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I'm OK with a few PI calls if it disrupts the passing game rhythm and gives our front time to pressure the QB.
Hey Stacey. I believe Milton's injury is an MCL strain and not an ACL which would be much more serious.
Was hoping to see Nakobe Dean on this list!
Hey Sydney, You might have been a little off on that call!
Now I am going to have to follow JT on twitter....using SpongeBob....classic!
Realizing I am a biased Dawgs fan I feel as though David Andrews was wrongly omitted from the OL list (either as first 5 or honorable mention). He had more consecutive starts than most of the linemen on the list and anchored an offensive line that allowed Gurley, Michel, and Chubb to all be a part of this list. Not only that but he went on and became the starting center for the Patriots shortly after being drafted by them. (I realize that this recognition is only for their college contributions.) Andrews at least deserves honorable mention status.
What worries me is all those guys picked Auburn last week. Go Dawgs!
Brings to mind an old Joe Gibbs quote...."What you see here or say here stays here when you leave here!"
Clemsom non-con schedule has definitely been comparable to BAMA. Maybe even tougher some years. Outcomes have been similar as well...last four NCG winners! Maybe there is something to be said for scheduling?!?! No question ACC is weaker conference. But obviously both take care of business in the post season!
Wonder why not much is being made of the fact that UGA is having to play 3 straight opponents comming off their open dates....Florida, Mizzou, and Auburn. Of course the Dawgs also had the buy before Florida, but it sure makes it a little more daunting to have to run the table against teams with an extra week to prepare.
I heard that press conference earlier today. He was just responding to a reporter's question. Actually makes a valid point....Nobody is criticizing Bama for always "running the table" in a conference they have tended to dominate. Not sure people want to "deamonize" a coach of Dabo's character. Any team in the SEC would be lucky to have a coach that can keep a staff together like they have at Clemson. Personally I am happy with Kirby and hope he gets to a point that he can retain a core staff for an extended period of time.
Can't blame it all on the weather.....Coley needs to go...and also maybe whoever is not coaching these receivers how to create separation.
How do you help soft spots in the secondary? Better pass rush and pressure the QB to get rid of the ball before he wants to.
My biggest concern is that starters basically only played one half. They will be in games where they will have to have the pedal to the metal for 4 qtrs. I know that player health is a concern, but I do not want to see another year of giving up a double digits lead in the 4th qtr. Hasn't worked for Dawgs last couple of years and did not work last year for BAMA when Tua did not play a lot of 4th qtrs. Otherwise, a great display of talent yesterday.
But, Bobo's offenses averaged nearly 40ppg and sometimes even better. We just did not have the D then. Tired of watching running play after running play go inside and meet up with a wall. Get them out in space and lets see what talent can do!
I am really happy Eason is progressing, but I am not sure that comeback Saturday ranks among those listed. I just hope he continues to develop and that the short tempered/instant gratification fan base is patient with him. I bet there are a lot of people that wish Bobo was back calling plays and running the Offense!
Prayers for continued recovery! Hopefully UGA will continue to support this young man for as long as needed.
.....and Nauta! Like all of the offensive talent coming in.
All of UNC's wins this year were against teams that finished outside the final top 25 rankings. Their 2 losses to ranked teams were both blowouts.
It is a shame that he had to endure all of that. A good, innocent prank. Well played and well handled by this young man.
With the same result!
Seriously....who really cares about being ranked #23? Nobody really cares about being ranked outside the top 5. Really the only ranking that matters at the end is #1.
Pulling for Arkansas to keep the SEC on top. Disappointed in the offense. QB play is really questionable. Lambert should probably "retire" or follow CMR to Miami! Love my Dawgs and hoping 2016 will bring some progress toward a new beginning/era!
Give Coach Pruitt time to assemble his recruits. He will have make Coach Russell proud. He us already showing he can recruit with the best of them.