Because we all wonder if it was two white guys, would the police have responded in the same manner? You also wonder what would happen if Koy and Holden were not student athletes? Don't know the whole story.
Always wanted lakefront. I should put in an offer. It's just down the street from my current house. :D
IF the #1 in the nation is considering LSU, you make room. I agree with you that I would love to stack the lines, but it he is a Fournette-type, generational player ... you take him.
Yes, defense is the weak spot. Who would have thought that? Is it "Jimmy & Joe's" or "X's and O's," that's the question. If Joe has another great game, then yes, I think he SHOULD win the Heisman. I am afraid the media is already mounting a campaign to give it to Jones at OSU, especially if he has a great performance in the Big House.
9 game conference schedule. It CAN be done and keep traditional rivals. Ridiculous to play cross conference opponents home-and-home every 6 years.
I understand that the Jags had no QB, but that is mo excuse for this behavior. IF you can get a glimpse into someone through their social media feed, than LF27 was going down a bad path. Too many homies. Too many gold chains and big cars. Not enough hard work. Another Jamarcus bomb. I will still pull for him, but have lost a lot of respect for him. Saddens me.
Business. Millions of dollar. Yep, I get it. BUT ... your legacy is a last play of pass interference and an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Kinda wish it was shutting down the WRs of an undefeated team that has a very strong pass attack. With Fulton out, not having Greedy. will hurt big time.
Lord, where do I sign? It's horrible and an embarrassment to out school. The "idea person" should be relieved of his/her duties. We are better than that.
If Salisbury could seamlessly meld into the organization, then bring him on! If he would make the program take an even further step back with conflict, then no, we couldn't afford that. He's a name that could potentially draw a higher caliber QB recruit. I'd be curious.
I'm not sure LSU belongs at 7 either, but the freakin,' hypocritical talking heads always complain about teams "not playing anybody." LSU has a top 5 SOS and 2 "good" losses, and they get skewered. Bama making everyone look bad this year, although I did not except that arse whopping we got in BR. No, LSU will not make playoff, but a good NY6 Bowl will be nice.
HORRIBLE. Why does SDS keep posting alternative unis and field designs? You guys are terrible at it. The LSU field ... white end zones? REALLY??? The tiger stripe in the LSU lettering is bad. Please, just stop.
Those are HORRIBLE. LSU has not used "Tounces" for 2 years now. I understand what you are trying to do, but you failed miserably. Don't give up your day job, because designing helmets is not your calling.
LSU field concept is the WORST. White end zones? Turrible.