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This site has become an editorial, rather than a news source and I, for one will stop visiting the site. No one cares about your opinions or your arbitrary lists. I would challenge you to find a coach, say Nick Saban, who goes into detail on any internal discipline. This was handled swiftly and properly. See ya, SDS.
Lol... like they shut down Cleveland this past year?
Lol. Like last year? And '14? And '13? And '12? And... I'll side with my friends in Missouri. If the Vols are "back", Show Me.
Gator fan, living in Knoxville here. Tennessee's fan base is by far the most delusional out there. When it comes to their Vols... they are crazy. Knoxville however, I love it.
It's a lock! Gators win. Vols can't handle the pressure checkering Neyland brings (tongue in cheek).
Classic Vol fan... arrogant for absolutely no reason. Ha.
Obvious? How so? By having a top-5 defense the year after he left?...
Beat them Vawls 11 years in a row with 3*'s.
This makes zero sense. He got caught because of an angle, not looking over his shoulder. You guys really need material in June don't you?
First off, Florida's marquee OOC game is set in stone. FSU. Secondly, Michigan in '17, Miami in '19. On top of an SEC schedule and FSU... you'd be hard pressed to find tougher schedule those years. Let's not all act as if the Gators aren't willing to challenge themselves.
Does what? Play a big-time out of conference game? Yah, so does Florida. Every year. You know, those Semi-holes up in Tallahassee? So when Alabama and UGA start scheduling Wisconsin AND USC in the same season... come complain to UF fans. As for now, we get our marquee game from FSU.
Yes, it is. Based on his idea, playing Miami helps bring Miami back to financial stability. Not sure if I agree, but it makes sense.
Holy hell... Tennessee has been "sleeping" for a decade. Let's stop hyping them until they beat someone. Anyone really, of any significance. You can't build "brick by brick" by just beating Vandy, UK, and USC every year...
Tired of the UT homer-ness on this site. Stacked with weapons at the skill positions? Outside of Hurd, no one has done anything. They're all hype and "potential". North had a couple good games his freshman year, and has disappeared since. Pig Howard is a solid possession receiver, but I wouldn't classify him as a dangerous "weapon". Preston Williams, congrats on the nice game against WCU. Malone? Wolfe? All solid recruits who have no produced on Saturdays. And lastly, Dobbs has not beat one quality opponent; Rocky Top was going nuts about last year's finish... USC, Vandy, UK & Iowa. Some terrible teams. No one is going to confuse Dobbs with and NFL quarterback. He struggles throwing the ball down field, and the coaches know it, I believe. Solid athlete, probably a great leader, not a very good passer. UT should beat Florida this year. But we've taken 10 in a row and until they get over that mental hump... You've gotta take the Gators. Lastly, I live in Knoxville. Sorry I'm jaded.
Posted my comment before reading this, but yes. The mention of their race is tasteless. Who cares. Different backgrounds, Miami vs. Suburbs of Charlotte, sure. Skin color? C'mon man.
What does Grier being "white" and Harris being "black" have anything to do with the quarterback competition? Not going to rant, but, on the surface, it seems to lack taste.
Give him a break guys... he's a South Carolina fan.